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Saturday, 26 August 2017

Full Circle: Book Six of the Adventure Chronicles By Jeffrey Allen Davis

Full Circle: Book Six of the Adventure Chronicles

Maria “Star” Gonzales is dead. The autopsy rules it a heart attack but Jamie, Dave, and the others cannot bring themselves to believe that the vibrant, young woman could have died from such natural causes. They decide to attend the funeral and do a little snooping while in Jameston.

In the town of their founding, the team of martial artists find themselves in the middle of a war between their old enemies, the Renegades, and the Japanese organized crime family known as the Yakuza. To add to the chaos, a former assassin for the Waruiyatsu ninja clan now works as a bodyguard for Hiroshi, the head of the Japanese syndicate. Could they be behind the death of Adventure’s friend? Or could Ben Shalley, whose hand is in all of the crime in the state, have faked the autopsy report to manipulate Jamie and the others? More importantly, could this all lead to the explanation of another mysterious death that has already plagued our heroes?

Finally, Yoshi has been talking with the elders of the Funakoshi family about a big decision that could lead her to the fulfilment of the prophecy that was given to her by Elvara Winterbreeze the day that she came to know Jesus. But how will this decision affect her friends . . . and Jamie, in particular?

As the members of Adventure face the past that turned them into a fighting team, they find a surprising ally. Will they now come Full Circle?

The Guru's Review: 

I have never regretted reading this series. Each new volume brings with it an exciting anticipation of what is in store for the Adventure team. This new volume is not a disappointment. None of the others have been either.

Amongst other things, one of the things that I have really enjoyed about this series is seeing Davis's writing and novel construction improve with each novel. This includes the spiritual aspects as well. 

Before I continue, there are slight spoilers ahead. Tried to avoid them, but to describe these spiritual aspects it was necessary. 

Full circle starts off with more vice and corruption that is the trade mark of the Shalley empire. This sets in motion the events that lead to the background to the death of Maria (Star). Jamie and the Adventure team find themselves in a "...war between their old enemies, the Renegades, and the Japanese organized crime family known as the Yakuza. To add to the chaos, a former assassin for the Waruiyatsu ninja clan now works as a bodyguard for Hiroshi, the head of the Japanese syndicate." (to quote the book description) And to add further intrigue, a rival member of the Funakoshi clan from the events in A Family Squabble: An Adventure Chronicles Short Story (The Adventure Chronicles) arrives wanting reconciliation with Jamie and Yoshi. This is more than effective in setting the stage for the pace and suspense for the rest of the novel. It then becomes the quest for Jamie and the Adventure team to find the truth behind Maria's death. 

This novel resonates with all the elements that we are used to in this series. Against the backdrop mentioned above, Davis has consolidated and brought to fruition a lot of the plot lines from previous novels. This makes this novel very satisfying. And it from this angle that this novel is very aptly named. Most readers of this series will agree that the number one plot line here is the relationship between Jamie and Yoshi. Their relationship develops to the level that will please all fans of this series and these two characters. The only spoiler I add here is that it culminates in their kiss! Even Davis admits that he has waited 20 years to develop this! It occurs at such an emotional part of the novel and is very well placed. The events that build up to it, had me in tears. Why did I have to be on public transport when I reached this part of the novel? It is really hard to disguise your tears in public, especially when society does not expect or know how to handle it when a man cries! But that is another social issue for another discussion at another time. 

One aspect that impressed me in this story, was the spiritual aspects. I have commented in previous reviews that Davis has included more and more spiritual and biblical truths in his novels. This started from Book 3: Gateway To Thera. This novel is no exception. In this novel, his redemptive elements are quite powerful. Davis has developed the plot showing not just living out their lives according to the Bible but also having members of the Adventure team willing to sacrifice themselves for others instead of reinforcing the practice of fighting to the death. The fight between Yoshi and Maori is a case in point. Yoshi realises that continuing the fight is worthless and so stops. Not to spoil it for the reader, but Yoshi does something that would only be possible by being led by the Spirit resulting in God's redemptive power being expressed mightily. The same can be said for Hiroshi, who paid the ultimate price for his new found faith. Another spiritual element is the prayer by Shawna quoting a promise from the bible when Jamie is struck down. This is prayed with faith, activating the authority and spiritual power that this verse has.  

It is all these events and more that make Davis's fiction reflective of the spiritual reality that exists in the Bible and what God gives us and wants us to live out in this life. I have also said in previous reviews that I love novels by Pastors/ministers for the Pastor's perspective they incorporate in their novels. We see this not only in these redemptive/spiritual elements but specifically by the character of Buster Goodman. I have wondered while reading this series if Buster is based on Davis? He is, after all, a Minister. Sometimes an author bases one character on himself or on multiple characters. I found out later, from the author, that Buster is based on a guy on one of Jeffrey's friends! Not disappointed with this, Jeffrey's friend has obviously had a powerful impact on his life. Quite an honour to have a character based on him. 

Davis illustrates one very good spiritual aspect in the plot line and character of Ben Shalley. In the final confrontation between Jamie and Ben, this latter character expresses all the motives and reasons for his vendetta against Jamie. It illustrates how hardened one's heart can become towards God and His Gospel when one allows the power of bitterness, hatred and jealousy to overtake them. It definitely paves the way for evilness to take root in the affected person's heart and leads them further away from redemption. 

Just before this final confrontation before these two characters, I was getting concerned that Davis was not going to be able to wrap up everything relating to the murder of Star (Maria). I was not wanting to finish this and find out that it would be continued in the next novel. Sometimes when this happens, it becomes very frustrating to be left hanging on such a thread waiting for resolution in the next novel. But, true to Davis's form and style, everything was tied up at the end. And also not rushed or hurried.

The entire plot that leads up to this ending, paves the way for the remaining books in this series to be taken to the next level of mystery and intrigue. It seems to me that this novel is pivotal for the remainder of the series. I will be saddened by the end of this adventure that Davis has created with these nine books. I am just glad that I have 3 more to anticipate and enjoy. What next for me then? Well, while Davis is creating more worlds for me to inhabit, I could read all these over again! 

Highly Recommended. 

World Building 5/5

Characterisation 5/5

Story 5/5

Spiritual Level 4/5

Enemy Spiritual Level 4/5 

Overall Rating 4.6/5 Stars 


Spiritually, based on my review and on the following reference booklet,

A Spiritual System for Rating Books by David Bergsland, and that Full Circle contains elements of the criteria of what constitutes Christian Redemptive Fiction outlined in this booklet, I award Jeffrey Allen Davis with

The Reality Calling 
Redemptive Fiction Award

Congratulations, Jeffrey!

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Friday, 18 August 2017

Interview with Jane Woodlee Hedrick, Eschatology and the novel, The Third Strand

Today, I am hosting an interview with novelist, Jane Woodlee Hedrick. I have interviewed her previously after I read her debut novel, The Omega Watchers. This interview can be found here. I feel that it if the reader of this post has not read either one or both novels, it would be worthwhile to read this first interview before continuing on with this one. This second interview is mainly based on the sequel, The Third Strand. In this novel, Jane Hedrick expands so much more and in greater depth on the topics of eschatology and New Age/demonic deception from The Omega Watchers. Many of the issues contained in these novels, especially the latter novel have become news items that we read about daily. 

