Thursday 29 May 2014

The Devil & All His Works (Preacher Man-Volume 2) by Murray Pura

Preacher Man - Volume 2 - The Devil & All His Works

One thing Jude Aaron Blackstone was never permitted to enjoy when he worked undercover as Dirk Austen was a romantic relationship with a woman. Now that he is a pastor in a small city in Montana those rules have been relaxed, at least to his way of thinking. Sierra Bloom is beautiful, intelligent, fun to be with, and, what's more, is as fond of him as he is of her. As their love grows, Jude is oblivious to a new danger rising like a summer thunderhead over the mountains - the arrival of a white supremacist neo-Nazi group in Diamondback. As if their swastikas and veneration of Adolf Hitler weren't bad enough, it soon becomes apparent to Jude that they have Satanic connections as well. A dark power is looming over Anaconda County, a power that is able to sway many to the Nazi cause. As churches and synagogues are firebombed, and men and women beaten in the streets, Jude struggles to fight the menace with the limited resources he has on hand - the rabbi, the Orthodox and Catholic priests, and the pastor of the Vineyard Fellowship. But nothing prepares him for Sierra's abduction and the neo-Nazi threat to offer her up as a sacrifice to the devil. To save her life, he must again become the man who was feared as an agent of the secret unit, Dies Irae - The Wrath of God. It may not be enough.

The Guru's Review: 

I started reading this just be introduced to the story so I can alternate between the other book I am reading. Well, that did not work as this is so absorbing and like the first book, hooked me in from the beginning that I cannot leave it!! Had to finish!

This is a worthy sequel to the standard set in the first book. It really does deliver in the area of spiritual warfare, the power of prayer, good versus evil, demonic oppression. Like the first book, Pura packs a lot into such a small space without sacrificing quality of the plot, character development, action and suspense or the real life depiction of spiritual warfare and the demonic. Having read now two books in this series, what shines for me is Pura's knowledge of spiritual warfare, and I can see where this partially comes from, as he stated to me on his Facebook page,
...having been through the deliverance ministry mill a few times myself..
It is this knowledge and I guess his personal experience that adds credibility to this series. Pura's description of spiritual warfare aspects, in this case, the power of prayer and praise and worship is sharp, concise, serious and real. No pussy footing around! I like this as this is how Pura educates the reader in spiritual warfare while adding suspense and entertainment.

The description of the white supremacist neo-Nazi group, their modus operandi, their aggressive and superior attitude towards any other religious denomination, especially the Jewish faith and people in general and their methods to indoctrinate, dominate and suppress any other ideology or faith is portrayed and described well. Pura's description and depiction of the belief system and doctrines of neo Nazisim show how demonic it is, toxic and destructive and I am more knowledgeable on this now. What follows shows some of what I mean and it is the confrontation between the supremacist neo-Nazi group leader, Skerrit and Blackstone, where Skerrit expresses his hatred of Blackstone and his faith in God, 
I'll crush you, Blackstone, I'll grind you down into a fine powder, mix you in a cup of human blood, and pour you onto the black altar as a perfect sacrifice to our Lords of Lords.
Not if you lose your life first, Skeritt, your life and your soul. 

The two men's blue eyes came together like fists.

You could give your life to Christ and live hellfire. No damnation.
I have given my life to Christ, the White Christ.You've given your life to the Beast. Switch allegiances, Skeritt. Worship the true God. Its not too late.
What? Bow down to a weakling who died on a cross like a common criminal instead of leading a revolt and conquering Rome? No, Blackstone, I kneel before the White Christ who never died on a cross of shame. The White Christ brought Almighty God and Lord Satan together as one in his body and spirit, he married heaven and hell. Then he brought this truth and power to Europe, to what Rome called Magna Germania, where he took a German wife and bore German children. His offspring are still among us. Think of that, Blackstone. The children of Christ's children are still among us. We know who they are and we guard them well, oh, Heil the White Christ! We guard them well.  
This is one example where Pura has depicted Blackstone having his match and it is done well. Some of the interaction with Skerrit and events caused by his group cause Blackstone to have flashbacks of his previous experiences with Nazi and gives some insight into his past as an agent of the secret unit, Dies Irae - The Wrath of God. Again, as I stated in my review of the first book, I would love to see a series of novellas outlining Blackstone's past as an agent in this secret unit. I reckon the spiritual warfare would be fantastic here. 

