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Song of the Seraphim, Book 3 in the Giants in the Earth Trilogy by Michael J Webb


Book Description:

When Paul Kingman’s wife, Gabriella, and son, Joshua, are kidnapped by Vaughn Aurochs, Paul must race against time in order to prevent them from being sacrificed as part of the billionaire’s demonic plan to rule the world. Aurochs wants the Nephilim Parchments so he can validate his claim that he has been chosen by the Dark One himself to ascend to the pinnacle of power. Vaughn intends to force Paul to hand over the parchments using Gabriella and Joshua as leverage. 

The problem is, Paul doesn’t have the parchments. 

Complicating matters is the fact that Gabriella’s father, David McDaniel, the newly elected President of the United States, is working with Aurochs. McDaniel is unaware that the billionaire intends to sacrifice his daughter and grandson in a bizarre ritual in a cave located near the summit of Mt.Hermon in Israel, a site believed by many as the place where the ancient Watchers first came to Earth millennia ago.

Paul must find the parchments in order to save his family, but knows that handing over the ancient documents to Vaughn Aurochs could unleash an unimaginable horror. He must battle supernatural enemies determined to stop him as he travels to Israel to save his family—and the world. However, he has a powerful ally, the imposing and mysterious Yuri ben Raphah, an angelic warrior assigned by God to watch over the Kingman family.

Will Paul be able to stop Vaughn Aurochs in time, rescue his family, and save the world from a terrifying nightmare? Find out in the exciting conclusion to the Giants in the Earth trilogy.


This is a great finale to this trilogy. Webb ties up loose ends as well as develops further the plot lines outlined in the first two books that also are connected to these loose ends. All throughout this book, I kept wondering how this was going to end and how Aurochs was going to be stopped. As far as biblical spiritual warfare is concerned it would be by the power of God and His Spirit just as the verse says, and Webb is true to this biblical doctrine and characteristic of God. And of course Yuri would have something to do with this, being sent by God to be look after Paul and direct events according to what he is permitted to do so by God.

Before Yuri was introduced again into this instalment, I had a feeling that this was the same angel, Uriel,from the first book. And I was right, he even admitted that he was one and the same, just that he changed his name in the second and final instalment. It was so good to have him back again! One very likeable character and angel!

Throughout this trilogy I had been wondering who the fallen angel is that possessed the body of Vaughn Aurochs from conception. I was not surprised when this was finally revealed at the end. Throughout this plot,Webb leaves an obvious clue that is not so hidden in plain sight of the reader.

I also wondered during this second and third instalment if there was a connection between certain main characters of the second and this third instalment and the main character of the first, Deucalion Quinctus Cincinnatus. You will have to read this final book to find out if yes there is or isn't!

If there is one thing that impresses me about a spiritual warfare novel is when the author shows elements of what spiritual warfare really is, the power of prayer, submission to God, never giving up in the fight or to give into the enemy and his strategies. This is especially portrayed in the characters of Paul and Gabriella and their son, Joshua and to a lesser characters of William Blake and Father Stephanos. Another important aspect is praise and worship such as what Yuri taught Joshua to sing when the battle raged around him. This is obviously an important aspect as what Yuri teaches Joshua to sing becomes the title of this instalment! This praise and worship aspect is biblical as it was the same as when Paul and Silas from the biblical account were imprisoned, and their praise and worship caused an earthquake and they assisted in their escape by the jailer.

Any reader of this trilogy will be curious as to what exactly is written in the parchments and what secrets do they hold that motivates Aurochs so strongly to obtain them using whatever evil means at his disposal to use their secrets for world dominion. A little bit of this secret was hinted at in the first book and more in the second, but this revelation was not enough to satisfy the reader. In this third instalment, Webb reveals all, and this adds to more loose ends being tied up and the reader's curiosity satisfied at long last!

Looking back on this trilogy, Webb is very consistent in character development, plot flow and structure. Very tight, solid and it is this that keeps you coming back for more. He is also very good integrating biblical history, the legend and truth surrounding the Nephilim mentioned in the Bible and extra biblical texts, into a supernatural, fast paced tale of mystery, intrigue and suspense. Definitely lives up to the speculative fiction tag I have added to this genre.

Highly Recommended. Webb never seems to disappoint with his high quality novels and him being an avid student of biblical history. 

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