Sunday 29 March 2015

The Name Of The Hawk Series II - Volume 1 - The Holy Graal by Murray Pura

Hawk met his twin brother, Galahad, a knight of King Arthur's Round Table, when both were seeking the True Cross that Christ was crucified on. Now Hawk and his lady Skaytha reside at Camelot, along with King Arthur's men, and enjoy a season of peace and the extravagant preparations for Skaytha's marriage to Hawk. But a vision of great darkness intrudes and clashes with a vision of great light that precedes the wedding ceremony. And suddenly war is upon Camelot and Hawk and Galahad must ride as they have never ridden before to find the cup Christ used at the Last Supper or see the world plunged into madness and bloodshed. And so the true story of the Holy Graal unfolds, the story no one on earth has ever heard before. It is a story rife with evil and treachery and swordplay but also bright with courage, faith, and the undying love of a man for his woman, for his brother, and for his God. 

The Guru's Review: 

I have missed Hawk since Series I finished last year. Now I am very excited to have Series II here. It is great to be back with Hawk, Skaytha, Galahad, and the ladies in waiting, Africa, Fria and Canach. 

Right from the start, this series has a new direction now that Hawk has discovered his long lost brother, Galahad, retrieved the long lost Cross of Christ, and now integrated into the life of Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table. 

This first short (25 pages) in this continuing series sets the pace for the rest to come. King Arthur accepts and approves of Hawk as Galahad's brother, and happily accommodates the impending wedding of Hawk and Skaytha. 

However, there is always a twist, and this comes in the form of yet another quest, this time for the Holy Graal (oldest spelling of Grail) and so the rest of this short describes the beginning of this quest and a supernatural intervention that leaves the ending with quite a cliffhanger in preparation for Volume II. 

One aspect of this short I loved is the use by Galahad of Old English language, that annoys Hawk no end; I laugh at the banter between them whenever Galahad uses thy, thou and thee etc, 
Galahad laughed and took his brother into his arms.
"I am happy to ride with thee. And be thy right-hand man at thy marriage and stand with thee as thou hast asked me to do."
Hawk whispered in Galahad's ear as the hug popped his backbone.
"Thee? Thy? Thou?" 
"The language of chivalry and of our gallant age, brother."
"But you do not use it all the time." 
"No. Only when I wish to annoy you." 
Galahad relinquished his hug and looked around at the entire company, laughing. 
This Old English usage has the effect of transporting you into courts of Camelot and King Arthur and adds depth to the shortness of this story.

I am hoping that the wait for Volume II is not long as I am still hanging from the cliff waiting to be rescued when the next installment arrives. 

Highly Recommended

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