1. Nature of this blog – "Perspective by Peter" is a personal blog. The views, beliefs, and/or attitudes expressed by an author or guest in any post published in this blog are not necessarily endorsed by myself or held by myself and are published in good faith. All reviews are based on my thoughts, beliefs and opinion with no influence from any author or guest concerned. Any views expressed by myself may not reflect those of any other person featured herein or referred to unless expressly stated or as part of an interview.

"Perspective by Peter" is the intellectual property of Peter Younghusband described in this blog, and any quotation of part or all of it without my approval is illegal.

2. Terms of Use – "Perspective by Peter" exists to promote Christian fiction and its authors. As a result, I am not responsible for any disappointment experienced as a result of purchasing a novel or book based on my recommendation from a review or any other post (author interviews, blog tours, author/novel spotlights, guest posts and giveaways).

While I diligently attempt to ensure that factual information on this blog is correct, errors may occasionally appear. Release dates, sale prices, or any other information taken from external sources are out of my control, which can result in information on this blog regrettably becoming out-of-date or changing without notice.

3. Product Disclosure – I sometimes receive books from publishers but many from authors in exchange for an honest review. However, I am not required to write a positive review. I am not remunerated for any review or other posts I write. I do this with a passion for reading. I believe reviewing Christian novels, interviewing authors, guest posts, providing author/novel spotlights, book tours and giveaways are part of a ministry from God to benefit the Body of Christ and those who are seeking Him!

4. Amazon Affiliate Disclosure – I participate in Amazon’s Affiliate program. The majority of novel links on this blog are ‘affiliate links’. When you click on any of one of these links and make a purchase, Amazon pays me a minuscule commission (which individually is not in dollars but cents!). There is no extra cost to the purchaser when a novel or book is purchased through these links. Despite any commission I receive, I only submit honest opinions about any novel I review.

5. Giveaways – Occasionally, giveaways are offered on this blog using Rafflecopter with the author's permission. Please be aware that when you enter these competitions, you are not obliged to purchase any novel in order to participate.

Individual giveaways will clearly state the item(s) being offered and who is eligible to enter (for example, US residents only, or international). It will also clearly state the dates of the competition. Unless otherwise stated, giveaways begin at 12:00AM (midnight) in the timezone of the author on the date the giveaway opens and close at 11:59PM on the timezone of the author on the date the giveaway ends.

Winners will be selected at random through Rafflecopter software once the giveaway has ended. The odds of winning are dependent on the number of entries submitted. The winner will be notified via the contact details provided through the giveaway. Any contact details provided will be used solely for the purpose of notifying the winner and not sold or given to any third party by the author, Rafflecopter or myself.

While all due care will be taken with any goods provided directly by me, the majority of items offered through giveaways on this blog are provided directly by the author or a retailer. I am not responsible for the quality of digital products or technical difficulties experienced and cannot be held liable for any items lost in the post or damaged in transit.

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