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Monday, 16 June 2014

Saga fo the Everking by David G Johnson

Saga of the Everking

A promotional sample short story set in the world of Chadash as a preview of the history of one of the peoples, the Qarahni, who will be featured in the upcoming novels by David G. Johnson. Look at the end of 2013 for "The Chadash Chronicles Book One: Fool's Errand" and "The Chadash Chronicles Book Two: Mystic's Mayhem" from Tate Publishing.

The Guru's Review: 

This has recently been revised and reformatted with added content, including a new cover. One of the main characters from the Chadash Chronicles is introduced as a young boy to strengthen the bridge between this preview and the Chronicles. This gives valuable insight into this characters involvement in the Chronicles.  This preview of the Qarahni people is very effective being told by a Lorefather to an upcoming generation who need to hear about the history of their people. 

Johnson portrays the Lorefather as one who loves children, loves his people and their heritage. This forms a great backbone to this short. In this revised edition, the Lorefather's character has been expanded and this makes him more relational and adds depth to the preview and history of the Qarahni people. Having read both the original edition and now this revision one, this one reads and flows better and is much more enjoyable. The change in writing format adds a greater depth to this preview. 

Johnson has explained with passion what happened in their heritage that divided this unified race really well and I can see that this will aid the reader in understanding and appreciating the Chadash Chronicles. 

There is also depth to this heritage and you can see that he has been influenced by other sources. Johnson likes attention to detail and structure in his plot and characters and I found this to be a great strength. 

This revised short gives a very good introduction to the Chadesh Chronicles and is very effective as a short standalone story if it needed to be but, I am glad it is not! 

Highly Recommended.

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