Another aspect that shines for me is how Pura has depicted Blackstone as a sharpshooter, he sees things as they are and calls them as they are. Concise, to the point, speaking only the truth as he has experienced it from his experience in spiritual warfare based on biblical principles, and from being obedient to God in how he is directed by Him in fighting any spiritual battle and dealing with the devil and demonic activity. You can see from this series the importance of spiritual warfare is not only to Pura but from God and the Bible. It is very encouraging for me to read novels like this and be strengthened in the truth of spiritual warfare and in discerning satan's methods of deception. When I see how Blackstone treats this topic in his advice, encouragement to the other Pastors/Ministers and other characters, I really feel that Pura is telling us through this that we need to be direct, uncompromising and to stand firm in the Word and in God in all and any spiritual battle or warfare. 

I really do hope that Pura decides to start a second series of Preacher Man after the fourth book in this series is released. From a comment he placed on this blog, he stated, 
yes after the fourth is out they'll have one complete ebook & then a paperback - then we'll see about a second series occurring globally
I feel it is needed and essential. He does this well and being novellas they are ideally placed to be short, entertaining with a strong biblical message and encouragement on spiritual warfare in the Christian life. Those seeking God would benefit well from this series. 

Highly recommended.  

Monday 26 May 2014

The Devil To Pay (Preacher Man, Volume 1) by Murray Pura

Preacher Man - Volume 1 - The Devil To Pay

Jude Aaron Blackstone has a new name, a new face, and a new life. Now a pastor at Blue Sky Baptist Church in Montana, Jude can leave in the past his tumultuous years as a special agent who brought the wealthy and powerful to justice when they mixed devil worship with criminal activity. But the devil and his disciples have a way of popping up where they are least expected and suddenly Jude is caught up in a bizarre series of murders that leave no clues and which are difficult to explain or investigate.The targets are Christian ministers in the community, the body count is rising, and Jude is forced to return to his old skills and way of life in order to catch a killer from hell who has slated Jude as the next victim. 


This is the first writing of this author and I must say I am impressed! I bought this due to it being in the genre of spiritual warfare, demonic oppression and deliverance and therefore falls into the other genres of Christian horror and edgy Christian speculative fiction. 

Being a novella of only 71 pages, it has been a quick read, but what an action packed supernatural thriller! I was hooked from the first page! In some novellas, the main complaint is that too little is achieved or the short length hinders plot and/or character development leaving a thin plot and characters two dimensional. Not so in Pura's novel. He packs quite a lot in such a short "space" so to speak. The plot is full, the characters are relational and you feel you either like or despise them. I took to Jude from the start and to quote an American colloquialism, Jude, "he's the man, bro!". 

What I love in a Christian fiction novel is where the author takes the time to educate while entertaining the reader.  In this novella, I learnt how the ministers of the different denominations represented in this novella view the doctrine of demons and satanism. These views seem to be polarised; swinging from no belief to some to full belief. A very interesting debate about how much is the work of the devil and how much is due to our own decisions and fallen nature. No surprise that it was this disbelief or ignorance that contributed to the ministers downfall in becoming victims to the demon. To quote one of the ministers, 

I needed help to cast the demon out. That was when I realized how few of my fellow clergyman believed in the devil and in his fallen angels. I complained about this lack of faith on one of my chat groups online......
.....suggested you teach the clergy a lesson.....It would be a win-win for both of you- you would see faithless minsters of the gospel punished and teach the others a lesson about the truthfulness of Scripture. 
It was only due to Jude's faith and his righteous, surrendered and obedient relationship with God and putting into practice biblical spiritual warfare principles  of prayer, bible reading and fasting that he thwarted the plot to have him killed next and for him to be victorious over the demon. Reminds me of the biblical verse where God says, 
My people are destroyed for lack of lack of knowledge (Hosea,4: 6).
Just goes to show that by adhering to the truth of the Bible and God's modus operandi, Christian authors can add suspense and drama just as good as, or even better, than secular authors depicting horror despite this all happening in the small space of a novella! 
Jude is quite the hero in this novel; Christian vampire/demon hunter in a specific organisation called Dies Irae (Google this and see what this organisation is based on!) in a previous life bringing devil worshippers to justice, now with a new name and identity to avoid being killed by those who seek to eliminate him. I would love to see novellas by Pura detailing his experiences in his previous real identity and aforementioned role, they would make great prequel novellas!! 

