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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Egypt (Sketches of Glory) by Clifton Voshen

Laden with gifts from the mysterious men from the East, Joseph and Mary travel to Egypt with orders from on High.


This one was very tender. Mary's perspective looking back on her encounter with Gabriel, being told she would bear the Son of God, falling pregnant supernaturally, bearing Jesus and being His mother. I can just imagine these thoughts, feelings she would have had, more than fond, more than love, more than tender.

It is good to have an author to write from this perspective. I wrote in my review of Joseph, that we don't have much to go on in the Bible concerning Joseph, well the same can be said for Mary. I have often wondered what they would have experienced and thought about being Jesus' parents. I have not read or know of any other author who has written from this perspective. Not saying they have not or that another novel does not exist.

I loved the way Voshen has portrayed the interaction of the lionness and bull with baby Jesus. That was beautiful and I do believe that animals would recognise their creator and know nothing else but love and submission to Him. Similar to the relationship our dogs and cats and other pets have with us, but on a grander scale.

I gave this novella 4 stars, from a very subjective POV, just because it was a novella!! I wanted this story to go on for longer! Voshen writes well and weaves a rich and powerful story in all its simplicity and you want it to not end so soon!

Highly Recommend

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