There are many novels published on similar themes as these, but it seems to me that Jane Hedrick zeroes in on the issues as they are and reveals the spiritual truth behind them from a Biblical worldview. Not only are these novels very entertaining but also are spiritually uplifting and very educational as far as discerning the spirit of this age and the deception that can so easily ensnare the human population. Her novels have had the bestowment of Awards that reflect the degree of this spiritual truth and adherence to biblical standards.

I felt that this interview would be an excellent opportunity for the members of The Omega Watchers Facebook group to interview Jane and express their own questions concerning the eschatological issues relating to her novels, The Omega Watchers and The Third Strand. This would also show readers how important it is to be well versed in eschatology and the end times deception from this Biblical worldview. More importantly, for Jane to share more of her knowledge and discernment in these issues and be a vessel for God to reveal His truth. 

Before we begin, here are the two novels of The Omega Watchers and Jane's Bio.

A mysterious Dead Sea Scroll revealed prophecies of the return of the fallen angels and the timing of their release from the abyss where they have been imprisoned awaiting their final judgment. But, there is a missing piece to the prophetic puzzle!

Gabriella’s cave exploration leads her team on an ominous journey to discover a lost prophecy from the days of Noah and find her own spiritual truth. In her search, she opens her mind to a “Watcher” that captures her with his mystical powers of universal knowledge as they travel between time and untime.

This deceiving spirit proclaims the coming of the Ascended Master who will usher in a new age of peace for all mankind. Gabriella feels totally alone as her friends believe Yahweh as the one true God and they struggle to convince her she is falling deeper and deeper into a pit of destruction and is about to cross the point of no return.

Sequel to ‘The Omega Watchers’, is a high-suspense Christian novel based on Biblical prophetic events of the end days. 

The Psalms 83 war has just occurred and Israel’s stunning victory has triggered the beginning of the end days, ushering in the worst years that will ever be upon the face of the earth. 

After days of being in what appeared to be a coma, Gabriella awakens to her new reality: strange surroundings, everyone she loves has vanished, and she is entombed in a hidden bunker with a man she barely knows - Chris, the officer assigned to protect her research team. 

Quickly, spiritual bond forms between Gabriella and Chris. Together they secretly witness the False Prophet’s preparations to introduce the Satanic One World Leader and the demonic plan to initiate the mark of the beast. Gabriella knows she is ‘chosen’ to expose the powers of darkness, but how does she begin?

During the day, Gabriella lives end time prophecies coming to fruition. At night in vivid dreams, she continues to struggle with reality returning to the days before the rapture. Time and untime will continue to haunt her until... 

Jane's Bio: 

Jane E. Woodlee Hedrick was born in Harlan County, Kentucky. She attended Lee University in Cleveland, TN and had a long career in Marketing and Sales Management before retiring in 2012 when she began her first novel. She had been a long time student of Bible studies, especially in the area of Bible prophecy. Weaved into her novels, 'The Omega Watchers' and The 'Third Strand' are high-suspense fictional stories, exposing prophetic truths and deceptions of the end of days. Both novels have won awards in the genre of Speculative Christian Fiction.

Ok, without further ado, let's start our interview with Jane Woodlee Hedrick about her novels, end-times deception and eschatology: 

Thanks for stopping by Jane! We are looking forward to this discussion. Our first questions come from: 

Tim Herron, who asks:

Jane, you use a Rabbi as a major character in her first book The Omega Watchers. If most Rabbis of today reject Jesus as the Messiah, how can you justify using their opinions in a ‘Christian’ book?

Jane: Tim, The “Christian” version of the Bible (New Testament) is the largest part a repetition of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) with one major difference, Jesus became The Lamb slain for the remission of sins for all mankind – animal blood sacrifices were no longer needed. 

Christians and Rabbis both study from the Old Testament and accept as divinely inspired. They read the same Prophets, Psalms, Books of Moses (in Hebrew called Torah), etc. When writing from a prophetic view, these prophecies would be found in the Old Testament which the Rabbis and Christians would study. 

I’m sure the first response would be, but what about the prophetic Book of Revelation, it is in the New Testament. It takes a much deeper study and a great amount of time to see the immense connections between Revelation and the OT, but a prime example is the Prophet Daniel who was given the prophecies of all the coming earthly kingdoms until the final kingdom. Daniel was then told to “seal up the scroll until the time of the end” (Daniel 12:4). In Revelation, the scroll is opened by The Lamb of God and the prophecies revealed (Rev. 5:8-10). Another example: The Seven Churches (Rev. 2) are revealed in The Seven Feasts of Israel (Lev. 23). The connections between the Old Testament and New Testament are so intertwined you can only separate them with the Blood of Jesus.

Tim: In The Omega Watchers, you have left us in suspense at the closing of the book without solving the Rapture issue. But even in the sequel, The Third Strand (excellent title!) the question was not resolved. Will we find the answer in a future book?

Jane: If I can add a bit of humor, – we will know (with no room for debate) when the last trumpet sounds and we are caught up with Jesus in the air. 

I have studied all three of the most popular rapture beliefs (pre, mid and post tribulation). I see credence in all three interpretations and have close friends who hold deeply opposing opinions. 

I do not intend with these novels to push a doctrinal opinion on the rapture and for that reason, I have left it open to interpretation. My purpose in The Omega Watcher Series is to place in the hearts of all readers to BE READY! One thing we all agree on, is the rapture will happen and Jesus will set His Kingdom up on this earth. I believe it will be very soon.

Tim: Why is there an emphasis on the Hebrew roots in your books? Is there a significance for us today?

Jane: There are several verses in the New Testament that immediately come to mind that show the importance of why our “Hebrew Roots” or Torah connections are vital to our understanding of the scriptures and the depth of our relationship with our Lord and Saviour, Jesus our Messiah. 
John 1:14 – “The Word (Jesus) became flesh and dwelt among us…” 
What was ‘The Word’ that became flesh? It was not the New Testament because it did not exist at the time. All Hebrews knew “The Word” was the Torah. To study and understand these first five books in the Bible is vital to our Christian walk and to understanding prophecy. Everything in the rest of the Bible hangs upon the truths (Jesus who is the Torah made flesh) found therein. 
Jesus said in Matt. 5:17 – “Think not that I am come to destroy the law (The Torah, the instructions of God for righteous living), or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.” 
This verifies that Jesus did not “do away” with The Law, but fulfilled every letter of it with no sin. He became our sacrificial Lamb so when we fail to keep the instructions of God we no longer must sacrifice animals for forgiveness, but “have an advocate with the Father who is faithful and just to forgive us.” (I John 2:1)

Romans 11 tells us we are grafted into the vine. Who is the vine? Jesus! Jesus is the Word, The Torah. He was a Hebrew of The Tribe of Judah. If we are grafted in (literally meaning we are now a living part of that vine) and, also “adopted into” the family of God, should we not know our family “roots”?

Sandra Thomas asks:

Jane, will these novels become movies? I pray they do.

The Bible says there will be a new earth, like Eden. Some believe during the Great Tribulation we will be pulled up into a different dimensional "cloud" and return to the New Earth afterwards. The fact that there will be no perception of time there will make the seven years seem instant. What do you think?

Jane: Sandra, The possibility of The Omega Watchers becoming a movie is ongoing. Keep praying!

