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Kickstarter Campaign for Haighs Flat by Colin Williams.

 I recently reviewed Haighs Flat by Colin Williams. 

My review can be found here. Colin told me that he needed to promote the novel better than he had since its first printing in July 2022. Like most authors, this can be difficult as funding this is extra to their income and can be in short supply or not at all.

I believe that Haighs Flat needs to be more accessible and promoted as such. Why do I believe this? Because it contains God Honouring content concerning Christian Apologetics and having Salvational and Biblical redemptive themes. All on a foundation of Biblical truth and entertainment. Suspenseful, thrilling, compelling and mysterious.

This novel was awarded the Reality Calling Christian Redemptive Fiction Award for the above mentioned Biblical themes and Apologetics.

I believe this novel will be used by God to witness to those readers who need to hear the Biblical Salvation message and/or have questions concerning evolution versus creationism and specifically could have dinosaurs have lived together with the human race.

So what is Haighs Flat about:

Something is lurking in the Australian bush – something terrifying. From the myths and legends of the indigenous people of Australia, from the stories they told around the fire at night comes a creature so horrifying they called it “Banib”- in our language it means “Devil.”

When Bryan Morgan started investigating his brother’s disappearance little did he know the can of worms he would be opening. Town secrets that date back to the 1800s, still haunt people today.

Sara Whitney has only lived in Haighs Flat for three months having moved there to investigate the disappearance of her uncle. Why is it that no one even remembers her uncle living or working there?

Could these disappearances be connected? Murder, conspiracies, and secrets all are being covered up by the powers-that-wanna-be and those with the power will stop at nothing to keep their secret safe.

As each of the theories gets refuted, could it be that the ramblings of an old farmer be the only ones that make any sense? Could it even be scientifically plausible?

With the evidence given them, will Bryan and Sara run with the truth or run from it?

I suggested to Colin to consider the Kickstarter program to fund the second printing of Haighs Flat and to help get Haighs Flat out there for God to use.

Now let's see what Colin has to say about his novel and this Kickstarter campaign:

Why Haighs Flat? 

The idea of Haighs Flat came to me back in 2018 when I was seriously contemplating writing my first novel. Where did the name Haighs Flat come from? That I cannot answer you, it just came to me as a name for a typical country town, and thankfully there is no town of the same name that I am aware of.

The next thing I had to do was paint a picture of the town in my head. In order to have the story make sense, I had to be aware of directions, travelling and have a general layout in my head something of what the town would look like - and yes, it is loosely based on an existing town in the North-West of New South Wales.

What I wanted for the book was something uniquely Australian. Something that not only Australians will relate to, but something that will attract the attention of international readers as well, hence the culprit in the story is pulled out of an Aboriginal legend that may or may not have had an element of truth about it.  Being a Christian, and a creationist at that, I believe that the earth is much younger than the majority of the world believes. I also believe in the creation account as described in Genesis, thus I believe that dinosaurs existed alongside of people.

In chapter ten of my novel, the question is asked: "We read in the Bible of animals which we can interpret as being dinosaurs, existing alongside of people, but why do we not see this in other texts from the past?”

Hopefully I have answered this question in this book by explaining that there are many evidences of dinosaurs having lived along side of people. While this book is fictional, I have tried to keep things historically accurate - especially where it relates to Biblical issues.

As far as the book goes, chapter ten, which is in a Bible Study setting, would be my favourite chapter. I picked up my pen at around 9 o'clock in the morning and didn't put it down again until the early hours of the next morning, stopping only for meal breaks, and doing a bit of research. The whole chapter just flowed out of my pen and I couldn't stop until it was over.

The budget for this book is quite low as I have already covered a lot of the costs, however, being unemployed, it has hit my back pocket where it hurts and as a result I have been unable to publish this novel and I am eager to get it out into the public. Asking only $1,000, whether you can help me with one dollar or a hundred dollars, you can be assured every cent will be greatly appreciated. 

This book was written from the heart to help people understand who God is and to show that the Bible can be trusted in its entirety. It is not preachy, being a fictional novel, the events, people and even Haighs Flat are all fictional, however, the histoprical side in the book, especially in relation to creation all point out to how the Bible can be trusted in these matters.  

