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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Godforsaken (Realms of Our Own) by Parker J. Cole

Godforsaken (Realms of Our Own)

The prisoners of Godforsaken are fighting for survival. Trapped on a wandering planet run by a sadistic warden, they have no sun, no moon, only the terror of a flesh-eating menace and no way to escape. When a clerical error sends a new form of destruction their way, where will they find salvation?

The Guru's Review:

Should I compare these shorts with the other author's stories in this anthology? I don't know, but what is unique about this Realms Of Our Own anthology is that each story has the same characters and the author has poetic license to depict them as they are in different worlds, and plots and environments, called in this Anthology, a multiverse. But it is this very unique feature that I find myself doing just that, now that I have read Godforsaken. Without thinking I find myself, while reading this short from Parker J. Cole, that I have enjoyed this one better than the previous two. Is this fair seeing that I have not read the only other two that have been released (and 5 more yet to be released)? Not sure, but I can only base this on what I have read so far. 

This is the first work of Cole's that I have read and despite it being a short, I am very impressed with her writing, characterisation and plot development. This is one tight, well constructed short that grabbed me and kept me focussed and totally absorbed for the two sittings I had today (to and from work on public transport). This short really felt like it was the Surprise Me feature from the Look Inside function on Amazon for a full length novel. If this were true, then it  would be a no brainer to buy the full length novel. 

I felt that all the plot lines were treated with depth and detail. I was totally sympathetic to all the characters and the situations Cole placed them in. I learnt more about what makes Molon tick and behave, and what Natasha is capable of, the self sacrificing of Cathair, and his grief over the death of Weebles and the despair and urgency in motivation of Sophia to rescue those imprisoned on the Godforsaken planet. I even got annoyed and frustrated that Jesse was imprisoned in submission to Natasha and longed to see him free and to be able to be restored to his former glory. Despite Natasha being an evil and sadistic so and so, and I pitied her, despised her, but I really loved the romance between Molon and her. I am not a huge fan of the romance genre but when it is done properly it does engage me and I want more. Hint, hint, Parker J. Cole!! 

As I have said with the previous two shorts, Time for Change (Realms of Our Own) and Rewind (Realms Of Our Own), I would love to see this short developed into a full length novel. I would be the first to buy all three! 

This unique concept in Anthologies is very enjoyable and innovative and really does engage the reader. I feel it does showcase the author's skill when you do read them all consecutively. Now, you other five authors who have not published your work yet, get a move on, I am waiting to continue my enjoyment of this endeavour!

Highly Recommended

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