I am aware of this teaching that is based on being “caught up in the clouds” (I Thess. 4:17). and it is a deeply theological and very interesting view of the rapture, the ‘clouds’ in this verse and the great tribulation. It refers to the Old Testament and ‘the cloud’ that covered Israel when they were protected in the wilderness. This is another example of how the New Testament repeats the Torah, and I know the cloud represents God’s protection. In that fact, we can rest as we search to understand the deeper truths.

As previously stated in this interview there are varying teachings on the rapture. In I Cor. 15:51 Pauls calls this event ‘a mystery’. The word mystery means something difficult (or impossible) to understand. I do know God has a plan in motion for the final days of time. We may not totally understand this mystery until the prophetic events unfold, but He has promised He will never leave nor forsake us. That we do know with a certainty. 

Richard Everts asks: 

Jane, when you begin to formulate the rough draft of a new chapter, do you have the content and rhetoric firmly in mind or does it sort of ebb and flow as you compose text? 

Jane: Richard, my story develops chapter by chapter and I never know in advance where the story will go, but by the time I finish a chapter I usually have in mind how the next chapter will start. From there I attempt to follow the prophetic theme of events as I believe they are scripturally set for the end of days, building the prophecies around the personal interaction of my characters to create a story that will keep the interest of the readers. My desire is to create a literary work that both entertains and spiritually informs. 

Richard: Jane, do you feel you are receiving any Spiritual assistance with your writings? 

Jane: I can answer this question with one word…YES! 

Richard: Are the characters in your books purely fictional or do they exhibit traits and/or characteristics of people you actually know or have known? 

Jane: Most of my characters are based on people who have influenced my life and in them you will see characteristics of that real person. Sometimes, I have used names of dear friends but not tried to duplicate their real lives into the story line. A few are strictly fictional characters needed to fill in the plot to keep it flowing. 

My main character, Gabriella, is totally fictional. That allowed me to emotionally take her through whatever scenarios are needed as I created the story, and without being influenced by the personality or attributes of a real person. 

Richard: What facet of the book’s content do you struggle with the most? 

Jane: This is a great question since I have already struggled with the same issue in this interview regarding the rapture doctrine. My main struggle in speculative Christian fiction writing is integrating into the fictional story the prophetic truths of the Bible. Since everyone does not agree on eschatology I battle with offending some with how the end time events play out in my novels. That is one of the reasons why I write novels – they are fiction. If my theology is not correct, I have not presented it as absolute truth. But, if it is correct then my readers will see the events come to fruition in the real world and have a better understanding of what is happening. 

Richard: What are your major research sources? 

Jane: Many authors have influenced my prophetic book content and who stay true to the Biblical truth of prophecy. Perry Stone, Tom Horn, Steve Quayle, Aaron Judkins – just to name a few. (Even among this group there are varying opinions on when the rapture will be and their individual interpretation of prophecy.) I attempt to glean from their information, sift through and incorporate the major topics without controversy.

I am continually searching the internet for articles on prophecy from respected sources and how they are aligning with current events in the world, especially focusing on Israel which is God’s time clock. In addition to my personal research, I have contributors that send me links to consider for book content and prophetic connections. I am constantly praying for divine guidance as I pen the words from He who knows all things. 

Richard: Do you have any specific goals you would like to see your books achieve? 

Jane: When I began The Omega Watchers my purpose was to expose the paranormal deceptions that are rampant in our world culture. I saw members of my own family being drawn into ghost hunting and believing in UFOs as extra-terrestrials coming to earth.

Also, after an in-depth study of Genesis 6, I realized very few Christians understood what the Days of Noah really meant and how it has a direct connection to all paranormal events. Since most people would not read an extensive dissertation on these subjects, I desired to write an entertaining novel that would draw readers into the story and at the same time educate them spiritually on these demonic deceptions.

My greatest desire is to challenge my readers to study for themselves and open their hearts and minds to hear from God’s Holy Spirit the direction for their individual lives in these final days of time.

Randy Nicholson asks: 

Jane, in The Third Strand, it does not seem that Gabi is waking up in which a Rapture would have taken place, so I'm wondering where you stand on this controversial topic. You don't have to answer if it might give away some part of the next book.

Jane: Randy, this question continually repeats and with good reason. Most Christians believe we are living in the season of our Lord’s return and we all want to know the mystery of when. I truly wish I (or someone) could definitively say “when” the Rapture will be. If the Church is here when the Antichrist is revealed and we witness the seven-year covenant confirmed with Israel, then we know pre-tribulation theology is not correct. If the world witnesses the event after a mass exodus of people, I pray many will realize there was a pre-tribulation rapture and not take the mark of the beast but endure until the end. 

To be blatantly honest, I do not see all Believers coming to one conclusion on the matter until the great tribulation begins. I have my opinion and do intend to include it when I end The Omega Watcher Series. 

Sheila Adams asks: 

Jane, how did you come up with the group of characters?

Jane: Sheila, the characters evolve as the story is written. When I need a new character to continue where the story is going, I think about people I have known through the years who would fit the attributes and physical appearance of the character I am creating. I then endeavor to bring that character to life in appearance physically and emotionally with descriptive words.

My favorite character based on a real person is Dr Manny Brotman. Everything I write about his appearance, wisdom, spiritual life and personal attributes are true to the man he really was. He was not an archaeologist as portrayed in my novels. In fact, he was a Messianic Rabbi and was the leader of the first Messianic Congregation in the U.S. that he began with his good friend Sid Roth in the mid 1950’s. I was blessed to spend time with him and his wife, Sandee, (also a character in my novels). They taught me so much about the move of God in the Nation of Israel and the draw of Jews to their Messiah as a sign of the end generation. They also revealed to me through the New Testament that my roots as a believer in Yeshua (Jesus) were in the Torah. My spiritual life was enriched beyond measure by their great knowledge and wisdom. Naturally, as I wrote my first novel they immediately played vital roles in the plot. 

Sheila: Did you go on any type of pilgrimage to help enhance your storyline?

Jane: Sadly, no. My pilgrimage was a tour of the internet. When I would write about places in Israel, I would go online and look at pictures, read the history, find real street names, historical locations, actual distances in drive time, etc. so I could incorporate these into the story making it as factual as possible location wise. 

As I looked at pictures of the Hula Valley, I could “see” what Gabriella would have seen as they drove through the vineyards and farms lands on the way to Mt. Hermon. From pictures of caves, I wrote descriptions of what the research team would have experienced exploring for the lost prophecy. From pictures and descriptions, I have mentally climbed Mt. Hermon and found the pagan sacrificial temple site where the 200 fallen angels descended to earth. 

In many ways, I feel I have actually been to these places and that is what I wanted my readers to “see” and experience through the avenue of words. 

Liz Lewis asks: 

Jane, everything you write about must sound like science fiction to the unbeliever. How would you counsel someone to make that leap required to not only accept Jesus Christ but to accepting and understanding these other-worldly prophecies?

Jane: Liz, I have found the greatest way to discuss the validity of the Bible and the need for Jesus as our Savior is to discuss prophecy and how it relates to what is going on in our world today. Prophecy fulfilment validates the Word of God. 

I have taught through the Book of Daniel many times and one (with an open mind) cannot dispute these ancient prophecies were fulfilled to the detail up to the day in which we live. Daniel reveals the coming of the Antichrist, the final wars of the time, and the final kingdom of prophecy that will come. The Prophecy of the 70 years Daniel wrote of was fulfilled down to the very day Jesus made his triumphant entry into Jerusalem with only one seven years period left to take place, the great tribulation. The 70 Year Prophecy was prophetic fulfilment that cannot be denied when you understand as it relates to the timelines given in the Torah.

