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Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Devil & All His Works (Preacher Man-Volume 2) by Murray Pura

Preacher Man - Volume 2 - The Devil & All His Works

One thing Jude Aaron Blackstone was never permitted to enjoy when he worked undercover as Dirk Austen was a romantic relationship with a woman. Now that he is a pastor in a small city in Montana those rules have been relaxed, at least to his way of thinking. Sierra Bloom is beautiful, intelligent, fun to be with, and, what's more, is as fond of him as he is of her. As their love grows, Jude is oblivious to a new danger rising like a summer thunderhead over the mountains - the arrival of a white supremacist neo-Nazi group in Diamondback. As if their swastikas and veneration of Adolf Hitler weren't bad enough, it soon becomes apparent to Jude that they have Satanic connections as well. A dark power is looming over Anaconda County, a power that is able to sway many to the Nazi cause. As churches and synagogues are firebombed, and men and women beaten in the streets, Jude struggles to fight the menace with the limited resources he has on hand - the rabbi, the Orthodox and Catholic priests, and the pastor of the Vineyard Fellowship. But nothing prepares him for Sierra's abduction and the neo-Nazi threat to offer her up as a sacrifice to the devil. To save her life, he must again become the man who was feared as an agent of the secret unit, Dies Irae - The Wrath of God. It may not be enough.

The Guru's Review: 

I started reading this just be introduced to the story so I can alternate between the other book I am reading. Well, that did not work as this is so absorbing and like the first book, hooked me in from the beginning that I cannot leave it!! Had to finish!

This is a worthy sequel to the standard set in the first book. It really does deliver in the area of spiritual warfare, the power of prayer, good versus evil, demonic oppression. Like the first book, Pura packs a lot into such a small space without sacrificing quality of the plot, character development, action and suspense or the real life depiction of spiritual warfare and the demonic. Having read now two books in this series, what shines for me is Pura's knowledge of spiritual warfare, and I can see where this partially comes from, as he stated to me on his Facebook page,
...having been through the deliverance ministry mill a few times myself..
It is this knowledge and I guess his personal experience that adds credibility to this series. Pura's description of spiritual warfare aspects, in this case, the power of prayer and praise and worship is sharp, concise, serious and real. No pussy footing around! I like this as this is how Pura educates the reader in spiritual warfare while adding suspense and entertainment.

The description of the white supremacist neo-Nazi group, their modus operandi, their aggressive and superior attitude towards any other religious denomination, especially the Jewish faith and people in general and their methods to indoctrinate, dominate and suppress any other ideology or faith is portrayed and described well. Pura's description and depiction of the belief system and doctrines of neo Nazisim show how demonic it is, toxic and destructive and I am more knowledgeable on this now. What follows shows some of what I mean and it is the confrontation between the supremacist neo-Nazi group leader, Skerrit and Blackstone, where Skerrit expresses his hatred of Blackstone and his faith in God, 
I'll crush you, Blackstone, I'll grind you down into a fine powder, mix you in a cup of human blood, and pour you onto the black altar as a perfect sacrifice to our Lords of Lords.
Not if you lose your life first, Skeritt, your life and your soul. 

The two men's blue eyes came together like fists.

You could give your life to Christ and live hellfire. No damnation.
I have given my life to Christ, the White Christ.You've given your life to the Beast. Switch allegiances, Skeritt. Worship the true God. Its not too late.
What? Bow down to a weakling who died on a cross like a common criminal instead of leading a revolt and conquering Rome? No, Blackstone, I kneel before the White Christ who never died on a cross of shame. The White Christ brought Almighty God and Lord Satan together as one in his body and spirit, he married heaven and hell. Then he brought this truth and power to Europe, to what Rome called Magna Germania, where he took a German wife and bore German children. His offspring are still among us. Think of that, Blackstone. The children of Christ's children are still among us. We know who they are and we guard them well, oh, Heil the White Christ! We guard them well.  
This is one example where Pura has depicted Blackstone having his match and it is done well. Some of the interaction with Skerrit and events caused by his group cause Blackstone to have flashbacks of his previous experiences with Nazi and gives some insight into his past as an agent of the secret unit, Dies Irae - The Wrath of God. Again, as I stated in my review of the first book, I would love to see a series of novellas outlining Blackstone's past as an agent in this secret unit. I reckon the spiritual warfare would be fantastic here. 

Another aspect that shines for me is how Pura has depicted Blackstone as a sharpshooter, he sees things as they are and calls them as they are. Concise, to the point, speaking only the truth as he has experienced it from his experience in spiritual warfare based on biblical principles, and from being obedient to God in how he is directed by Him in fighting any spiritual battle and dealing with the devil and demonic activity. You can see from this series the importance of spiritual warfare is not only to Pura but from God and the Bible. It is very encouraging for me to read novels like this and be strengthened in the truth of spiritual warfare and in discerning satan's methods of deception. When I see how Blackstone treats this topic in his advice, encouragement to the other Pastors/Ministers and other characters, I really feel that Pura is telling us through this that we need to be direct, uncompromising and to stand firm in the Word and in God in all and any spiritual battle or warfare. 

I really do hope that Pura decides to start a second series of Preacher Man after the fourth book in this series is released. From a comment he placed on this blog, he stated, 
yes after the fourth is out they'll have one complete ebook & then a paperback - then we'll see about a second series occurring globally
I feel it is needed and essential. He does this well and being novellas they are ideally placed to be short, entertaining with a strong biblical message and encouragement on spiritual warfare in the Christian life. Those seeking God would benefit well from this series. 

Highly recommended.  

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