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Series Review and Spirit-filled Fiction Award: The Time of Jacob's Trouble series by James R. Dale.

Soon after the dawn of creation, a cosmic battle between the forces of Light and Darkness began. It has remained for the most part unseen by humanity, confined to the heavenly realm or visible only to the most spiritually attuned. Until now. Now the hour grows late and the Deceiver's last desperate gambit is about to be played, and it will be witnessed by the whole of creation.

Special Operations Master Sergeant Jack Braedan is a believer, but only in himself, his training, and the strength of the men fighting beside him. The only higher power he has ever acknowledged is the Constitution and his chain of command. While on his latest covert mission overseas however, he receives devastating news that changes his life forever. Only a day after returning home to bury his parents, the world is plunged into chaos by a freak phenomenon that threatens society as we know it.

Braedan soon finds himself plunged into a desperate battle against sinister government forces and an ancient evil older than humanity itself. But he is not forced to fight alone. As the world spirals into chaos, Braedan discovers a new love and a growing faith. Surrounded by new friends and aided by a steadfast comrade, he begins a determined struggle for survival in a world teetering on the brink of darkness and slavery. It is not only a fight for their lives, but their souls as well. It is the Time of Jacob's trouble.

When the Event plunged the world into chaos, EU President Apollus Cassini and alien Prince Azalil of the Annunaki quickly formed the World Zone Council and assumed control. Jack, Anna, and the Sword of David soon found themselves battling for their lives against the gathering forces of darkness. After a gunfight with marshals of the World Zone, Jack awakens from a coma within the bowels of the Atlanta Detention center. Far from home, he must fight his way back to his friends and the woman he loves. Against all odds, he escapes his captors and finds new friends and allies, but the road home to his wife and unborn child will not be easy. Cassini and the World Zone have tightened their iron grip on humanity and the Sixth Seal of Revelation is swiftly approaching.

Sheltered by the awesome power of the Most High, Franklin, Tennessee has become a sanctuary for more than just the members of the Sword of David, but also for a growing number of believers seeking protection from the horrors of the World Zone.

Jack has finally been reunited with Anna, and together with friends and family they are surviving in relative peace now that Chairman General Cassini believes his Anunnaki allies have burned Franklin into radioactive dust.

But peace in the Time of Jacob’s Trouble cannot last. The Bottomless Pit has been opened, the Great Tribulation has begun, and the final battle between good and evil is coming. Niko the Angel has returned and given Jack, Anna, Nikki, and Julie another mission. Wearing only the clothes on their backs, they must leave behind everything they have built and journey into the very heart of the Beast’s kingdom, trusting only in their faith and their love for God and each other.

“Those who endure to the end, the same shall be saved.”
Matthew 24:13.

Perspective by Peter:

Sword of David was published in 2019 and the remaining novels thereafter. I had a request from the author to review this first novel but was unable to at the time. I am glad I have to able to review them at all as this is an excellent series. It was the release of the third novel, Babylon Fallen, recently that piqued my interest in reading them now.

I highly recommend this series to anyone Christian or non-Christian who has an interest in eschatology (end times). However, every Christian should be interested in what the Bible says about eschatology as we are about to enter the end times where the events leading up to Jesus' Second Coming are very close. I am in my 60s and I believe I will witness His Coming. 

Now there are a few different views on the Tribulation. Some have the Rapture occurring before the Tribulation, others mid-Tribulation, and others Post-Tribulation, yet one where the Rapture does not happen at all. It depends on how the authors of these views interpret and understand what the Bible says about it. This is such a controversial topic amongst Christians no matter whether they are Bible Scholars or just Christians with an eschatological interest. 

I have added the diagram below to show these views. Dale takes the view of the Post Tribulation in this series, that there is no Rapture of Christians and the Church before the Tribulation. Taking this view means that there would have to be an event to cause the Tribulation whereas in the Pre-Tribulation view it is the Rapture of Christians and the Church that causes the start of the Tribulation. Dale has an EMP event that destroys all electronics and places humanity globally off the grid and fending for themselves, as all societal structures are non-existent. 

Then he introduces another controversial topic. Alien invasion in the guise of the Nephilim (first described in Genesis 6:4) and fallen angels. This view purports that any alien being is really a fallen angel disguised as such in order to deceive humanity and take over. They deceive mankind into believing that it was the "aliens" who created all living things on Earth (panspermia) and they have returned at this time to take mankind to its next level of evolution both on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Hence they have recreated the Nephilim, super soldiers (see the Introduction to Sword of David for the background to all the topics/themes that form the basis of the series). 

Now some Christians would treat this series as blasphemous and heretical with these two topics included in the series. But there is plenty of sources that back up what Dale has included. Yes, it is fiction and not a confirmed account that this is what it will be like. Some eschatological fiction has no alien beings, just Satan possessing the Antichrist when the One World Government, One World Religious System, and One Worldwide currency (the Mark of the Beast from Revelation) come into existence. Others have no satanic possession at all, just one man who with delusions of grandeur takes on the role of the Antichrist and instigates the three systems I have just mentioned. 

No matter, as Dale is more concerned with how to survive as a Christian in this end-times world. 

I speak more about this in the video review below: 

Highly Recommended.

The three ratings below are based on my discernment:

World Building 5/5

Characters 5/5

Story 5/5

The two classifications below are based on the booklet,
A Spiritual System for Rating Books by David Bergsland:

Spiritual Level 5: Spirit-filled Fiction

Enemy Spiritual Level  4: Demons and Level 5: the battle for the spirit and mind.

Overall Rating: 5/5


Spiritually, based on my review and on the following reference booklet, A Spiritual System for Rating Books by David Bergsland, and the Times of Jacob's Trouble series contains elements of the criteria of what constitutes Christian Spirit-filled Fiction outlined in this booklet, (click on the title below to see what this is based on), I bestow unto James Dale, the

Reality Calling Christian Spirit-filled Fiction Award

Congratulations, James!

If you would like to investigate this series further, click on the links below:

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