I would share with a non-believer the Bible is one-third prophecy. Prophecy is God’s way of proving his Word. So, if we begin with sharing the obvious prophecies of Jesus’ first coming that have been fulfilled to the exact degree then we can expound on His second coming. This can open the door to what would seem to be science fiction to the unbeliever. The Book of Revelation sounds like a sci-fi movie and many will not read it for that reason or they feel it is impossible to understand. The believer must first be willing to “study to show himself approved” to be able to lead someone else and pray for the Holy Spirit to open the heart and mind of the person to receive.

Many of the ‘sci-fi’ scenarios in my novel are possibilities of how the Biblical prophecies might play out. However, they are real in the fact they actually exist. For example, CERN is a real place, built over the Temple of Apollo (in Revelation 9:11 Apollo is called Apollyon, Greek Name, and Abaddon, Hebrew name). Most agree CERN is built over the abyss in Revelation 9 where the fallen angels with Abaddon as their leader, are imprisoned (also see Jude 1:6). Revelation tells us these fallen angels will be released again upon the earth. It makes prophetic sense to me that CERN will open a portal allowing these demonic angels to be released for their final judgment. However, I am not saying it is definite. 

In a world where science fiction movies engulf our entertainment, prophecy can open many doors of discussion, if we are willing to study and know the facts, both Biblically and contemporary, I believe we can introduce a conversation with those who do not understand prophecy and build precept upon precept. 

Liz: You came from a small town and a typical southern family. When and how did you begin to study prophetic scriptures? And why?

Jane: I love sharing my prophetic roots. My grandfather was in his early 20’s when he became interested in Bible prophecy in 1917 when the Jews started returning to their homeland Israel under the Balfour Declaration. He realized the prophecies of all the major prophets of the diaspora and Israel returning to their land were being fulfilled before his eyes. My mother was 3 years old at that time. She grew up listening to my grandfather read the Bible prophecies and teach the time of the end was approaching. She began to study and teach the prophecies of the last generation earmarked by the new Nation of Israel being born in 1948. I was born shortly after Israel took back their homeland and was recognized by the UN as a nation after 2000 years of exile. 

I was named Jane Evonne Woodlee for the purpose of my initials being JEW. I then grew up under the prophecy studies of both my grandfather and mother. Prophecy is in my blood, spiritually and physically. A DNA test a few years ago showed I have Jewish blood from European ancestors. That was no surprise considering the love I have for Israel and all things connected. 

Liz: Why do you think so many believers are content with the OT stories and NT grace, yet ignore Biblical prophecy?

Jane: If it is not being taught from the pulpits it does not challenge believers to study and understand the prophetic truths. Since one-third of the Bible is prophecy, I do not believe God is pleased when we ignore it. Some use the excuse it is too difficult to understand, however, they do not even try.

We are instructed to “watch and pray” (Luke 21:36) so we can escape the things that are coming on this earth. What are we supposed to watch? The prophetic signs of the times in which we live so we are not caught slumbering. That instruction is to ALL the Church. 

Liz: What's the next series of books going to be about? 

Jane: If I can finish The Omega Watcher Series, it will be a major accomplishment. There is so much information still to come on the prophecies that are unfolding almost faster than I can write them. 

If there is time for another book, I would love to write a novel from the perspective of one of the rabbinical shepherds that the host of angels appeared to and was instructed to go to Bethlehem to see the Messiah. Christians are unaware of the prophetic beauty in Jesus’ birth as it related to the birth and destinies of the Passover lambs. Our Messiah lived the prophecies embedded in The Feasts of Passover, Unleavened Bread and First Fruits. He was literally prophecy in the flesh from birth until death. 

Liz: Becoming a published author is a pretty big deal. Did you hear any negativity toward your books from family or friends?

Jane: For the most part, my family was supportive. Anyone with negativity kept their thoughts to themselves. My husband was amazing all the way through. He gave me all the time I needed to write and kept encouraging me not to give up, which I was ready to many times.

I never experienced writer’s block, but I did experience writer’s discouragement. It was mainly attacks of the mind, not from any person. My desire was for my novels to be a source of ministry and my way of “preaching the gospel” so naturally, the enemy would try to stop me. After mental battles of giving up, this became my mindset: If anyone’s life is changed for the better, it’s worth every minute of the time invested. 

P.S. Jane, I'm so happy for you and the success of your books!

Jane: Thank you so much for your encouragement!

Cornelia Stone asks:

Jane, The Third Strand refers to the Appointed Times of the Lord, otherwise known as Feast Days. How important is it that we keep the Feasts of YHVH? Is Sabbath included in those appointments? Is it of equal importance to the Feasts of YHVH? 

Jane: This question would take hours of teaching for a Christian who has never been taught the importance of The Appointed Days of The Lord or commonly called The Seven Feasts of The Lord from Lev. 23. Most Christians have no idea what these holy days are since they were outlawed at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD under the rule of Constantine and replaced by dates relating to pagan holidays. This was Constantine’s effort to force both the Jews and the New Testament Church into the Catholic Church.

The short answer is these seven holy convocations give the prophecies from the First Coming of Jesus, the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost all the way through to His Second Coming and into the millennial kingdom. I believe not only are they important, but essential to understanding everything the bible is hinged upon.

Regarding Sabbath - It is the third commandment and that has not changed. Ezekiel 20:20 says it is a sign between man and God that we belong to Him. It is to be kept forever and will be kept in the millennial kingdom when ALL FLESH from Sabbath to Sabbath will worship God. (Is. 66:23) 

Bonnie Wild asks:

Regarding the prophecy of St Malachy. Jane, you mentioned how some Catholics believe prophecy and some don't. Elaborate on those who embrace it.

Jane: Bonnie, there are major divisions within the Catholic Church and the separations seem to have grown exponentially wider with the current Pope (which according to St. Malachy’s prophecy is the final Pope).

Most people do not realize within the Catholic Church there are 242 sects (or denominations) with as many varying beliefs as the Protestant denominations. There are people who sincerely love God with all their hearts and desire a true relationship with The Heavenly Father. There are also groups that hunger for power and wealth, and those that just go to church to satisfy their conscience. Sadly, it is the same in Protestant churches. 

In both the Catholic and the Protestant churches there are only a few that are studying prophecy and discerning the times. This in its self is a fulfilment of end time prophecy:
II Peter 3-5 – “Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, 4 And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation. 5 For this they willingly are ignorant…” 
Then there are those living in ‘normalcy bias’, believing because something has never happened it never will. That day (the great tribulation) will come upon them as a thief in the night. (I Thess. 5) If you read all the verses it plainly states that those that are watching will not be caught unaware. It will not be as a thief in the night to them.

There are many pastors that do not teach The Book of Revelation or end time prophecy because they believe it will scare people away and their attendance (and offerings) will go down. In Matt. 24:42 Jesus commands us to watch so we are not caught unaware. I fear for the ‘shepherds’ that are tickling the ears of their congregations and not preparing them for the Coming of The Lord. (Zach. 11:17)

Nathan Brotman asks: 

Jane, were the pyramids built by Enoch – What are Jane's thoughts based on the verse below.

