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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Flame (The Name of the Hawk-Volume 3) by Murray Pura

The new world into which Hawk and Skaytha and her three guardians have been thrust is filled with new wonders and new dangers. Yet nothing is as deadly as the dark ones, the fallen angels, who spit curses against Hawk and all the men and women of earth and desire their total destruction. But they have not reckoned with the powers within Hawk's body and soul, powers that burst out like fire and are more than a match for the darkness of the angels of hate. However it is not only the fires of heaven that pass through Hawk's heart but the fires of human love. And suddenly Hawk and Skaytha find they have a quest unlike the one on which they first started, a quest that binds them together in a bid to free the entire earth from the ferocity of hell and the icy bleakness of an eternal death.

The Guru's Review:

I just found out yesterday that the final novella, Volume 6, The Cross, was released yesterday (June 5, 2014). Flame is Volume 3 and it seems that this volume, despite marking the half way mark, is where the plot revs up yet again (that is a good thing!), the relationship between our two star struck lovers is restored, Hawk's powers are developed further, and the spiritual warfare side of things deepens and becomes more intense. Sets the pace for the second half of this series and it looks very much like a faster, unrelenting and action packed pace. 

This volume is very much centred on Hawk and Skaytha's relationship and Hawk's spiritual powers and spiritual warfare. If any reader of the first two volumes thought the spiritual aspects and warfare were attention grabbing, well, they go to the next level in this volume. Hawk is quite at ease with his powers and very confident. The opening scene where he fights with an angel who is testing his preparedness for future demonic attacks progresses his powers resulting in a very dramatic effect that is unexpected from Hawk and frightening to Skaytha, 
Why would my guardian angel attack me? 
To be certain you are ready for other attacks. Attacks that are not from me, If you can prevail in a battle with your angel it may be you can prevail in battles against the dark ones. 
That's all? No blessing? No touch on my hip? You aren't going to give me a new name? 
The fight was the blessing. All fights done for the right reason are their own rewarded. No, I am not going to give you another name. And you do not want me to touch your hip, do you? It put Jacob's out of joint. 
Give me something or I will not let you go. 
Suddenly Hawk burst into flames. They totally engulfed him and he writhed on the sand. 
Skaytha bit her knuckles to keep from crying out. The angel was gone.  
His powers, especially now he can burst into flames spontaneously, has also changed his appearance, 
the first thing Skaytha noticed was the black streak on his neck.....the other thing were his eyes......they were gold.... the purest, brightest gold.....his long hair was shot through with the same streaks of gold....Hawk hardly looked human to her.
His powers in spiritual warfare now enable him to spontaneously burst into flames and this is evident when he kills a demon trying to attach itself to Skaytha and later when he fights fallen angels who are determined to stop him in achieving his quest. 

This transformation resulting from fighting with his guardian angel has a profound effect on their relationship. Skaytha appears afraid of Hawk, 
In her blood she felt like he was inviting her to take him in her arms, hold him, kiss him, love him. He had forbidden it for so long she could not bring herself to believe it was right for them to touch. And now she was afraid to go near him....
When Hawk attempts to touch her, Skaytha states, 
You said we weren't to touch. 
Hawk's reply is, 
I wrestled an angel for that right.
It is from here that their relationship intensifies on the physical, emotional and spiritual level. They appear more devoted to each other, in love, but also more in love with their God and a unified spiritual team. And it is from here that the plot revs up and the reader is totally absorbed in the action and spiritual warfare.

When I finished this volume I had the same impression I had described in the first two volumes that Pura again packs quite a lot in such a small space (this volume, 26 pages).  And in this small space, we are given more clues and plot development about Hawk's quest and what the final outcome will be. One of those clues even suggests what the title of the 6th book is. And this ties in with what I said about this volume being the half way mark and sets the environment for the next half of this series. This volume seems to be pivotal to the entire series. 

I was surprised to find that there was a 6th volume in this series and Pura made the following comment when he announced the release of this 6th book on Facebook today,
we hope to do a second series with the same characters - the final volume here will give you the clue about that

I had made the comment that I was a happy man about this release  as I did not want this series to end, but I am even more  of a happy man now that there may be a second series! 

I am even looking forward more so for the remaining books now I have read this one. 

Highly Recommended.

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