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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Joseph (Sketches of Glory) by Clifton Voshen

This is a short story about Joseph - husband, father, carpenter.

Review: This intrigued me reading of Joseph's perspective being the father of Jesus while on earth. This was so beautiful and it really touched my heart. It was good to have my new found friend, Thor, the warrior angel back in this novella too.

This is a really beautiful story and I can imagine Joseph being like this! We don't have much to go on in the Bible about what Joseph was like; he is quite the background character.

I read this in 30 minutes; I would have loved this to have gone on for much more than this.

I gave this four stars for this reason. I respect Clifton's reason for having it as a novella, but for me this would have been great in a longer story.

Highly Recommended.

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