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Friday, 25 March 2016

Time Jump: Apocalypse by Brandon Barr

Time Jump: Apocalypse

Jack Henshaw and the millions left alive on Earth are desperately looking towards a time jumper to help them elude the cataclysmic disasters wreaking havoc across the globe. If a jump is successful, those seeking refuge might maintain some semblance of civilization. The problem is, there are only two men genetically able to handle the extremes of a time jump . . . and one of them has been lost. Henshaw, the head of NASA's JUMP program must race time and disasters to unravel the mystery of the first jumper's disappearance, all the while struggling to find the answers to his own urgent question: What is causing Earth to destruct . . . and why has his wife vanished without a trace? 

Time Jump: Apocalypse, and end of the world short story.

The Guru's Review: 

I read this while waiting overnight in Accident and Emergency for my wife to be treated. I had left my kindle at home and had to use my wife's; seeing that we share the same account I could access my books (the book I was currently reading was not from Amazon so I could not access it on my wife's kindle).

This is the first book of Brandon Barr I have read and now that I have, I am looking forward to reading one other of his that has been on my TBR list. 

Barr packs a lot into this 17 page short. It had me riveted to my chair and kept me awake while waiting for my wife to be seen by the Doctor and being rather sleepy (it was the middle of the night!). 

Barr writes well and this is one action packed short due to the subject matter and its plot. Mystery, suspense, action and adventure and a very unique take on the Rapture and what is left in its wake. I love the latter and would love to have either had this short longer or as a full-length novel. Barr has some very interesting concepts with this and would be worth having these explored further. I especially want to explore more of the spiritual aspects that are introduced so briefly (due to the length of the short). 

I loved the touch of romance that still has Jack tied to his past when his wife so instantly and mysteriously disappeared and how this has motivated him to use the technology of time travel to find her or what happened to her and what is causing the destruction of the earth.

I sincerely hope that Barr has further shorts in this series. I am quite willing to allow myself to become lost in this world building and plot that he has very successfully created in such a short writing space. 

Strongly Recommended (4/5)

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