This is the beginning of a very exciting and captivating series. I am very glad I have found another favourite author to follow. 

Highly Recommended. 

Sunday 25 May 2014

The Rise of David (Silent Screamers, Book 2) by Dante Fortson

David, now eighteen has proven himself to be a fearless leader in the face of danger. For that last two years, he and Ziek have been waging a personal campaign of revenge on the satyrs for the death David's biological mother, and it's starting to get under Azazel's skin. Unfortunately for David, Satyrs, linocerous, and hybrid giants were just the beginning of his problems. After Azazel gives Bacchus the order to have David ripped limb from limb, things take an unfortunate turn for our hero. Separated from his family and friends, he must fight his way back to the safety of the underground city, while making new allies and enemies in the process.


Dante has done it again! Another instalment where you cannot put this down and the action never ceases. In this book, the plot thickens, the pace never lets up, the characters and their relationships with each other are developed further. We learn more of the agenda of the Aliens and more evidence that they are not as they seem. 

With this book, this series is taken to the next level. It prepares the stage for Book 3 very well. 

David comes into his own as an older teen and becomes a much respected Leader of the underground community. He puts into play strategic measures to increase security, first aid, combat training and strengthen his inner circle. 

I would suggest that before anyone reads this instalment that they re-read Book 1 and then go to the Silent Screamers website and read David's Journal where there are 5 entries only a few paragraphs long or half a page in length. These provide background information to certain characters and events that will help the reader understand this second book. This is recommended by Dante himself. 

As he stated to me himself, 
.....Wasn’t sure how many people were actually reading them. Glad you’re enjoying it. Olivia’s Transgression (Entry 003) is a set up for something big, so make sure you read that one again.

Entry 005, Finish What We Started has the most impact on this instalment. The same is for Book 3. There will be Short Stories (entries) in David's Journal that will provide background info that follows on from this instalment that will impact on Book 3. 

Dante writes very well and the plot flow is excellent. All I see in my head as I am reading is this rolling out as a movie. It would be quite spectacular. Dante himself has said that he has the entire series flowing in his head and if this is the case then he has very successfully translated that to the written word. 

I have one question that remains unanswered from Book 1 and now Book 2. The Sarah that was rescued by David at the end of Book 1 has not been developed in Book 2, but there is a Sarah in  the prologue of Book 2 that has one very sinister involvement with Bacchus. Is this the same Sarah?  Will this be revealed in Book 3? 

Dante has mentioned on Facebook that the later books in this series will be bigger and better and these first few books are just a taste or entre to the bigger story, or words to that effect. If this is so, then this series will become even more epic and blockbuster. All I can say is, "Bring it on! Don't delay!"

This is one very exciting and action packed series. It is very encouraging seeing how Dante has married together relevant aspects from the Bible, extra-biblical texts and other sources to give the reader a version of how this may play out in the future. Poetic licence reigns supreme here. 

Book 3 is due out in June and Book 4 later this year. If I remember rightly, he has 8 books (novellas all) planned.

Dante strongly encourages every reader to submit a review on Amazon. I also reinforce this. Doesn't have to be long just a paragraph or two if you are not good at review writing.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this instalment in an action packed, captivating and enthralling series.

Highly Recommended. 

Friday 23 May 2014

Seal Of The King by Ralph Smith

Seal of the King

The battle between dark and light rages and the world is on the cusp of a tipping point. Will an age of darkness befall mankind or will the light prevail? 

David and Aurora have seen visions of each other their entire lives but never met, until now. Aurora a fearsome warrior and David a simple farmer are thrust into the heart of the battle. An ancient prophecy foretells of their final showdown with the Dark One. Will their faith be strong enough for them to prevail? 
Join them as they embark on their journey to the lair of the beast knowing they may never return.


I "bought" Seal of the King as a free offering from Amazon. The description grabbed me as it falls in the genre of Christian fantasy, a supernatural thriller, spiritual warfare, all genres that I love. 

Without any warning or foreknowledge on my part or the author's, I received an email from him on the same day I downloaded this book from Amazon. He had googled, Christian fiction review, and my blog name came up in the search results. 

The first thing I noticed is that you hit the ground running. Smith wastes no time setting the stage for what is to come, introducing you to David and his world and Aurora and hers, the latter hundreds of years in the past. What ties these two descriptions together is the account of them having grown up with each others childhood and adolescence as visions of each other. They both grow up knowing, liking and ultimately loving each other even before they met in real life. 

