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Thursday, 30 July 2015

INFESTATION: A Small Town Nightmare 3: THE FINALE by Tanya R. Taylor



Marie has been on a journey very few people travel. She has seen the devastation before-hand and as each horrifying event unfolded, there was absolutely nothing anyone could do about it -- until now.

Travel with her to the end of the journey that leads to a place none of us can imagine we'd ever be. Will she be able to save this town or will they be lost forever?

The Guru's Review: 

Taylor has developed Episodes 1 and 2 very well to set the stage for this final episode where the confrontation between the town and the evil that is gaining more and more of a foothold takes place. 

The evil entity ups the anti and becomes personal. Marie Adams finds out what this entity is capable of as she and her husband are attacked spiritually, mentally and physically.

Taylor shows how insidious and toxic this evil is by including an attack on one of the members of the very church that it is associated with, the one that is under suspicion by Marie from the previous episode. 

This all builds until the reader gets to the 70% mark (kindle edition) and with the suspense building, one wonders how in such a short length left (this episode is 55 pages total) will this be able to be wound up and resolved? 

However, Taylor comes through with an action packed and very biblically based account of spiritual warfare with some Catholic tradition included and makes for a gripping ending. 

I was very impressed with the reason that Taylor has included as to why and how this demonic activity descended on the town of Bringham. It was not the usual reason that you read about or know what happens in reality, but nonetheless plausible spiritually. It turns out to be a very sobering message for the Church today and society as a whole as this shows what could happen if both the church and society continue down this path that Taylor outlines. I applaud her for this message.

I appreciate that this not only entertains but educates and equips the Body of Christ in spiritual warfare, being discerning and watchful at all times. Adams is the epitome of what a Christian should be in this regard, watchful, discerning and in touch with the Spirit as the Word states that satan prowls around searching for you to devour next.

Taylor very nicely places an event relating to her family estrangement that was
outlined in episode 1 as a direct consequence to the final outcome of this spiritual warfare and it puts the icing on the cake of this series. Another message that we need to never forget and apply every day to our lives in regards to our families. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed this episodic trilogy. Taylor has constructed a very entertaining and realistic account of what demonic oppression and possession can be like and the consequences when society does nothing and, therefore, allows by this default evil to take root and take over, ending in human destruction and submission and yet the solution is not complex just takes repentance and commitment to God and He does the rest.  

Highly Recommended

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