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Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Nephilim Parchments, Book 2 in the Giants In The Earth Trilogy by Michael J Webb


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I read this on October 18th, 2013


It all begins when Paul Kingman, son of the world-renowned archaeologist Benjamin Kingman, finds a cache of ancient parchments left to him by his recently deceased father. Thrown together with a beautiful young artist, Gabriella McDaniel, daughter of a powerful Senator many believe will become the next President, Paul finds himself strangely drawn to her. When Gabriella’s missing brother, Nathan, unexpectedly shows up, he brings some bad news about their father. Most disturbing is a possible link to the wealthy and sinister Vaughn Aurochs, a man who has shown more than casual interest in Gabriella—and Paul’s parchments.
Into the mix comes the mysterious Yuri ben Raphah, a figure of imposing stature and glorious appearance. A secret agent of God, he has a crucial role to play in the earth-shaking events which are at hand.
Here is a compelling tale of cosmic powers at war, the supremacy of love, and the power of faith—with millions of lives at stake. The Nephilim Parchments, the sequel to The Master’s Quilt, is the second book in the Giants in the Earth trilogy, exciting spiritual thrillers spanning two millennia.
This second installment in the Giants in the Earth trilogy takes place in 1948 where Benjamin Kingman, archeologist, discovers the Parchments that we learnt about in The Master’s Quilt. These are inherited by Benjamin’s son, Paul upon his father’s recent death. We are also introduced to Gabriella McDaniel who becomes Paul’s love interest. We are also introduced to Gabriella’s brother Nathan, her father, Senator David McDaniel and the sinister and mysterious Vaughn Aurochs.
We are also introduced to a new character, that of Yuri ben Raphah, described as a secret agent of God in the book description on Amazon.
Webb weaves a wonderful webb (excuse the pun, maybe I should say matrix!)of intrigue, mystery and suspense as the search for the parchments continues, what they contain, and how Aurochs plans to use them in his quest for world dominion and enslavement of the human race.

In attempting to put all the pieces of this puzzle together, Gabriella, Paul, and Nathan place themselves directly in the path of the scheme and deceit of Vaughn Auroch resulting in the death of Nathan, the continuing deterioration of the relationship between Gabriella and her father, the seduction of David McDaniel into his quest for power and world dominion and in a spiritual bondage to the occult.
Webb portrays he spiritual warfare aspects and the demonic practices very well and this adds to the strength of the plot structure and overall effect of the novel. The initiation scene of David into the occult is graphic enough to not want you to skip over this part but it keeps you there so you can see how destructive this is and what the consequences are of this bondage to the demonic and sin.
The scene of Gabriella’s resurrection and encounter with The Great I Am is well described, very powerful yet tender and I feel portrays His glory and character beautifully. This for me was a special scene.
The author has also included some very detailed history to provide the background to this plot and it is very impressive and well researched. I found that I had to slow down and re-read some of these passages in order to connect this with the plot and fully understand. This is another part where this book shines and shows the depth of talent Webb has as an author and his passion for biblical history as well as other cultural histories that has a connection to biblical history.
I have read all of Webb’s novels, except for the final book in this series and he is very consistent in his approach, plot and character development and quality of writing. His novels are always engaging and impressive.

Highly Recommended.

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