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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Guardians of Eden and Against the Unknown by Graham Carter

Read and Reviewed in 2010.

Guardians of Eden 

A thousand years have passed since Adam and Eve were cast from the Garden of Eden. Their descendants have multiplied and spread across the face of the planet. In recent times rumours have begun to spread regarding a strange race of beings, the Nephilim, said to be the giant offspring of unholy alliances between the fallen sons of God and women of great beauty.

Life in Thalan’s tiny, seaside village seems a world away from such events until the day servants of a Nephilim king arrive looking for him. Could it be that seventeen-year-old Thalan holds the key to the downfall of these powerful giants? And what is the significance of the ancient prophecy about the seed of Eve crushing the serpent’s head? The answers lie in a quest to find the legendary Garden of Eden and the fabled Tree of Life that stands in its midst. But can Thalan and his brother survive the hostile journey to the other side of the world to find out?

The Guru's Review: 

What a fantastic work this is!! This is the second book from Graham Carter and he is a master story teller. I did not want this one to end. He has woven a story of believable characters and plot based on the Bible, extra-biblical texts, and his creative imagination. This is the best novel of the Nephilim in pre-flood history that I have in my collection.

It is a great asset to a story when the author performs in-depth research and applies this to his work.

I loved how he portrayed the love of Elohim in various characters and events. The ending is one of the best I have read in a novel. Carter has tied up all loose ends and plot lines extremely well and I was left breathless and in tears once I finished it. I had no idea how he would tie it all up and culminate in the Crucifixion, but it was brilliantly done and is a real masterpiece of an ending.

Graham Carter has portrayed the nature and behaviour of the fallen angels and Nephilim very well. Again, his research shines through here. His descriptions fit other accounts of the nature of the Nephilim in other fiction and non-fiction works I have.

If you are interested in this genre of Christian fiction then you are in for a treat with this novel. I pray Graham continues to write more novels. I can hardly wait.

Highly recommended.


Read and Reviewed in June 2012

Against the Unknown

Nothing is quite as it seems. A US senator introduces a bill that could change the course of history – then his daughter vanishes. A woman wakes up on a riverbank with no idea who she is or how she got there. Three strangers meet, strangers whose lives appear to be entwined already, but why and how?

Behind the scenes, powerful forces are at work, manipulating leaders and influencing the decisions of ordinary people. Only one person stands in their way, identity unknown. Will the mysterious forces be able to find and defeat their enemy before it is too late, or can a single warrior destroy their plans?

The Guru's Review:

Graham Carter has done it again! This is my third novel from this author and he has not disappointed at all. A great tale of spiritual warfare, the power of intercessory prayer, obedience to God, victory over demonic forces.

I cried at one scene where one of the main characters accepts Jesus as Lord and Saviour. The way Graham portrayed this with the spiritual aspect and from Jesus and the angels point of view was just beautiful. I will never forget this.

There was no way I could have worked out who The Intercessor was in this plot. This was a great ploy by Graham and it worked well. I really enjoyed the spiritual lessons in this subplot as The Intercessor interacted and was obedient to the Spirit of God. While reading these scenes with The Intercessor, I was transported to another world, almost as an observer of this in the spiritual realm.

The nature and hierarchy of the evil spirits are very consistent with other novels of similar genre, such as those of author's Peretti, Alcorn, Feldhahn, Jess Hanna, Lewis, Pierce, Rios Brook, Meade, Slick and many others.

A very well written, entertaining novel with the added bonus of being encouraged about the truth of victory over spiritual forces, intercessory prayer and being obedient to God as the battle belongs to the Lord as many worship songs state.

Highly Recommended.

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