Wednesday 21 January 2015

Rewind (Realms Of Our Own Book 1) by Jeremy Bullard

An assassination gone wrong. An evil plot with horrific consequences. 

In a future where even people of virtue must live in the shadows, a ragtag group of mutants and miscreants may be all that stands between life-as-usual in the Unified American States and the untold horror of nuclear holocaust. 

But for them, there's something equally important at stake -- the lives of two of their own. 

Realms Of Our Own is a new model in Science-Fiction anthologies, inviting each author to contribute a single character to be shared by all, reinvented by each contributor for use in a completely different universe. Ten authors, ten universes, ten core characters, one collaborative effort. This short story, Rewind, is the ROOO Multiverse installment written by Jeremy Bullard, author of Gemworld, Book One in the Facets of Reality fantasy series. Other contributing authors are as follows (will update as they are published)..

The Guru's Review: 

This is the second book I have read in the Realms of Our Own Anthology and the first work from Jeremy Bullard. I like his writing style and this encourages me to read his Gemworld (Facets of Reality Book 1) series. 

Rewind keeps you interested and focussed. I can tell that Bullard likes his sci-fi and even fantasy genres as it shows in this short. I loved the romance that exists between Karyn and Indalrion Tay. In developing the characters that are common in all the shorts in this Realms Of Our Own anthology, I have discovered further character traits of those just mentioned, and more of those from A Time For Change. I like this feature, that each author in this anthology will show more of or different personality traits, abilities and powers of these characters. Bullard does this well in this novel. 

Another aspect I liked in this short was the blending of the military style action with the presence of the supernatural in the form of an angel called Jesse and also the mention of aliens. 

I did not like the character of Grayson in A Time For Change but I did not mind him in this short. I loved the description of Intalrion battling with his Garwaf nature in trying to save Karyn by travelling back in time to reverse the catastrophe she is involved in. 

I would have loved this to have been longer than its 22 pages, maybe double the length.  However, a very enjoyable instalment in this unique concept in Anthologies. 

Highly Recommended.

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