You have just gotten used to this when their worlds collide and they meet in David's world. Here the plot really revs up and so does the action. We experience further development of David and Aurora's relationship now they are in the same reality, and the background to the war they are in and what brought them together. Aurora understands more of her side of things while poor David gets the raw end of the stick by being thrown in the deep end and has to catch on fast. And fast he does. 

Smith's two protagonists are central to everything and around which every revolves. David very quickly is transformed from a simple farmer to one very strong, chivalrous warrior and this is enhanced by this love for Aurora. Since their meeting in his world, and him learning how their worlds are connected and intertwined, his warrior traits seem to have been awakened as if previously dormant. They are further developed once he has a supernatural encounter with God and is imbued with special abilities that will aid him on his quest.  

Aurora has been a one man band forced to survive on her own, she learnt to suppress her vulnerabilities until she meets David. In one sense, she has had to put her femininity on hold, there is no room for this in the fight to survive, fight against the dark forces that are invading her land and want her dead at all costs. No man has ever been able to get close to her and it is this hardened exterior that most men have not been able to penetrate or as others have stated "tame". Only in David, has she met her match, as described by her friend, Matilda. We also find from Aurora herself that once she realises that David does love her, that she is willing to let go of this hard exterior and be vulnerable and feminine to herself and David. However, she is able at a moments notice put on her warrior exterior when the time requires.

Smith has developed these two as believable and relational people. Both strong personalities, both determined in their different ways, both committed to God, both have vulnerabilities towards each other and strengths that complement each other. In an interview with David Bergsland (author),  Smith stated, 

I wanted David and Aurora to be regular people with fears and doubts, but because, in spite of their tragedies, they remained faithful they were blessed with gifts.They aren’t seeking glory or authority and don’t really want the responsibility they were given. But because they are faithful and obedient, the Lord blessed them. They are humbled that he has chosen them and recognize that they are servants of the light not lords over it.It is because of their compassion for others, even those who were seduced by the dark, that they succeed.

This is one of many strengths of this novel. This shines through  in its entirety and is very refreshing and encouraging. Smith seems to be encouraging us that this is how we should be living our Christian walk, being faithful and obedient to the Lord despite our circumstances and our personal feelings.  

Sunday 18 May 2014

Interview With Christian Blogger: Peter Younghusband

I was recently interviewed by Donovan M Neal, an author whose book, The Third Heaven: The Rise of Fallen Stars, I recently reviewed.

So for new visitors or returned visitors, here is the run down on myself:  


