Sunday 1 February 2015

A Time To Play (Realms of Our Own) by Zerubbabel Emunah

The conflict between the two raged on, the players chosen, the sides clear. Or were they? It was one warlord and his soldiers against another. That is what it appeared to be. However, is that what was really going on? Or, was there something much deeper happening behind the scenes that few truly understood? Will you get caught up in the conflict and miss what is coming? 

The Guru's Review: 

I had fun with this one! Cat and mouse, almost bordering on double cross! This was just the right length for this short to be really effective. I was thinking while reading this that it reminds me of spies, espionage, betrayal, rules of engagement constantly changing.  The result? Fast paced, cannot put down, keeps you guessing, then that clever twist at the end, made me chuckle and brought me down to reality and out of this cat and mouse environment. 

For a debut novel, Emunah has done a great job. He writes well, good plot structure especially where he keeps you guessing as to who is after who when you have just worked that out! I agree with this statement he made in an interview I facilitated with the authors of this anthology, 
While this short story is not anywhere near the length of a novel, it still had some of the same elements within it.
It does feel like a novel despite its length and I feel that this is due to the structure of the plot, its flow and the cat and mouse action that he has depicted. Another factor is the development of his characters, this adds to the sense of length and also of depth. Despite Emunah stating in another part of the aforementioned interview that he would not partake in another anthology of this type, I do hope he continues to write like this and progress to a full length novel. He has the talent to do so. This short definitely showcases this talent. I want more. 

Highly Recommended

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