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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Enoch (Sketches of Glory) by Clifton Voshen

This is a story of the Pre-Flood days when giants walked the earth, alien invaders posed as gods, and the prophet of God stood against them.


This was the first novella of Clifton Voshen I read. It had me hooked. Voshen creates a very believable world where the masses were totally deceived into believing that their gods were really gods, until Noah confronts them face to face in totally defiance to their claim of being gods.

This is very powerful and well written. I really wanted this go on for longer than it did, but it is a novella. Apparently there is more of Enoch in Voshen's new full length novel, the End of All Flesh.

I am really looking forward to that!!

Highly Recommended

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