Interview with Christian blogger: Peter Younghusband

Today I’d like to do a something a little different.  On occasion I run into authors and in doing so like to do interviews about them. This time I’ve run into a blogger by the name of Peter Younghusband.  His blog is dedicated solely to Christian fiction.  Bloggers provide an important function in that they help to promote authors through their blog to their readers and sometimes provide reviews.  I met Peter while browsing through Amazon’s Shelfari.  When I saw his profile what impressed me was the sheer volume of novels he had read.  One need only visit his blog or check out his presence on Shelfari or Goodreads to see what I mean.  Today’s blog is going to be a bit long, but there is much to takeaway from Peter’s experience, and those that enjoy blogging, reading Christian fiction and or authors will take something away from today’s interview.
Peter gave me a generous review when I solicited him about my own work several months ago, and after exchanging emails, and dialogue I just felt that he was someone that people should hear more about.  If you enjoy Christian speculative fiction.  Peter simply put is a man who can recommend a book.  Having said that welcome Peter.  Let's get started!
So tell us about your blog.  Why did you write it and who is it targeted towards?
My blog is called Peter Younghusband’s Christian Fiction Review. Address is
I started it when an author, Steve Goodwin ( contacted me to say thanks for a very comprehensive review of his first book. He had investigated my other reviews on Amazon and suggested that I should start a blog as he believed my reviews, being longer and more comprehensive would encourage authors and readers alike. It is targeted towards anyone who enjoys the genres of:
spiritual warfare involving angels and demons,
edgy speculative Christian fiction
horror from a Biblical point of view
Christian special ops, military
supernatural themes
Nephilim related (Genesis 6:4)
Christian mystery​/thriller
Christian science fiction or fantasy
Christian time travel
Christian Steampunk
​​What were some of the biggest challenges in getting it off the ground?
​Getting used to HTML! My initial introduction to setting up the blog from was from Steve Goodwin whom I mentioned above who is also a software programmer and he was talking me through this set up over Facebook chat. I got so frustrated that I told him to forget it. It was only talking to another Christian at work about books, reviewing and blogging that he encouraged me to give it another go. So I did and this time round, I understand the HTML and got it off the ground.
What advice would you give new bloggers?​
​Do you homework first. Read about the format you are thinking about, whether Google Blogger or WordPress or any other format. Do you want to use a free service or paid? Check out their features. This will help you decide what is best for your blog. Don’t give up. Seek advice from friends, colleagues that may know about blogging and the different formats or programs such as Google blogger or WordPress, search the Net, buy a book on blogging (and /or HTML), ask other bloggers. Blogging does not have to be rocket science! Keep your content relevant and appropriate.
Tell us about your journey of faith.  How did you become a Christian?
I was brought up Catholic. Very sheltered upbringing due to having much older parents than my peers. When I started my Registered Nurse training at 19 years, I did not cope with life being away from home. The other male and female student nurses were involved in smoking, drinking, partying, swearing, recreational drugs all of which I had no exposure to growing up. It was not long before I was engaged in some of those activities just to fit in and it went against every part of me. I was not happy. We had a student join our second year and he was the only one whom I felt comfortable and safe with. He started witnessing to me about God and getting out of this destructive lifestyle. I spent my holidays that year on his parents farm and by the time I returned I had accepted Jesus and been born again. However, there was no follow up from a church when I started my studies again and I fell  back to my old ways. Another Christian nurse I worked with invited me to his church and at the altar call I rededicated my life to God. I stayed at this church and when I left the hospital a few years later to start my career as an Occupational Health Nurse, I met my wife who was my boss at the time! That was in 1987 and we have been married since and now have two daughters, 22 and 19 respectively. We now attend a Presbyterian Church.
Who are some of your favorite authors and or books to read?
My first favourite author was Roger Elwood whose book Dwellers (1990, now out of print) which introduced me to the subject of the Nephilim mentioned in Genesis 6:4. This also introduced me reading Christian fiction. his other books, Angelwalk, Fallen Angel and Darien introduced me to angels and demons.  I then read the first two novels of Frank Peretti that introduced me to spiritual warfare. Other favourite authors are Sigmund Brouwer, Jess Hanna, Steve Goodwin, Tim Downs, Alton Gansky, Ted Dekker, Bill Myers, Randy Alcorn, Jerry B Jenkins, Guy Stanton III, Ian Acheson, Graham Carter. Mike Dellosso, Mark Carver, David Alderman, Joseph Max Lewis, Dante Forstson, Cary Green, Clifton Voshen, Gary Rodenius, Timothy Tron, Bryan M Litfin, John Lyman, Robin Parrish, Joanna Penn, Tom Pawlik, Martin Roth, Joel C Rosenberg, Michael J Webb, James Somers,
Oh, and I have come across this new author who happens to have the same name as yourself!! LOL
I have already mentioned some of the genres I love to read and these authors all write in these.
Are there any other ventures similar to your blog you might be looking at?
I have been invited to be on an author’s Radio show to discuss my blog and anything Christian fiction! I would not mind doing the same in the future. Interviewing authors and reviewers. It has also been suggested that I try video reviewing, but I would need to invest in the appropriate equipment for this; the same for the radio show. But food for thought for the future.
When did you start blogging?
As I mentioned above, it was my second attempt that got the blog up an running and this was in October 2013.
What’s some of the best experiences you have had in your blogging experience?
