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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Soul Thief (Realms of Our Own) by K.M. Carroll

Soul Thief (Realms Of Our Own)

Indal and Molon are private detectives in Phoenix, Arizona--except Indal is a chronomancer werewolf, and Molon is an anthropomorphic wolf. Together they make a great team, with Indal covering for Molon's wolf face with a variety of excuses. 

When they receive a strange email from an employee at Southvista software, claiming that his boss's soul has been stolen, they are plunged into a strange mystery involving supernatural powers and beings from other worlds. 

Now they must unravel the mystery, before the stolen soul is turned to nefarious uses by a ruthless criminal who will stop at nothing to accomplish his goals. Can Indal and Molon stop him, or will their wolfish natures get the better of them? 

This is a short story as part of a project between ten authors who each contribute a character, then write a story with all ten characters. The other stories in this series are available on Amazon under Realms Of Our Own.

The Guru's Review: 

This is the fourth book I have consecutively read this week from the Realms of Our Own Anthology and I must say that I have come to love seeing the same characters depicted in different settings, environments, and plots. At first, I thought I would not like it, but I have come to love this whole concept. Soul Thief only reinforces how well this concept works.  

I especially loved this short as it has two of my favourite characters, Molon and Indal as main characters working together as a team of detectives. They work well together and seem to compliment each other. They make quite the detective team. Interestingly, David G. Johnson, the author of Time for Change (Realms of Our Own), one of the other instalments, also depicted Molon team up with another character, Karyn, and they worked together well too in that short. 

I am really taken with the plot and I can see the potential for more episodes of Molon and Indal and their detective agency solving crimes, even those of the supernatural nature. As I have said about the other shorts, this would work well as a full length novel. I am encouraged that Carroll states at the end of the story that the original story of Indal can be found in Storm Chase (The Spacetime Legacy Book 1), of her Spacetime Legacy and continues in Chronocrime (The Spacetime Legacy Book 2) which is a young adult fantasy series. 

This is the first I have read of Carroll's works and she writes well. The plot of this one flows smoothly with the investigation of clues in logical order leading to a very satisfying ending. 

Highly Recommended.

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