Sunday 23 March 2014

Every Eye Will See by Graham Carter

Every Eye Will See 

For almost a millennium Planet Earth has experienced an
unprecedented period of peace and prosperity. The devil and his followers are in chains. The planet is ruled by the King of kings and those saints who were part of the first resurrection. Sarah Glen is one of them.

Sarah governs ten cities in the Azure Mountains. She loves the people under her care and enjoys her role of administering the Lord’s justice and mercy. Whenever her earthly duties allow, Sarah heads to Paradise where the wonders of her heavenly home continue to surprise and delight her.

But it is all about to end. 

Satan and his forces are released from prison, and they begin to wage war against the saints. As the powers of darkness gather for the final assault on the King and His followers, one demon in particular, Melas, sets out to take revenge on the one who imprisoned him a thousand years earlier – the immortal Lady Sarah.


When I read the first edition of No Eye Has Seen in 2010, I had discovered one of my favourite authors, and one of my favourite books in my collection. When I then found out that Graham had written a sequel, Every Eye Will See, but his publisher was reluctant to publish it due to low sales of No Eye Has Seen, I was frustrated and angry. My attitude was that based on the quality of No Eye Has Seen, the sequel, had to be published. If it was on par with or better than this book, it had to be published. And seeing I loved No Eye Has Seen so much, I was not going to give up hope.

After contacting Graham about this, he encouraged me to contact the publisher requesting this sequel be published. I did, but received no reply by them. I gave up for the moment.

Later last year I was looking in my bookshelf for a book, when I spotted No Eye Has Seen. This brought back all those memories of when I read it and what it means to me. It reawakened my desire to have the sequel published. I had embraced the e-book platform since reading No Eye Has Seen and seeing that a lot of authors were self publishing on this platform, I decided to contact Graham and ask him to consider publishing both books as e-Books. He replied that since I had read No Eye Has Seen, he has changed publishers and his new publisher was all for publishing his books to the eBook format. I was so excited. The sequel was to be published at long last!!

The other great news was that Graham's standalone book Against The Unknown, which had also never been published would also be published. It is now available and is also a great book. Highly Recommended.

So it is will this background, that I write the following review:

Graham again has created a masterpiece with Every Eye Will See. It follows on nicely from No Eye Has Seen, but not in the environment of Earth. No Eye Has Seen ends with the seals from the book of Revelation being opened. Every Eye Will See opens at the end of the millennial reign of Christ. The demons from No Eye Has Seen have been imprisoned for 1000 years and have now been released. Melas has set in motion his revenge against Sarah. What unfolds is the life in this post millennial world leading up to the final battle of satan and his demons leading to their defeat and banishment for eternity to hell and the judgement seat of Christ of those who had rebelled against Christ during the millennial years or after.

Graham has beautifully described the life of those in the post millennial world under the reign of Jesus. The environment he describes is one of the best and most descriptive from all the Christian fiction I have read that have this setting as part of its plot. 

It is very addictive reading and transports you there. There is nothing fantastical (this meaning not fantastic, but that it is not based on fantasy) here. It gives us a glimpse of what living in the post Millennial age is like, and I guess we are not going to know how accurate this world described by the author is until we actually live in this post millennial world, for us believers, this is in the future. And from reading this novel, I can hardly wait!!

Graham describes various subplots that all lead up to the final revenge scenes between Melas and Sarah and which is included in the final battle scenes before Jesus ends this once and for all. This revenge agenda does not dominate the final battle scenes but fits in very nicely. Conversely, this final battle scene with Jesus as the Victor does also not diminish or reduce the revenge agenda of Melas to Sarah. Both fit in very nicely.

As with No Eye Has Seen, I did not want this story to end. This is a combination of Graham's writing style and the descriptive imagery that he created in this post millennial world. But for me another factor was the relationship he described between Jesus and Sarah and other characters and how in doing so, has shown more of what the character and person of Jesus is. My spirit soared, while reading these scenes, I found wanting more of Jesus in my life, (a closer walk with Thee!) and it was almost as if Jesus was relating to me the way He was relating to Sarah and other characters. Dare I say, that there was a message for me from God through Graham's writing? I have no doubt. Just another example of how God uses Christian authors through their writings and creativity to show us more of who He is and what He achieved through His death on the Cross and what He wants for us.

All Graham's books, No Eye Has Seen, Every Eye Will See, Against The Unknown and Guardians of Eden are four of my favourite books in Christian fiction.

All his works are Highly Recommended.

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