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I have been an avid reader from as early as I can remember. Since becoming a Christian in my early 20s, my passion for reading led to specifically Christian fiction and this has developed into reviewing them on this blog. I love reading debut author's novels or those author's who have not had many reviews thus providing them much needed encouragement 

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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Milo (Sketches of Glory) by Clifton Voshen

I had a thought years ago, 'if I could have anything that Jesus used or had during His walk here, what would it be?' This is a story about a Roman centurion on just such a quest.


This is a Supposal as termed by C.S. Lewis. Suppose a centurion wanted to search out what he had heard and experienced about a certain carpenter and see if there was anything of his he could find.

Voshen does this well. He has created a character with a sincere desire to investigate the claims of who Jesus is and any physical/material proof of his existence. I loved the twist at the end. That was very unique and creative.

My only complaint is the shortness of the narrative. But it is a novella!

Highly Recommended.

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