Is the Great Pyramid of Giza the work of Pagans or is it the inspired work of a man of God? ...

I have looked at a verse in the bible Isaiah 19:19 In that day there will be an altar to the LORD in the heart of Egypt and a monument to the LORD at its border.

I would like to know Jane's thoughts on the Pyramids. Currently, her characters are in Israel. And I have some suggestions for an expedition to Egypt or one of the ancient Tels in Israel. 

Jane: Who built the pyramids (like the rapture) I do not think can be answered definitively; and I, again, can see reasoning for the varying opinions on the subject. 

The pyramids, per se, are not in my novels but there are connections via the Nephilim which many believe designed and built the pyramids that exist all around the world. (Or if you ask the “Ancient Alien” buffs they will tell you their demonic counterparts, extra-terrestrials, are responsible…no way!). 

At this point, I lean toward the Nephilim being the architects of the pyramids due to how they are connected though their precise locations on the planet and the geographic mapping. There is also the interesting hypothesis the New Jerusalem coming down in Revelation 21 is actually in the form of a pyramid (not a square) and the Fallen Angels tried to duplicate the heavenly structure on the earth. 

The reasoning behind Enoch building the Great Pyramid of Giza is very interesting and when you listen to the details it is difficult to find anything to argue with in the information so it leaves us in a quandary…and a subject I continue to study. Perhaps by the time Book III is finished, I will have a better answer or perhaps you will have a better answer for me, Nathan. Perhaps even Gabriella will have to travel to Egypt for some answers!

I have only studied the pyramids in recent years and definitely no authority…at all. But I do believe the pyramids connect to the Days of Noah, the time of Enoch and the Nephilim which my novels are centred around so more study is needed. 

Peter Younghusband asks:

Jane, In a previous Facebook Messenger conversation, you asked me if I had read any novels concerning the 144,000 witnesses mentioned in Revelation who have a specific ministry during the Great Tribulation. I said that I had not. Your query was whether women would have been depicted in any novel that includes this group. You believe that Scripture bears this out. What specific Bible verse(s) are you referring to?

Jane: Peter, without giving away too much of where Book III is going with the storyline, I can tell you why I believe women will be part of the 144,000 witnesses of Revelation 7.

Joel Chapter 2 is all prophecy regarding the “Day of the Lord”. 

Connecting Joel 2 with Rev. 1:10 – John said he was in the spirit on the Day of the Lord. From this, we can connect Joel’s prophecy to the Book of Revelation and what will happen during the final years. In Chapter Two Joel describes the horrible events that will take place during the great tribulation, followed by vs. 28-29 to describe the greatest spiritual awakening that will ever take place on earth: (words capitalised by myself).
“I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh;
Your sons and your DAUGHTERS shall prophesy…,
29 And also on My menservants and on My MAIDSERVANTS
I will pour out My Spirit in those days.”
Vs. 32 identifies this group of spirit filled men and women as from among the remnant of the Nation of Israel.

Simply put, Joel is prophesying of The Great Tribulation coming upon the world and out of Israel will come preachers filled with The Spirit, both men and women. John in Revelation identifies these mighty preachers as the 144,000 Witnesses, who will declare to both Israel and the world the deception of the Antichrist. They will turn the hearts of the people (Israel) back to God (vs. 32).

Another scripture that I think we may have missed the meaning of is Matt 24:14
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.”
We often hear this referred to as before the rapture of the church everyone will hear the gospel; but, if you read this verse in context you will see Jesus is answering the disciples’ question on what would be signs of His Second Coming to set up his kingdom. The time period Jesus is describing is The Great Tribulation. 

So, reading the verse with the verses before and after and connecting it to the same events in The Book of Revelation, we then see the great probability Jesus was describing the ministry of the 144,000 Witnesses (both men and women – 12,000 from each of the Twelve Tribes of Israel) who would be preaching the gospel for the salvation of all of Israel (Romans 11:26) and to all the world, and then the end will come (after The Great Tribulation).

Peter: Whenever a Christian does anything to further the Kingdom of God and expose the deception of Satan and fallen mankind, Satan sees this as a direct threat to him and his motives to destroy Christians and continue his rebellion against God. You fall into the former category. What spiritual attack have you come against and how have you coped and protected yourself from this?

Jane: Without a doubt, we will have spiritual warfare if we are following the call of God on our life. The enemy has attempted to hit in many areas but “greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.” Prayer, worship, fasting and time alone in His Presence have been my sword and shield in the midst of the battle.

The two areas that have been the greatest challenge are time to write and mental attacks. My life is wonderfully full with family, friends, Biblical study and prophetic teaching (which I all love dearly) that finding large measures of time to write is a challenge. Then as time lapses occur between periods of dedicated writing the attacks of the mind begin: What’s the use? Are my current novels really making enough difference for the time required? Should I spend more time doing other ministry? And on and on…

When I am struggling with these thoughts my Heavenly Father allows some type of encouragement to enter. It can be a book review stating how my novels have really touched the reader, or another step forward in the possibility of The Omega Watchers becoming a movie…something that nudges me to continue forward. I have a good start on Book III and I believe the Holy Spirit is showing me insights from the Book of Revelation as to what the ministry of the 144,000 will actually be. On the surface, there is very little information; but when you dig from the ancient prophets (like Joel) and connect other verses in Revelation, the picture becomes clearer and the 144,000 will be mighty spiritual warriors in the final years of time.

Peter: Like a few other Christian authors, Joel C. Rosenberg being one of them, your novels depict events that occur in reality and in the news shortly after you have depicted them in your novels. As Richard Everts has asked above, is this due to any spiritual assistance from God? 

Jane: There is no doubt in my mind that everything I write is through the assistance of God’s Holy Spirit. Sometimes as I am penning new paragraphs, I am amazed at how the story is unfolding and know it is not coming from my human mind but from the unction of The Spirit. Books, articles, prophetic studies from years ago often come back to mind as I am writing to play a needed part in my story. And I know it is a spiritual recall that was embedded in my subconscious for this time. 

When I opened my computer to begin writing The Omega Watchers, I had no idea what I would write about, who would be my characters, where the story would go…it was all a blank canvas. As I would write something into the story I would not know myself what part it would play as the plot unfolded. For instance, when Officer Chris Harris was assigned to Dr Brotman’s research team at the end of TOW, I had no idea he would be one of my main characters in The Third Strand. On a humorous note, in TOW when Gabriella was given the mysterious box I wondered myself what would be in the box. At the time, I had no idea and then it evolved into the crux of the novel that continued into TTS and will continue into Book III. Another example, when someone attempted to kill Dr Brotman…I did not know who it would be or how it would play out in the story until I wrote TTS. Writing these novels is about as good as reading one, I don’t know what’s going to happen next. 

So, without a doubt and all Glory to God, my writing is Spirit led to being able to intertwine prophecy, a storyline and continuity to create a literary work that people want to read and are ministered to by the content

Peter: When you post in The Omega Watchers Facebook group a link to an event or story relating to this being depicted in your novels, we instantly feel that you are on the “right track” in depicting the reality of the End Times in our life time. Do you interpret this as confirmation from God that you are operating under the guidance of the Spirit? 

