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Saturday, 5 July 2014

The Rise of Yorgensen (Silent Screamers, Book 3) by Dante Fortson

The Rise of Yorgensen (Silent Screamers Book 3)

Now that the alien invaders have disclosed their existence to the entire world on national TV, Yorgensen, a spiritual guru to the stars is attempting to put a positive spin on their arrival. As the world becomes infatuated with the fact that “we are not alone” in the universe, they began to hand over control of the entire planet to the Galactic Federation of Light. Millions of Fae wait for orders to march through the streets and enforce Yorgensen’s new Peace Plan. 

Unfortunately for the invaders, David and his crew aren’t ready to give up their guns or the fight just yet. As the invaders push forward with their plan to disarm the planet, David must decide if he’s going to sit back and watch it happen, or if he’s going to make a decision that could have global consequences. No matter how it turns out, things will never be the same again. 

The Guru"s Review: 

Dante Fortson again succeeds in developing this series, with the same "cannot put down" pace and suspense that is found in the previous 2 books. Despite the short length of these episodes, Fortson successfully drops you in the plot and you hit the road running. Despite the dire circumstances that exist in the post-invasion environment, I find that I am enjoying being there as the characters are very relational, the aliens even have a personality and there is the strength of the human spirit very much alive in the main characters as they struggle against all odds with their new found faith in some cases. 

The story line progresses and the influence and power of the Aliens over the affairs of man become more entrenched and this is aided by the emergence and influence of William Yorgensen, a New Age guru and spiritual advisor to many of the world's leaders. He achieves world peace but David and his company do not trust this man and even consider that he may be a hybrid. They formulate their most daring plan yet, to assassinate him. Ziek even believes that he is the Anti-Christ and therefore must be done away with! This part of the plot leaves the reader hanging on the end of their seat and leaves us waiting very impatiently for Book 4, which starts the next phase of this series: Saga II: Helel, and it will provide a deeper look into the origin of the invasion that took place during the David Saga (Books 1-3). 

If there is one thing that I love about this series is how effectively Fortson includes his research into the plot. There is not whole chunks of it as it is written, say, from his non-fiction books on the subject (As The Days of Noah Were: The Sons of God and The Coming Apocalypse and Beyond Flesh and Blood: The Ultimate Guide To Angels and Demons) but it is integrated as part of the plot and this is a very effective way of educating the reader and getting this author's point across. As Christians, we are instructed to wield the Word of God correctly and responsibility and Fortson does this well in this series and it would not just entertain a non-Christian but also, I believe get them thinking about these themes, especially if this person was to then investigate the aforementioned non-fiction books.

I would highly recommend the aforementioned books, especially if you wanted to read more into the background of this series and see where this author is coming from and to also see why he has written this series. On the website for this Silent Screamers series, Fortson has included many background snippets to the characters and plot, one such is David's Journal, and I would highly recommend that every reader investigate and read all these extra resources on the site. It is very effective in adding more depth to the characters, their background, and how this strengthens the plot and the overall effect on this series. David's Journal also helps you relate to David better and gets you on his side and that of his family and supporting characters. 

Fortson strongly encourages every reader to submit a review on Amazon. I also reinforce this. Doesn't have to be long, just a paragraph or two if you are not good at review writing. This helps him get this series more widely known and also it means that if he gets 10 reviews then he is willing to publish more of the novellas for free. And doesn't everyone love a free novel when we are enjoying the author's work immensely? 

Don't pass up on this series, even if you don't believe in the research by Fortson and the Biblical/Christian elements herein, it is a great escapist story and will keep you wanting to see what happens next. On a basic level, that is all the author wants to do, entertain and take the reader to a place we they allow the author to take them. This series does that and more! 

Highly Recommended.

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