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Saturday, 31 January 2015

The Revelation (Realms of Our Own) by Stanley Dixon

The Revelation (Realms of Our Own)
Sophie sees things that no one else can and has behaved very oddly after these episodes. Her parents and even she, herself fear for her sanity. After one of these episodes, however the truth is revealed.

The Guru's Review: 

All I can say is, 
"Stanley Dixon, what are you doing to me? You write well, drop me in an supernatural, spiritual warfare environment, the action flows, and then you leave me hanging wanting more!"
Seriously, this is one very good short! And his d├ębut story as well.  I am impressed! I hope Dixon has considered developing this further as this would really make a great series or full length novel and be an effective platform to further him as an author. 

As short as this short is, Dixon achieved a good plot structure that flowed well and kept you interested. A real page turner. This all added to the cliff hanger ending.

In an interview I facilitated with Dixon and the other authors of the Realms of Our Own (ROOO) anthology, that this short belongs to, he states the following about his experience writing this short and his debut experience, 
I really enjoyed this collaboration because it gave me a chance as an absolutely new author to work with established, published authors. I got to get at least one of my ideas out of my head and into a format that someone other than myself can enjoy it. One challenge I had was to use other characters in my work when some of them did not fit the initial story I had in mind. I had to stretch my creative muscles right away. This, I think, will make me a better author in the future.
Yes, Stanley Dixon, I feel it has made you a better author. I would love to see you submit another short for the next ROOO anthology. 

Highly Recommended. 

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