Jane: As I stated in an earlier question, I have studied Bible prophecy and current events for most of my life. I believe God is honoring that study by allowing me to sometimes connect the prophetic dots of these final days in advance of their fulfilment. I cannot really explain how it happens, but I can research something like CERN or the Illuminati and what I see is prophecy connections. I often read a news article and immediately start connecting prophetic Bible verses. 

As I write my novels, a thought (Holy Spirit inspired) will go through my mind leading me to include a particular prophecy in the book and then the story wraps around it and pours out on the pages. Sometimes it is faster than I can type the words. In many cases, I have gone out on the proverbial prophetic limb and speculated on how prophecy “could” play out on the world scene and find out later it is actually happening. I cannot express how emotional my reaction is in those cases.

The prime example is The Third Strand. When I wrote that a third strand of DNA would be developed becoming the ‘mark of the beast’, I had no idea scientists were already working toward developing a third strand for the very purposes I wrote in TTS…to overcome genetic diseases and prevent ageing. But the Holy Spirit did! Imagine the power that would give to those that control it. And by the Spirit’s prompting, those who read TTS already are being warned of what is coming. I am sure it will be initiated differently from the story, but from the information I have read, it will produce the same effects as written in TTS and the research is an effort to bring eternal life through creating a perfect DNA strand. What did Satan promise as the ultimate deception that brought sin into the world? “You shall not surely die.” The Antichrist will be a repeat of Satan’s ultimate deception, tricking mankind once again to believe his lies.

Peter: Jane, I asked the following question at the end of the first interview regarding The Omega Watchers and I feel it is applicable to this interview as well: 

"What take-home message do you want readers of The Omega Watchers (novels) to embrace?"

Jane: I have one main request I make each time I teach prophecy and it also applies to my readers. Do not take my word for it. Study for yourself. Question and research what I tell you and what you don't understand, asking the Holy Spirit to reveal to you "what the Spirit is saying to the churches" in these end days.

Have a knowledge of the deceptions of the paranormal. Know how to share with others, especially if you have children/grandchildren, the dangers of ghost hunting, seances, ouija boards, and everything else that comes under the umbrella of contemporary paranormal "entertainment". Take time to know what movies, games, and media are pushing this agenda on our society and become an advocate for exposing this truth in your churches and communities.

Be aware the great deception has already stepped onto the world scene and will soon be revealed, as the great tribulation is about to begin. Above all, be ready to meet the Lord!

Anything else you would like to say about your novels, The Omega Watchers and The Third Strand, end-times deception or eschatology?

What Daniel concealed, the Book of Revelation revealed. These are the only two books of the Bible that are dedicated solely to prophesy. Daniel gives the introduction of the end of days and the satanic leader that will rule the earth; the Book of Revelation gives the details. Sadly, these are the most ignored books of the Bible and yet they have prophesied the days in which we, that are alive on the earth now, are living. This should be the most exciting time in all of human history, and yet the ‘church’ does not want to hear. This in itself is a fulfilment of prophecy.

Daniel 12:4, “But you, Daniel, roll up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end. Many will go here and there and knowledge will be increased."

I believe this explosion of knowledge will be two fold: spiritual (“Afor those that have ears to hear”) and intellectual. We are definitely seeing both escalating in warp speed. After many decades of studying and teaching bible prophecy, I have only recently felt the discernment that this is it, my friends. The literal beginning of the end is at the door.

Where can readers find you? 

Facebook Group: 

Any last words Jane? 

Jane: I would like to thank all those that submitted questions. These are really good and have given me the opportunity to expand more on the spiritual reasoning behind my story line. I could go so much deeper on many of the questions, but this is an “interview” and not a pulpit.

I would like to also thank each person that has taken their valuable time to read this interview and my novels. I look forward to personal contacts from my readers with feedback and comments, especially concerning what specific areas spoke to them personally. 

Thank you, Peter, for taking your valuable time to organize these questions and allow me to share from my author’s heart the ‘why’ behind my novels. You will never know what a great encourager you have been. After I wrote The Omega Watchers and was struggling as a new unknown author with the mental discouragement of if I should continue writing, it was then we became acquainted. God used your review as the stimulus for me to push forward. I know you have done the same for many other writers. May God bless all you put your hand (and eyes) to!

My prayer is each reader is challenged to view the final days ahead with an understanding a great deception is at earth's door and develops an urgency of spiritual preparation for themselves and their circle of influence. 
John 9:10 (NLT) - We must quickly carry out the tasks assigned us by the one who sent us. The night is coming, and then no one can work.
Jane, it has been our pleasure, the members of The Omega Watchers Facebook group to interview you. We have been very much blessed by your ministry. Thank you for the insights into eschatology and encouraging Christians and non-Christians alike to investigate further the truths from the Bible, your research both of your novels and this interview. Let this be an eye opener and revelation to all who read all. We look forward to the final novel in this trilogy and following you in your ministry.

The Omega Watchers, The Third Strand, can be purchased either from Amazon by clicking on the book titles just mentioned and in this interview above, from Barnes and Noble, and other online book stores. Further information regarding Perry StoneTom HornSteve QuayleAaron Judkins can be obtained by clicking on their names just mentioned. Books by these authors can also be purchased from these links or from Amazon

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Author/Novel Spotlight: Steve Wilson

Today, I am spotlighting Steve Wilson, novelist of the Award winning Michael Neill Adventures. I first came across Steve while reviewing Dony Jay's military and special ops novels. Steve is a close friend of Dony's and when Dony mentioned to me that I should check out Steve's books, I thought that since he has encouraged Dony so much in his writing, he would be one to investigate. Well, what a treasure trove of intrigue, military special ops and soldiers of faith I discovered here! I was hooked. I knew then that I had to spotlight this novelist. Did I mention that each book in this series has won multiple Awards? 

The Michael Neill Adventures series has been nominated for The Christian Manifesto's Lime Award for Excellence in Fiction for three years running. They have also won the Shelf Unbound Notable Book Award in the Page Turner category, received the Five Star Award from Readers Favorite, won Silver and Gold in Literary Classics' 2016 Book Awards, and have appeared in the Military Writers Society of America's recommended reading list.

His latest release, Eye of Charybdis, won Silver in the 2017 Literary Classics, College classification (age group).

So without further ado, let's investigate Steve Wilson as an Award winning author, his writing and passion for a God honouring story and portraying "faith in uniform" as he describes this series.

First, let us view his bio:

Steve Wilson is a multimedia designer and has worked in advertising for over 25 years. A prior service Marine, he now serves in the Air Force Reserve as a senior NCO, and is a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2010, he was named the Air Force Reserve Air Transportation NCO of the Year and has been awarded the Air Force Commendation Medal and the Meritorious Service Medal. His ties to the military have taken him all over the world, and he has visited the former Soviet Union on multiple occasions.

“I have always been a big reader. I think that’s what inspired me to try my hand at writing. Writing is cathartic to me. Returning from Afghanistan in 2011, I wanted to work on something fulfilling. A few years earlier, I had written a draft of my first novel, ‘Red Sky at Morning’. It was intended to be youth fiction, but no one would read it. Coming home, I dusted it off and repurposed it with an eye toward the post-Cold War, post-9/11 world.

Finally, I got the attention of a publicist, who told me the book didn’t have a ‘teen voice’. I expanded the story, doubled its length, and revised it for an older audience. With a lot of diligence, I eventually found a publisher.

