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Saturday, 18 January 2014

The Rise of Bacchus (Silent Screamers Book 1) by Dante Fortson

Silent Screamers (Book 1: The Rise of Bacchus

Sixteen year old David has just had a fight with his father about attending the first open contact between earth and an extraterrestrial race. After storming out of the house, one mishap after another leaves him stuck in a bar with a strange man, watching the event on TV. Little does David know that these aliens have something sinister up their sleeves. David becomes an unlikely hero as he is forced to choose between hiding or saving his dad and his best friend Cassy. On his journey, he must survive vicious animal hybrids, satyrs, witches, and even a giant in order to save his loved ones.


Once I started this novella, I could not put this down! It grabs you from the start and you are drawn in, needing to know what is going to happen next. Written in the first person narrative, this works well as the main character David Johnson. Doing this way, places the reader right next to David as he accounts this story. 

Fortson writes well. No fluff, just straight to the point, simple English. Sometimes that is necessary to describe fast paced plot lines and to move the plot along. The apocalyptic world that Fortson creates is very reminiscent of other novels or TV/movies especially those that involve special ops teams and secret hideouts with modern technology thrown in, in an attempt for the survivors to keep one step ahead of their oppressors.

Fortson does a good job of setting the scene of this invasion and the deception of who is behind this. I liked his inclusion of the invaders being disguished as aliens and then David and his team discovering that this is just not so. Fortson then successfully introduces the reader to who these invaders really are by introducing the truth from different sources, including the Bible and ancient mythology from recorded history of ancient civilisations. I guess the reader gets a main clue from the Prologue and joins some dots when the "character" introduced here makes a profound appearance towards the end of this novella.

I chuckled when Fortson introduced a book with an all familiar title (one of his own books!) to David, the main character, and I pray that readers will take this clue and go to Amazon to buy this. It will provide a lot of background to this novel and give the reader a grass roots introduction to the end times deception we are living in now. 

Fortson leaves some open clues to what will be in further Books in this series (these Books seem to be novellas that are part of one larger book he wrote years ago and now decided to release). Why is Robert, David's father, not his real father? Why did Zeik hide this from him until they meet when the invasion starts? Will we find out more of the lineage of David to the biblical time of David? What is the bad blood between the General, Zeik and David's father? Who is Sarah and what is her real story? What is the past history of working special black ops between David's father and Zeik? 

Some of the secrecy surrounding the coverup between the government and the Roswell incident is revealed and this gives some background to the past history between Zeik and Robert. It also provides some clues as to the background of these invaders and their motive for being here as well as hinting of what is more to come in future Books/novellas.

The pace of this novella is fast and reads like an action packed movie. Fortson successfully translates into fiction what his website is about, "Spiritual Warfare, Apologetics, and Other Cool Bible Stuff" ( 

Sometimes fiction can be a very effective way to reach those who would not read a factual book to be enlightened about a topic. This novella succeeds in doing this and I am sure that when all these Books/novellas are read as one this will be seen as being very successful to informing in an entertaining way all of what Fortson needs to reveal. 

All in all, a very entertaining, revealing and thought provoking novel on issues that need to be exposed and revealed to all those who need to listen.

I encourage all readers of this first novella to post positive comments on Dante Fortson's website mentioned above to encourage Fortson to release more of this entertaining Silent Screamers novel and get the truth of the end times out there.

Don't miss this! 

Strongly Recommended.

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