When a new author who does not have any reviews or very few contacts me and states my review was a great encouragement and confirmed to them that they had made the right decision to become an author. Or that they say that my review captured what they wanted the reader to get out of the story. When they ask you for your permission to use your review on their website or in any promotional activities for their book. Also, when they ask you to become a beta reader for future books. One author states that my blog is the place for him to go to for his next novel to read.  Having an author request a review from a recommendation from an author you have reviewed. Word of mouth is a great advertiser!!
Also, when fellow readers buy the book you have reviewed based mainly on your review and they also state that if they want to find a good book, they will come to the blog and  check out the blog archives .
Any negative experiences you would like to avoid?​
Having to write a review that is not positive or uplifting, but does reflect the problems with the book/author and you have to be honest, and deciding what is the best action: publish to the blog for all the world to see knowing this could upset the author, especially if it is a new author, or contact the author out of the public eye. Despite most authors wanting you to be honest and will be ok receiving negative feedback even on a blog or elsewhere, it is never easy. This is most unavoidable. An honest reviewer is an author’s greatest asset.
 What books have most influenced your life most?
Apart from the Bible, fiction genres of spiritual warfare or any Christian fiction no matter what genre, that educates, uplifts, and honors God. Some examples are Methusela’s Table by Gary Rodenius and Bruecke To Heaven by Timothy Tron, The Warrior Kind series by Guy Stanton III, the Chiveis Trilogy by Bryan M Litfin, The Road To Hell and Adverse Possession by Jess Hanna. All debut authors and all have had a huge impact on me.
What book are you reading now?
The Seal of the King by Ralph Smith, debut author, first in a trilogy. Christian fantasy, spiritual warfare. This was free on Amazon on March 29 and I was very much attracted to this based on it being fantasy, spiritual warfare and majority of reviews 4/5 or 5/5 stars. Later that day I received contact from the author requesting me to review his book! He had google searched “Christian fiction review” and my blog name came up! We were both surprised at how this came to happen on the same day and realised it was not a coincidence! I had about 5 books in the queue to review before getting to this. Ralph has been very patient!
Are there any new bloggers/authors that have grasped your interest? 
Yourself, and Dante Fortson as both bloggers and authors. Gary Rodenius and Timothy Tron as new authors.
Have you thought about writing a novel yourself?
I have thought about writing a novel and it has been suggested by family, friends, fellow readers and some of the authors I have chatted with. I have not ruled this out  and I guess it needs to be in God’s timing. I know now is not the right time but I know it would be good to think about what I would like to do.
Do you have any advice for other bloggers and writers?
Keep your blog uncluttered. I have seen a few that are so cluttered with adverts, banners from other sites they belong to or support and other widgets/gadgets or backgrounds that it can be hard to navigate the site and see what you have come to see. I find this very frustrating and I usually don’t stay long, return or subscribe/follow. Keep everything you add appropriate and relevant to the purpose of your blog.
Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?
Writers spend months researching writing, developing their characters, plot and everything else necessary to complete the novel ready for us to read and enjoy, be informed, educated or inspired. The only feedback they receive to show whether they have achieved their aims and successfully executed their talent and passion is reader feedback. Readers are a writers best asset in this regard. I would encourage every reader to write a review to show how much they enjoyed or did not enjoy the writer’s work. It can be our way to say thanks for a great novel and affirmation of a great or promising talent or that the author needs to improve their craft. Honesty is the key here. If you want some guidelines on how to write a review go here. A review also encourages readers to choose quality books, increase their exposure to new genres, new authors and promotes an author and their work to readers who may not be convinced of its description on the back of the book or on a book website such as Amazon.
What were the challenges (research, literary, psychological, and logistical) in bringing your blog to life
Even before I started the blog, if I felt it necessary, I would research the author by going to their website either their author or book website, their Amazon author page, their blog or any other internet site connected with them as an author. I would read the previous reviews of their books. I would contact the author for further information on events or concepts that intrigue me or are causing me to stumble reading the book and enjoying it or I just want more information. See the last two posts in my blog for examples of this, Methuselah’s Table and Bruecke To Heaven.
That is me; I am not saying or suggesting that anyone else needs to do this to be a reviewer. Most reviewers just stay within the confines of the content of the book for their review and that is fine and on a basic level all an author requires and wants.
Are you part of any associations, blogging or otherwise?  If not any plans to be?
I am on the Judging Panel for ​The Crossover Alliance Anthology​;a collection of short written pieces that represent edgy Christian speculative fiction. The Crossover Alliance exists to bring attention to literary works that merge Christian themes, speculative fiction, and real-world content​​.​I subscribe to and/or follow the following blogs:
Edgy Christian Fiction Lovers: 
A group of readers and writers who enjoy edgy fiction, and in particular edgy Christian fiction.
John 3: 16 Network Marketing 
Steve Goodwin: Author, Programmer
Australiasian Christian Writers:
Around the World of Inspired Fiction
Mike Dellosso: Wide Eyed Fiction
David N Alderman: Author of Edgy Christian Speculative Fiction
Mark Carver: 
​Well, there you have it, Donovan! ​Thanks for this experience! I appreciate it.

It’s been my pleasure Peter, thanks for coming by and sharing with my readers!
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