I try to keep the books character-driven. My goal is to tell a compelling story without throwing around a lot of acronyms or technical jargon. There’s some of that, but only to ground the action in a realistic frame of reference. The novels have been compared to the works of Tom Clancy or Vince Flynn. That’s very flattering, but you won’t find any profanity or compromising situations in my novels. The books are family-friendly with a faith based message of honor, courage, service and sacrifice. Written for adults but suitable for the mature teen.

Now let's have a look at The Michael Neill Series, view his novel's Awards and a sample of their reviews. All books in this series in print and e-book editions. Click on the title to be taken to the Amazon book description page, to buy or view the Look Inside feature:

Red Sky At Morning

When Marine Lieutenant Michael Neill is ordered to the former Soviet Union, his assignment is to verify nuclear disarmament. But before his mission begins, an American reconnaissance plane is attacked by a Russian fighter, and a Navy pilot is killed. After the incident, Neill’s mission changes.

Willis Avery, the President’s National Security Advisor, wants Lieutenant Neill to investigate Russian stealth technology, in addition to his original assignment. Photographic evidence—and the lack of radar images of the attacking aircraft—lead the American intelligence community to conclude that something new has been developed in the skies over Russia. Avery believes that Neill’s friendship with a high-ranking officer in the Ukrainian Air Force is the key to establishing Red Sky at Morning—the existence of new aviation technology that could upset the balance of power between East and West.

However, ultra-nationalist forces are at work. After arriving in Eastern Europe, Neill quickly uncovers a conspiracy of terrorism secretly instigated by the Kremlin. Government leaders in Moscow will stop at nothing to rebuild the Soviet Union as they try to force the breakaway republics back into the fold.

Neill discovers that the terrorism has extended to the weapons facility he is charged with inspecting. Communist agents have gone far beyond their original orders, and it’s a race against time as the Marine—with the help of a beautiful Ukrainian journalist—tries to stop them—and come up with a plan to bring down the corrupt government officials in Moscow.

on April 10, 2015
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase
I really enjoyed this first book by Steve Wilson, even though I was only introduced to it recently. I find that his writing style is very creative and thorough and the story keeps one engaged until the very last page. There is the hint of a romance in the story, maybe two, but the focus remains on the missions that Lt. Michael Neill, the main character, has been tasked with, to verify the disassembling of nuclear weapons at the ordnance facility in Odessa, and learn as much as possible about the new stealth technology the Russians have come up with. I find that the characters are quite well crafted and the description is enough that the reader can build his/her own mental picture of each character. As an avid reader of espionage, suspense, thriller, action/adventure books, I really appreciate the quality of this story and the effort that was put into it. The absence of graphic sexual content, profanity, and the abuse of God's name is a wonderful change from other books in this genre and I would not hesitate to recommend this book for middle-school or high school reading levels, even though the intellectual level is geared toward adults. There is some violence, as one would expect in a story dealing with terrorism and weaponry, but the author's focus is on keeping the story at pace and intriguing enough to keep the reader turning pages. I also appreciate the virtues the author has instilled in the main characters of the book. This is definitely recommended for those interested in this genre.

Somalia has split in two, with armed insurgents threatening American lives. China has emerged as a leading arms exporter, supplying weapons to Third World nations. But before National Security Advisor Willis Avery can deal with either danger, he faces a new challenge.

On her maiden voyage, Beijing’s newest and most advanced nuclear submarine is destroyed by a weapon of unimaginable power. While the loss of the sub is kept secret, America and her allies want to know what happened. Avery believes a renegade faction of China’s Navy is behind the attack, striking from a secret naval facility in the South China Sea, and assembles a group to investigate.

Leading the mission is Marine Corps, Lieutenant Michael Neill. Fresh from his assignment in the Ukraine, Neill and his team, with a little help from British Intelligence and the Royal Navy, must find a way to locate the weapon before it is deployed again. Along the way, they must stop a Chinese Admiral who plans on seizing control of an independent Taiwan. Neill’s squad is aided by a mysterious informant, but is he baiting them into a trap?

Susan's Cronk's 5-star review on Amazon:

on June 19, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Tempest of Fire, the second book in the Michael Neill adventure series, is a terrific and exciting read. The nail biting starts in Chapter One and doesn't let up until the final page. There's something new around every corner, or perhaps, due to its nautical leanings, "rolling in on each new wave" would be a better description.

The main character, Lt. Michael Neill, remains a strong, central focus in the book. The author stays true to the nature, beliefs, and thought processes of his main character from the first book, Red Sky at Morning. There are no wild character shifts to wonder about, but he does give readers a bit deeper look into Lt. Neill’s nature. In this story the author has teamed Lt. Neill up with three other very likable, talented, and creative characters, Senior Chief Petty Officer Malcolm Richey, Lt. Junior Grade Simon Chau, and Lt. Norman Crockett. I sincerely hope the author will bring this team together for future missions. They compliment each other.

Together, these men are tasked with finding out what mysterious weapon lurks in the dangerous depths of the waters surrounding a territory claimed by the Chinese. They are lulled into a false sense of safety, only to have it shattered.

The technological aspects that Mr. Wilson has incorporated into Tempest of Fire are a feast for the imagination. They paint a vivid picture for the reader as the action at sea ramps up well into the story. The dialog is engaging and not overworked. The author has avoided the pitfalls of other stories in the genre -- giving their hero or heroes more to do than is humanly possible. Lt. Neill and his team have one central mission. Of course, there can always be ripple effects, and that's where the supporting cast of characters takes up the challenge of bringing the story to an interesting and unexpected conclusion.

Tempest of Fire is a great story. It is well worth an investment of a reader's time.


In Central Europe, Poland has rejected plans for an anti-missile shield—until a threat from beyond their borders causes disaster. During testing, an Iranian ICBM veers off course with tragic results, and the Polish government turns to NATO—and the United States—for protection. With the defensive shield now back on the table, National Security Advisor Willis Avery envisions an even broader network of emplacements. His strategy depends on the cooperation of the breakaway states—and the help of Captain Michael Neill. Tasked as a liaison, it’s Neill’s job to convince the republics. He enlists the aid of an old friend, General Andrei Ulyanov—and if he can keep her alive, dynamic and beautiful journalist Viktoriya Gavrilenko. The stage is set for increased tension when the Russians threaten an arms race. Avery is targeted, and along the way, Neill becomes caught up in the search for a lost religious icon, foretold by legend to restore the faith of a disheartened people . . .

An Amazon Review that is very positive and favourable:

on June 19, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Trinity Icon is the latest offering in the Michael Neill adventure series penned by author Steve Wilson. In his third novel, the author has reinvested several robust characters from Tempest of Fire, particularly his main character, newly-promoted Captain Michael Neill, and Staff Sergeant Christina Arrens, with whom Neill shares a special emotional connection. The author has also added several new and interesting characters, including the main antagonist, Ilya Nikolayevich Maersk, an ominous ghost-like figure that lurks in the background until his particular brand of lethality is necessary to the story.

The author opens this storyline in Olm, Poland in the year 1655, when a valuable religious icon goes missing. Its absence and its importance lay the groundwork for a 300-plus-year-old legend that it aching to be fulfilled. Captain Michael Neill unknowingly steps into the middle of the legend as he works with emissaries from America and allied Eastern European nations to bring about an important military treaty that will help secure Poland’s borders and enhance the security of American and allied interests. There are several points where the author ramps up the action just enough to keep readers focused on the danger and uncertainty the characters must contend with, as well as the evil aspirations of other factions at work to keep the treaty from becoming reality.

