Sunday 25 May 2014

The Rise of David (Silent Screamers, Book 2) by Dante Fortson

David, now eighteen has proven himself to be a fearless leader in the face of danger. For that last two years, he and Ziek have been waging a personal campaign of revenge on the satyrs for the death David's biological mother, and it's starting to get under Azazel's skin. Unfortunately for David, Satyrs, linocerous, and hybrid giants were just the beginning of his problems. After Azazel gives Bacchus the order to have David ripped limb from limb, things take an unfortunate turn for our hero. Separated from his family and friends, he must fight his way back to the safety of the underground city, while making new allies and enemies in the process.


Dante has done it again! Another instalment where you cannot put this down and the action never ceases. In this book, the plot thickens, the pace never lets up, the characters and their relationships with each other are developed further. We learn more of the agenda of the Aliens and more evidence that they are not as they seem. 

With this book, this series is taken to the next level. It prepares the stage for Book 3 very well. 

David comes into his own as an older teen and becomes a much respected Leader of the underground community. He puts into play strategic measures to increase security, first aid, combat training and strengthen his inner circle. 

I would suggest that before anyone reads this instalment that they re-read Book 1 and then go to the Silent Screamers website and read David's Journal where there are 5 entries only a few paragraphs long or half a page in length. These provide background information to certain characters and events that will help the reader understand this second book. This is recommended by Dante himself. 

As he stated to me himself, 
.....Wasn’t sure how many people were actually reading them. Glad you’re enjoying it. Olivia’s Transgression (Entry 003) is a set up for something big, so make sure you read that one again.

Entry 005, Finish What We Started has the most impact on this instalment. The same is for Book 3. There will be Short Stories (entries) in David's Journal that will provide background info that follows on from this instalment that will impact on Book 3. 

Dante writes very well and the plot flow is excellent. All I see in my head as I am reading is this rolling out as a movie. It would be quite spectacular. Dante himself has said that he has the entire series flowing in his head and if this is the case then he has very successfully translated that to the written word. 

I have one question that remains unanswered from Book 1 and now Book 2. The Sarah that was rescued by David at the end of Book 1 has not been developed in Book 2, but there is a Sarah in  the prologue of Book 2 that has one very sinister involvement with Bacchus. Is this the same Sarah?  Will this be revealed in Book 3? 

Dante has mentioned on Facebook that the later books in this series will be bigger and better and these first few books are just a taste or entre to the bigger story, or words to that effect. If this is so, then this series will become even more epic and blockbuster. All I can say is, "Bring it on! Don't delay!"

This is one very exciting and action packed series. It is very encouraging seeing how Dante has married together relevant aspects from the Bible, extra-biblical texts and other sources to give the reader a version of how this may play out in the future. Poetic licence reigns supreme here. 

Book 3 is due out in June and Book 4 later this year. If I remember rightly, he has 8 books (novellas all) planned.

Dante strongly encourages every reader to submit a review on Amazon. I also reinforce this. Doesn't have to be long just a paragraph or two if you are not good at review writing.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this instalment in an action packed, captivating and enthralling series.

Highly Recommended. 

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