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Friday, 4 March 2016

Guest Post: COIL: Motivated by Action! by D.I. Telbat

Three years ago, Amazon added a book, Dark Liason, (COIL, Book 1), by author, D. I. Telbat, to my list of Recommendations. After checking out this book, I was hooked. However, I could not read this at the time as I had too many other books in queue to read. I bought every book since then and it has only been since the release of Dark Edge and the Christmas/New Year holiday that I decided to start this series. Well I was totally blessed with Dark Edge and Dark Liason. My reviews can be found here: Dark Edge and Dark Liason. After reading these two, I am very eager to read the rest of this series and David's other novels. I was so inspired and challenged with David's writing and ministry that I decided to offer him a Guest post to find out more about him and his passion for the persecuted Church.

So sit back and let David's passion inspire, encourage, challenge and inform you more how our fellow Christians suffer for the sake of Christ in other countries that are hostile to the Gospel of Christ.

Firstly, here is a brief bio of D. I. Telbat:

D. I. (David) Telbat is a Christian author best known for his Suspenseful Fiction with a Faith Focus, which includes his bestseller COIL Series and several standalone Christian suspense novels.

Telbat's Tablet, David's website/blog (, offers free weekly Christian adventure & suspense short stories, or related posts, to entertain, but also to bring attention to the persecuted worldwide. Because of his interest in the Persecuted Church and missions, many of D.I. Telbat's stories are about persecuted Christians—their sacrifice, suffering, and rescues. 

Though David studied writing in college, and worked for a time in the newspaper field, he is now doing what he loves: writing and Christian ministry.

You can subscribe to his weekly blog at Telbat's Tablet and receive a PDF gift, “Between the Pages: Other COIL Stories.” Come join the adventure!

David's motto is: There is no redemption without sacrifice.

COIL: Motivated by Action!

by D.I. Telbat

When were you last motivated by an action novel? It’s hard to imagine a fictional Christian organization inspiring us in real life, but the COIL book series does just that.

When I first wrote The COIL Series, I wasn’t sure if it would impact anyone in their faith-walk. Was Dark Liaison just a book with clean storytelling, or was something deeper beginning to happen? Over the years, the courage and dedication of COIL operatives has touched lives worldwide. Maybe it’s time for you to join the COIL adventure!

In Danger

If you’re not familiar with C.O.I.L.,
it stands for the Commission of International Laborers, based on the Bible verse, Matthew 9:38. 

Image result for Matthew 9:38But COIL is far from just a missionary corps. These committed men and women infiltrate oppressed countries, behind closed borders, to support and protect Christians in danger. Their missions are covert and the risks threaten to cost them everything. As the author of the COIL novels, I’ve been honored to assume the role as chronicler of COIL missions. Through research into countries where it is illegal to own a Bible or profess Christ, I design missions based on actual reports from real-life conditions in Christian underground networks. This gives the reader a front row seat into the suffering of the faithful, as well as the attitude that supporters of the persecuted should have. We won’t abandon suffering Christians, and COIL leads the way!

Defying Darkness

Above all, I write about COIL Christians who value their own lives less when
faced with death, for the sake of aiding others.Behind enemy lines, in a spiritual war the world denies, God’s people are soldiering for Jesus, pouring out their hearts and blood to support others in anguish, and sometimes bringing the lost to Christ. These are novels, but the battle is real, and we’re all involved.

The spiritual battle we all face in this life is most pictured in the first two books of The COIL Series. How do God’s people stand to resist in the day of difficulty? How will we defy darkness when we’re tempted to remain comfortable rather than endure hardship for the sake of others? Ultimately, COIL’s stand for others exemplifies Christ’s own care and courage to do the right thing, even when it’s unpopular and dangerous.

Covert Response

The most common feedback I receive from readers regarding COIL’s nonstop response to God’s call is the need for all of us to pray more. There are thousands of Christians in foreign prisons and labor camps right now being punished for their faith. Hundreds more will be murdered this year in Africa, Asia, Central and South America—simply because they refuse to deny their Savior.

In the back of each COIL novel, we offer readers a way to respond. There are real-life covert missions waiting for our involvement and local ministries with which to jump on board for Jesus Christ. Do we have the faith to spend our vacation money smuggling Bibles into Vietnam, or the devotion to pray daily for those who are risking their lives for Jesus? COIL answers the call! 

COIL Courage

From the shadows, where darkness seems to reign, under the cover of oppression, a man steps into the light. His combat boots make only a whisper as he walks on the damp pavement. He glances behind him, certain a foe lurks nearby. Beneath his blazer, he feels the Bibles taped to his bare skin. For others, he’ll cross deserts and oceans to deliver God’s Word. For Jesus Christ, he’ll willingly pay the ultimate price—if he’s caught. He is a COIL operative!
Now is the perfect time to get acquainted with covert COIL missions. The first series of five books is complete, with the Prequel, Dark Edge, available from most retailers for free to get started! The next series, The COIL Legacy, (first two books, pictured) is about to begin this spring of 2016. The paperback and audio versions follow the eBooks as readers around the world are joining the adventure.

Ultimately, I hope the COIL stories motivate you to step out in faith. But I also hope you enjoy my novels!

See you in the field,

David Telbat

For more information on this wonderful series, click on the image below:

David, this is one sobering, encouraging, inspiring account of the persecuted church and how you illustrate this in your novels. Thank you very much for being a guest blogger here. I pray that the readers of the COIL series and your other novels will be inspired to pray and/or take action through God's direction to minister in this area. I certainly have a greater appreciation of the plight of our persecuated fellow Christains in other countries and have been motivated to pray for them as well. 

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