The disparities in purpose of politics and religion often create unique conflicts that are ripe and ready for picking by a good storyteller. Steve Wilson is that storyteller. Even though the events are purely fictional conflicts of his own creation it is not hard to imagine them a part of today’s reality. Trinity Icon will not disappoint returning readers of the Michael Neill adventure series, and it will likely win the author a host of new followers. Readers should be aware that the author builds the story carefully over the first three chapters, weaving in some background story to reorient readers of his first two books and provide a solid foundation for new followers picking up this third book first. That background helps to round out the overall story base and explains Neill’s relationships with the returning characters, particularly Arrens, without wandering too deep into the backstory. More time is spent in this book on developing Neill and Arrens’ relationship. While each of Wilson’s books can be read independently of the other, I would encourage readers not to miss the first two books in the adventure series. Michael Neill and his compatriots are worth spending time with.

See all verified purchase reviews

Two scientists. One wants to live.The other—simply to die.

Summer, 1985; In the cold waters near Kamchatka, an incoherent, injured man—the lone survivor of catastrophe—is found adrift, and a Soviet naval officer is faced with a mystery, one that will echo into the future. In the present, planes have been knocked from the sky, victims of some unknown device, and near the Aleutian Islands, a relic from Russia’s past is found hidden beneath the waves. Is there some connection between these seemingly unrelated events? Marine Captain Michael Neill believes there is, and with scout sniper Nathan Crockett and Australian scientist Taylor Brisbane at his side, he sets off to defeat a new weapon—resurrected from the cold arsenals of the Soviet empire—to remove the veil of secrecy, and confront the EYE OF CHARYBDIS!

Two Amazon Reviews are very positive and favourable:

Format: Paperback

Marine Corps Captain Michael Neill and his team are on a quest to find answers in the mysterious case of a commercial airliner which went down with all its passengers still on board. Meanwhile, in a possible related mission, they set out to find a tactical aerial weapon believed to be hidden off the coast of Russia. Their goal is to covertly seek and destroy this enigmatic vessel. Working together with a highly sophisticated team of men and women, united in their efforts to carry out this clandestine mission, they soon find themselves at the mercy of other team players in an internationally driven game of politics. Neill relies on personal experience, the skill and wisdom of his team-members, and ultimately that of his faith.

Author Steve Wilson is a fluid and articulate storyteller whose background in military matters contributes to his ability to paint vivid pictures with scenes that spring to life. He seems to possess an innate ability to dummy things down just enough that even the most non-technical person can still understand and enjoy each thrilling, fast-paced moment of this novel. Wilson’s Eye of Charybdis is highly recommended.

on May 29, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
The fourth book in the series was great! The detail in the action sequences kept me going page after page. You don't have to have read the previous three books to enjoy this, but they're equally fun books, so read them anyways.

I asked Steve why he wrote The Michael Neill series and here is his reply:

The series explores the dynamics of faith in uniform, which is often absent from books of the same kind. They have a broad appeal; there’s action, military hardware, strong core values, and even a little romance. A lot of my best reviews have come from readers with no military background at all. Neill’s adventures will hold the interest of young and old, and will encourage readers to value patriotism and embrace honor and integrity.”

In my day job, I'm a multimedia designer and have worked in advertising for over 25 years. I served in the Marines during the 1980s, and I'm now a senior NCO in the Air Force Reserve, deploying to Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan, in addition to tours in the United States, Germany, and the Pacific. I've also visited the former Soviet Union several times. 

I've read a lot of the biggest names in the thriller genre, and I like to think my books are different. Many authors don't realize how important faith is to members of our military, especially those deployed to the war zone. The protagonists in The Michael Neill Adventures are men of faith, and while they live out their religion, the books aren't preachy.

I've tried to portray my characters as real people relying on God to guide their decisions. And I've also attempted to make the books character-driven. I stay true to the technology mentioned in the story, but without getting bogged down in the details.

In relation to his newest release, Eye Of Charybdis, he states, 

Honor. Courage. Commitment. On a spiritual level, the importance of Grace, and how God sometimes shields those with an uninformed faith, until the time is ripe for their redemption. 

The book also touches on the concept of good confronting evil—sometimes in brutal but necessary ways. Measured against the tactics of ruthless men, are Christians prepared to return force with force, to respond to evil in like manner?

Steve has kindly provided an excerpt from the Eye of Charybdis to whet your appetite and the reason he chose this: 

The longer excerpt follows a common theme in the series; a hint of mystery, hinting at a historical or technological link to the past; Neill puzzling it out, gathering information; the presence of a beautiful woman who faces potential danger, but gives as good as she gets. 

The shorter excerpt is simply an action sequence, one of many throughout the book. Aerial dogfights, attacks at sea, the threat of an unknown sea monster, an assassin's bullet—these and many more that make up 'Eye of Charybdis.'

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Start of Excerpt~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

They flew straight and level for the next hour. The cargo deck had turned frigid, and the group donned gloves and cold weather gear. Dr Brisbane’s condition improved with the drop in temperature. Soon she was talking with Captain Neill and the others after one last trip to the ‘honey pot’.

“That was embarrassing.” Her tone was subdued, her face pale, and she clutched a pack of disinfectant wipes. “I don’t normally get airsick.”

“These cargo planes aren’t known for their creature comforts, Doc,” Mike allowed. 

Brisbane’s head went from left to right. “You mean this isn’t a seven-four-seven?” 

“That’s good, Doc,” Neill chuckled. “So you do have a sense of humor.”

“Bailee says I should try harder.” 

It’s a start, Neill decided. “Just hang tough. We’ll be landing on the island of Attu before you know it.”

“And then?”

“The Coasties have choppers. We’ll hitch a ride with them out to the Meyer.” 

“A helicopter?” Taylor’s eyes widened.

Bailee crowded in. “Ooh, never rode on one of those before,” the young woman gushed. She was enthused, but Taylor wore an alarmed expression. Mike saw the scientist’s look and tried to change the subject. 

“What got you started on those Schumann Resonances—audio impulses—whatever.” His question earned a laugh. 

“Ever hear of the Vela Incident?” Brisbane asked.

Russo withdrew. She’d heard this tale before. Neill shook his head. “Can’t say that I have.”

“In 1979, a Vela satellite detected an anomaly over the Indian Ocean—an atmospheric double-flash, characteristic of a nuclear detonation.” 

Neill had a questioning look. “ ‘Characteristic’ of a nuclear detonation. Was it ever confirmed?”

“The data at the time was inconclusive. The blast—if there was one—stirred controversy.” Brisbane took a sip of water. “To this day, no one has claimed responsibility.” 

“And does Dr Taylor Brisbane have any theories?” 

“She does indeed, Captain,” she said with a smile. Her color had returned, and her green eyes flashed. “It’s possible South Africa was involved, but my vote goes to Israel.”


Kritchkov’s slashing attack brought him below the Commissar. From this position, he watched in anger as four of his comrades fell into the sea. 

So the rumors are true, he brooded. Pavlenko’s monster was a decidedly lethal weapon—a weapon that had just downed half of his flight. 

Zhukov was fighting back.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~End of Excerpt~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

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