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Thursday, 2 January 2014

At The Appointed Time by Ginger Chiveral

Travel Back To April 6, AD 32 And Witness The Betrayal of All Time

What if you could go back in time and change events to suit your on purposes? Paul Carroll invents a machine to do just that - at the expense of his family. Just when he’s ready to put it to use a mysterious man hires him to go back to the time of Jesus’ death in order to prevent Judas’ betrayal and thereby prevent the crucifixion. Confused and doubtful, Paul agrees to the job because of the money offered. Despite culture shock, he learns that not only was Jesus a real person, but maybe he is more than just a man. In this action packed story, Paul witnesses the events surrounding the last week of Jesus’ life – events he never believed were real. As he tries to complete his mission he finds there are forces working against him. Meanwhile, in the present, his estranged wife is on a spiritual journey of her own. Can Paul stop the crucifixion? What will happen if he does? Who is this mysterious man who wants the crucifixion stopped and why? Can Paul live to complete his mission and get his family back? Find out – At the Appointed Time.


I was speechless when I finished this novel. It took me a while to get myself together. Fantastic, brilliant were two words that came to my mind immediately. I was completely blown away by this novel.
The author has done a great job this being her debut as author. The plot is fast paced and never a dull moment. I could not put it down.

I did not want this to end. The idea of a man inventing a time machine and going back in time to change an event is not far fetched and has been a plot in many books in the past. Having satan use this to go back in time to prevent Judas from betraying Jesus so there would be no crucifixion, therefore no death of Jesus and therefore satan to rule the earth is what satan wanted in the first place and forms the main element of the plot.

There is drama, suspense, spiritual warfare, the gospel story, murder. I laughed in places, not because of included humour but because of two incidences where I knew where the author was coming from, and it was very clever.

I cried at the crucifixion scene which the author has dealt with very well. I softened and felt warm all over when Jesus spoke to Paul as if He was speaking to me and only me. Ginger has portrayed Jesus as the Bible portrays Him and this is exactly how I experienced Him and still do. The relationship that develops between Paul and Jesus is beautiful, especially when you see the change in Paul as he turns from the hardened heart of an unbeliever to a repentant, surrendered man who acknowledges his need for a Saviour.

Just as the author has portrayed Jesus as the Bible does, she has also portrayed satan and spiritual warfare in the same way and is theological correct as far as I can determine. How I got angry with satan and his deceitfulness, manipulation and lies!!

My only criticism was one spelling mistake (pallet instead of palate) and some of the grammar and minor story plot lines was a bit simplistic, which made some parts of the story a bit thin, but these were only minor and did not detract to any great degree. I consider these to be signs of a new author who is learning the ropes!!

Ginger shows great potential, and it is greatly displayed here. Definitely an author to watch and follow.

I look forward to her future work and pray the time span between novels is as short as possible without compromising her talent.

At The Appointed Time: Highly recommended.

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