When writing the book I was having a conversation with another person and he asked what it was that I was doing. This brought about him asking questions regarding the Bible and in particular creation and he questioned me about dinosaurs. Having not long beforehand written chapter ten, I suggested he read it and to cut a long story short, it was instrumental in him giving his life over to God. This is why I write and this is why I am eager to get this book published.

About the author: Colin Williams has been a Christian since September 1994. Having been brought up in a Christian environment, he threw it all out of the window when he was fifteen years old and it wasn't until he was nearly thirty that he stopped running from the Lord. The one thing which he is most grateful for is that God has never let him down. He is living proof that God will never leave us nor forsake us and Colin has experienced God's hand upon his life even in life’s darkest moments. Just prior to giving his life to Jesus his first prayer was, "God, if I do this I want You to make Yourself real to me." This prayer God has honoured over and over again.

To find out more and to read reviews of this book please go to my web site here or you can go to the Haighs Flat page on GoodReads.

 I have copied the one other review, apart from mine, below:

The following is a review by

"Haighs Flat" by Colin Williams.

4 out of 4 stars

Imagine having a beast-like creature with the similitude of a dinosaur as a pet. Isn't that suicidal, if not genocidal? Lennard Smythe has a beast locked up in one of the chambers of the mine he manages at the Inland Valley. One of his workers mistakenly releases it. Four months later, bushwalkers and sight-seers like Joshua Morgan and Raelene Clarke are nowhere to be found. It turns out that this is the least of the many disappearances recorded in the small suburb of Haighs Flat. The villagers know something but are scared to spew it out. Could it be that Lennard is the right-hand man to some wicked fellow disguised as an investor? Why do they fight tooth and nail to erase traces of anyone knowing their secrets? How true is the rumor of the existence of a bunyip? Colin Williams exposes the corrupt lifestyles of cops while educating his readers on the "prehistoric mythological animal" of Australia in his book, Haighs Flat.

As I read through, my eye opened to the discovery that wherever there's hypocrisy, corruption is surely lurking around the corner. Sergeant Jim Sloane, Sergeant Paul Hodges, and Lennard Smythe are top of the suburb's list of corrupt cops. The author creates an aura of authenticity that allows the reader to relate to the actions of these characters as they carry out the evil desires of some heartless 'influential figures' at the top. I realized that corruption runs from the top tier of government down to the grassroots, as seen in the list of active and passive contributors to the bunyip saga that Sloane discloses. A councilor, a mayor, and even a member of the state parliament, amongst others, had their hands soiled. There's hardly any nation today that doesn't have a tale of corruption. Corruption is like a wildfire that burns its victims without mercy.

I particularly love how the author clarifies the difference between being merely religious and spiritual. He hits the nail on the tangent when he explains some truths about Christianity. It is a religion that is not about putting up pious countenances and carrying out ritual activities; rather, it has a lot to do with having a close walk with God. George is my favorite character. I admire his versatility and learned mind. He is not a "religious nut," as Jack and Sloane opine.

I disliked nothing about the book, but I would have loved to know about the main brains behind the rearing of those monstrous beasts since 1984 and their reasons for such. I also would have loved to know what eventually happened in Sara's relationship with Bryan.

Although there were minimal errors, I couldn't agree more that the book was professionally edited. The book is rich with figurative expressions and superb plot structure. Hence, I'd rate it 4 out of 4 stars. Everyone should read this book, but I'll recommend it to those with a warped idea of who God is. The book would also appeal to those who love crime fiction involving corps.

I pray that this has piqued your interest in this novel and the kickstarter program for it. I encourage you, if you can, to back it. I have backed it at the $25 e-book and printed version tier.

There are 3 tiers:

The Pledge above would suit those who would like to predge without a reward (the novel) but would like to support the campaign.

The Pledge above suits international pledgers as the e-book can be sent internationally.

The last tier is for the paperback version:

So, if you would consider backing the campaign to have Haighs Flat republished and better promoted, go to the Campaign page to do so:

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