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Books Reviewed by Author Surname

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Ian Acheson

David N Alderman

Brett Armstrong


 Dennis Bailey

Army of God
James M M Baldwin

Spencer Murdoch and the Portals of Erzandor by James M M. Baldwin

Michael Barber

Brandon Barr

David Bergsland

Drew Boudreaux

M. E Brines


Michael Carney

Graham Carter

K. M Carroll

John E. Chadwell

Ginger Chiveral

Adam David Collings

Iryna K Combs

Pauline Creeden


Alessandra Dagostino

Murray Pura's Preacher Man Series II - Wicked Christmas - Complete Series

Jason Dahl

Seberian: The Hidden Battle Revealed (Book 1 in SEBERIAN Series)

Jeffrey Allen Davis

Invasion of the Ninja (The Adventure Chronicles, Book 1)

Klandestine Maneuvers, (The Adventure Chronicles, Book 2)
Gateway To Thera (The Adventure Chronicles, Book 3)

The Quest for Yoshi (The Adventure Chronicles, Book 4) 

Buster's Legacy (The Adventure Chronicles, Book 5)
Full Circle (The Adventure Chronicles, Book 6)
The Possession (The Adventure Chronicles, Book 7)

 Mike Dellosso


Jason A. Dimmick

Armor of the Fallen: Wielder of the Gauntlets

Philip Dodd

Angel War

Clay Dolan

Fierce: A Western Trilogy of Terror and Discovery

V. K. Dorner


Len Du Randt

The Incubus

The Succubus


DJ Edmonston

The Veil: A Novel.....of Current Biblical Proportions

 The Veil: Crisis (book 2: A novel ... of current Biblical proportions)

Tony Eldridge

The Samson Effect


Mary C. Findley

The Great Thirst One: Prepared: an Archaeological Mystery
His Sign: The Wait Is Over

Dante Fortson

The Rise of Bacchus, (Silent Screamers, Book 1),

The Rise of David, (Silent Screamers, Book 2)

The Rise of Yorgensen (Silent Screamers, Book 3)

Sidney W Frost

The Vengeance Squad

The Vengeance Squad Goes To England


Giovanni Gelati, C.Q Scafidi, Cindy Koepp

The Posse - Volume 1 - Visions

Steve Goodwin 

Elijah And The Last Judgement,

The Angelic Gene

Lela Gilbert

The Levine Affair: Angel's Flight

Lisa Godfrees

Mind Writer

Vicki V Lucas

Bound: Alpha Mission (Angel Warrior Files, Book 1)

Devil's Pathway (DAWN: Warriors of Valor Book 1)

Bryan M Litfin

The Chiveis Trilogy

Frank B Luke

Crazy Moon Lou's Bar Grill, Book 1


Terri Main

Parmenter's Wager

Tony Martin

Reign of Silence

George McVey

Marshall Texas Ranger: The Case of the Hidden Pasts

Robert Tate Miller

The Christmas Star

Greg Mitchell

The Strange Man

Tim Moynihan, Tim

No Greater Love: An Afghan Memoir

Robert Mullin

Bid The Gods Arise (The Wells of the Worlds Book 1)


Ciella Naden

Cat Tales and Whiskers

Barry Napier


Donovan M Neal

The Third Heaven: The Rise of Fallen Stars, 



Guy L Pace

Sudden Mission
Nasty Leftovers

Mary Ann Poll, Mary Ann

Ravens Cove: An Iconoclast Mystery, Book 1 

Ingress: An Iconoclast Mystery, Book 2
Gorgon: An Alaska Iconoclast Mystery, Book 3 by Mary Ann Poll

Daniel Patterson, Daniel

The Tyndale Code (An Armour of God Thriller, Book 1)

The Codex (An Armour of God Thriller, Book 2)

Alexander Preston

Harvest of Prey

Justin Price 

The Beginning of the End (The Called, Book 1)
The Called: Chosen (The Called Series Book 2)

Bryan M. Powell

The Witch and the Wise Men
The Lost Medallion
The Last Magi

Murray Pura

Devil To Pay
The Devil And All His Works
The Devil Rides
The Land Beyond The Stars,
Devil Moon
The Holy Graal



Benjamin L  Reynolds 

The Penny

Mat Ridley

The Book of Daniel.

Gary Rodenius

Methuselah's Table

Martin Roth

Brother Half Angel,

The Maria Kannon,

Military Orders,

The Festival in the Desert,

The Coptic Martyr of Cairo,

Prophets and Loss,

Hot Rock Dreaming

Burning At The Boss

Robert Roush

In The Image of Man (Unseen Dominion, Book 1)

Restoration's Journey (Unseen Dominion, Book 2)

D. Allen Rutherford

Wargs: Dominion (Wargs Trilogy, Book 2)
Wargs: Outcast (Wargs Trilogy, Book 3)


Ralph Smith 

Seal of the King

Richar Spillman

The Awakened (The Lazarus Chronicles, Book 1)

David E. Stevens

Impact (Fuzed Trilogy, Book 1) 

iMagine (Fuzed Trilogy, Book 2)

Guy Stanton III

A Warrior's Redemption

A Warrior's Journey
A Warrior's Legacy 

 A Warrior's Return
Fallen Ambitions

Greg Stelley

God inside the Fire: An Amazing True Story

G. L. Stone

The Christmas Quest 


Tanya R. Taylor

Infestation: A Small Town Nightmare 1

 Infestation: A Small Town Nightmare 2
Infestation: A Small Town Nightmare 3: The Finale

D. I. Telbat

Dark Edge: Prequel To The Coil Series

Dark Liaison: A Christian Suspense Novel (COIL Book 1) 

Dark Hearted: A Christian Suspence Novel (COIL Book 2)
Distant Boundary: Prequel to The COIL Legacy
Distant Contact: Book 1 of the COIL Legacy
Distant Front: COIL Legacy, Book 2

C. Kevin Thompson

30 Days Hath Revenge (The Blake Meyer Thriller Series Book 1)
Triple Time (The Blake Meyer Thriller Series Book 2)

Peter J. Tomasi

Light Brigade

Timothy Tron

Bruecke To Heaven: Children Of The Light

The Light in the Darkness: Children of the Light  

Janet Ursel

Disenchanted (Coventree Chronicles, Volume 1)


Cliff Voshen 







Only Evil Continually Part 1


Grae Walton

One Nation Under gods (Abbaddon's Sword, Book 1)

Peter Way

The Eden Conflict (God's Warriors, Book 1)

Michael J. Webb

The Oldest Enemy

Song of the Seraphim

Internal Gates

The Nephilim Parchments

The Master's Quilt

Deborah Williams

December's Child

Jeffrey Wilson

War Torn

C. A. Wolcott

Call To Arms

Ben Wolf

Blood For Blood

William Woodall

Cry for the Moon, (The Last Werewolf Hunter Series, Book 1
Beyond Blue Eyes, (The Last Werewolf Hunter Series, Book 2)

More Golden Than Day, (The Last Werewolf Hunter Series, Book 3)

Truesilver, (The Last Werewolf Hunter Series, Book 4)




John Zelenski

The Journal of Ezekiel Walker

Walker's Vale

Kenneth Zemsky

Emunah Zerubbabel

A Time to Play

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