Tuesday 29 October 2013

The Chiveis Trilogy by Bryan M Litfin (Book 1 The Sword, Book 2 The Gift, Book 3 The Kingdom)



Four hundred years from now a deadly virus and nuclear war have destroyed the modern world. Those who survived have returned to a medieval-like age of swords, horses, and feudal kingdoms. Yet the breathtaking mountain realm of Chiveis lives in peace, protected from the outside empires and obedient to its own gods.

But when Teo, an army scout, and Ana, the beautiful daughter of a farmer, discover an ancient book, everything begins to change in Chiveis—old beliefs give way to new faith, persecution rises, and the kingdom’s darkest secrets begin to surface.

Journey with Teo and Ana as they discover a faith that was all-but forgotten—and see for yourself how the truth can set you free.

The Chiveis Trilogy, I believe, should be considered a Christian classic. This is one very beautiful story. I had the joy of reading it one book after the other, having waited until all three were published. Litfin is a master storyteller. I look forward to more of his work now that he has shown us what he is capable of in this trilogy.

His characters are very believable, relational, not two dimensional. You will find yourself totally absorbed in the two main characters, Teo and Ana, but also the lesser dominant characters. There is so much more to love about this trilogy. Litfin describes the post modern world very well, throughout all three books you are transported to a medieval world and it is a world that is exciting, rich in its daily life, its people and its religion.

It is against this backdrop that Litfin has developed a wonderful story of God's grace, salvation, spiritual warfare, mercy and redemption. Teo and Ana discover an ancient book that belonged in the "Ancient" world as they call it. Their world is growing increasing disillusioned in the current religion of worshipping the three gods of their world. Teo and Ana begin to see these gods as tyrants, and once they find this ancient book, which is the Bible, they are set on a quest to know the God of this book more and this pits them against the wrath of the gods, mainly Astrebril, who is satan as we know him. The high Priestess of Chiveis, learns about the discovery of the Bible and sets out to stop it from being distributed amoung Chiveis. She has her own copy of the Bible and knows the message and the One True God.

The trilogy thus follows the quest of Teo and Ana to reintroduce Christianism (we know it as Christianity) to Chiveis. When the Bible is found, the New Testament had been destroyed by time and water damage. They set out to find this second book. This takes them out of Chiveis into the Beyond, as they call it, where they discover other lands, cultures and other minority groups who are followers of Christianism. Discovering the New Testament they also discover the missing dimension of their new found faith, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. This further pits them against many more enemies of the One True God and places them in more danger from the evil manipulations of Astrebril and his followers.

What follows is a battle of physical and spiritual proportions. This only adds more depth, excitement and credibility to this wondrous world that Litfin so masterfully creates.

There are so many great and unforgettable characters in this story. I felt as if I had known them for such a long time. This is due to the richness of the characterisations and the depth of the plot.

This trilogy is one that you will not be able to put down. I laughed at the subtle humour, got angry and frustrated just like the main characters did at their many attempts failed attempts to thwart the enemy, rejoiced when The One True God was victorious over the many traps set for Ana, Teo and their follows, I cried and rejoiced when TOTG prevailed and when all the plot lines were cleverly tied up at the end. The epilogue was very fitting and closed this chapter in this story.

I loved the names Litfin gave to the many towns, regions, even types of foods, that enabled you to work out what was the equivalent in the modern time before the pestilence and nuclear war destroyed this world and led to the development of this post nuclear world. That was fun guessing the correct answer!! The glossary at the back of the third book was great to confirm my answers and answer those names I could not determine.

It took me many days to come down from the high I was on at the completion of each of the books especially at the end of the third one where all was explained and tied off very nicely. It was hard to come back to reality after living in the wonderful but dangerous world of Chiveis and all the lands on the other side of the Beyond.

This trilogy gave me a deeper perspective of evangelism and reinforced just how in darkness those who don't know Jesus live. It has made me want a deeper desire to know Him more and to be a willing servant just like Teo and Ana in ministering to those who don't Him and to open their eyes to Him and His Word.

 This trilogy is very highly recommended. I will never forget this classic.

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