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Monday, 14 March 2016

Klandestine Maneuvers (The Adventure Chronicles, Book 2) by

Klandestine Maneuvers (The Adventure Chronicles, Book 2). 

The invasion of the Warui ninja was the biggest event that had ever happened in the small town of Sera, Missouri. Now, in the summer of 1992, something even more defining is happening. A group of racists has moved into the town, and they will use threats, extortion and violence to further their hate-filled agenda. To this end, they have targeted the Robertsons, the only black family in the tourist town. What they haven't counted on is young Louis Robertson's friendship with the members of "Adventure." 

Jamie, Yoshi and their friends are joined by new faces as they face a different kind of "klan." But can they fight the effects of illogical hatred?

The Guru's Review: 

I was given a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. 

I must confess it was good to be back with the Adventure group! This is a worthy sequel to Invasion of the Ninja and follows on very well with many references to this first novel. Here, Davis has developed the characters and their group dynamics further. This is a good move from the dynamics that were established in the first novel. Friendships and love deepen, the teens show signs of further maturity. I enjoyed the love dynamic between Jamie, Shawna and Yoshi and look forward to seeing how Davis deals with this in the next instalment despite having read what this next one is about. Davis has maintained the close knitted group that we have come to love from the first novel. I can see that he would most likely have not changed this in subsequent instalments as this seems to be one of its unifying features that make this series a success. 

While there is not as much ninja fighting compared to the first novel, there is enough to satisfy Davis' love of this genre and to keep us fans satisfied. Davis again describes this fighting technique in an enjoyable and mentally visual account. I understand that some authors find constructing fighting scenes difficult but Davis does not seem to not have this problem. His love of this discipline (martial arts) I can see is one of the reasons he is successful here.

I was expecting some reviews to be severe concerning this novel being about the Klu Klux Klan seeing Davis has portrayed them as society sees them (and not as they themselves state they are about) and as far as my knowledge of them is concerned he has tread carefully in this portrayal. I feel having included more of their ideology and beliefs in greater detail would have detracted from the style and flavour that Davis has set in this series and would have made it far too serious and less enjoyable. His depiction of their hatred towards other nationalities was just enough intensity to suit this novel and the message he is delivering. 

I have only one concern with the plot. The kidnapping of the children (by the KKK) is a serious crime but there was not any parental involvement or mention of their concern/grief, this was totally left out. As a parent, I found myself frustrated as I wanted to see what their reaction would have been so I could sympathize with them. There was also very little involvement of the police throughout this account as well, the focus seemed to be how the Adventure group were handling this; while I understand and agree that this series is all about them and their (A)dventures as Ninjas (hence the name of their group) and it being a young adult oriented audience, I still feel it would have been more balanced and realistic if this had not been ignored.

I really enjoyed this sequel. I am looking forward to the next one especially as the ending of this one introduces a character from Jamie's past that sets the scene for this next instalment and leaves the reader wondering where this is going. It even has the words, To Be Continued!

Strongly Recommended. 

World building 4/5

Characters 4/5

Story 4/5

Spiritual level 3/5

Spiritual Enemy Level N/A

Average Rating: 4/5

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