Tuesday 18 March 2014

A Warrior's Return (The Warrior Kind, Book 4) by Guy Stanton III

A Warrior's Return (The Warrior Kind) 

How did the first peoples of Earth learn to chart the depths of space and leave the first world for other worlds? Does there still exist in the hidden corners of the planet the ability to be as the first mariners of space? One man is desperate to find out the secrets of the ancient past, but there are others with darker agendas that must be stopped 
at all costs.

Evangelina Fortunas is to the point of not caring about what
 comes next in life. She’s tired of it, but continues on with the thought of what would happen to her young son alone on the streets ever present on her mind. The knowledge of that horrible fate drives her onward in her occupation as an exotic dancer. Evangelina receives a visit from a mysterious man and is not prepared for the powerful maelstrom of international intrigue that she is caught up in by the actions of one man on a mission. Taken from her downward spiral to an early grave she experiences what it is to be given respect and a chance at something far better. She learns the ways of the world beyond the flashing lights and stiletto heels of her former haunts to become embroiled in a war for survival of an entirely different kind. An old evil has resurged into the present with a death grudge for the people, who technologically chained their physical counterparts to the Earth to perish within the great flood of Biblical days. The offspring of their dark thoughts is back online now, and they want payback. They even know where to go off world to reap their revenge. Can one warrior and his band of mercenaries, with the help of one reformed Columbian hooker, protect another world from the remembered evil desires of a people long dead? 


Having read this fourth book in The Warrior Kind series, I have become more than accustomed to losing myself in the world that Stanton creates, and I just did not want it to stop. I have one more book to look forward to and then will have to wait for Stanton's next book. 

This book is another worthy instalment in this series. It continues the story of Talaric that was left unfinished in Book 2, A Warrior's Journey. This is a very different Talaric that we left in the previous book. He has since been restored to a right relationship with God and has dealt with his rebellion and selfishness he exhibited in Book 2. Since staying on Earth, he has developed into quite the Warrior his parents and siblings would be proud of, especially Zevin and Gavin. I reckon Stanton has enjoyed doing this! In the fight scenes where he is rescuing Evangelinas from Victor and his henchmen, he shows off his fighting expertise, and it is very impressive, very skilful. 

This instalment is told in the first person narrative of a new character, Evangelinas Fortunas, who is very disillusioned with her life as an erotic dancer/prostitute and is at the end of herself and her "profession". Talaric has become enamoured with her and ends up caring for her after she is beaten up by the aforementioned Victor who considers he owns her.

What follows is a very beautiful and tender account of how Talaric cared for
 her wounds, and treated her with respect and dignity without any condemnation toward her way of life. Reading this account felt as if Jesus was caring for her instead of Talaric. For me, this showed a facet of the author's heart towards God. Very memorable pieces of writing that make up this account. This also shows the reformation that Talaric has undergone in his relationship with God since remaining on Earth. Very convincing seeing he was such a rebel in Book 2. 

Stanton has used Talaric's mission to remain on earth as instructed by The Creator, to learn more about his people's origin's while on Earth centuries ago and discovers that there are moves afoot by the remaining descendants of the pre-flood tribe, the Orlandians, to seek revenge on Talaric's tribe, the Vallians, by seeking their technology and returning to their new planet and effecting their annihilation and possession of their lands. The account of Talaric finding out this scheme and the forgotten technology is very intriguing and his confrontation of the holographic image of one of the past Orlandians gives some background to what he is up against and confirms why he stayed behind: to thwart the revenge by the Orlandians on the Vallians, especially the Ta'lont family, after a certain Ta'lont betrayed the Orlandians by withholding their newly developed technology of space travel which left them stranded on Earth to endure the devastation and annihilation of the Flood. 

This revelation from the Orlandian hologram strengthens Talaric's resolve to outwit the remnants/descendants of the Orlandians so that they cannot find the technology left behind all those centuries ago and so find a way to the Ta'lont's home in a galaxy far, far away and exact their revenge on the Ta'lont homeland and people. From this point on, the pace and action increases and the existing sense of not being able to put this novel down becomes even more impossible. 

Stanton has introduced a band of memorable and loveable misfits that, when banded together by Talaric for this one purpose, are a very formidable team all knitted and fitted together and working as a well oiled machine. This adds to the overall characterisation of the novel and enjoyment and is one factor that makes this novel a success.

This works well as they find more clues to their sought after technology and decipher these clues to reveal more about the mystery of how the Vallians left Earth and how they are going to leave Earth this time. Interspersed through this, is sub-plots showing how Eva (Evangelinas) fits into this group, desires to know God and accepts His offer of salvation, ministers God's love and grace to one of the group who is hurting badly and helps heal her past, learns how to shoot and warfare strategies and above all, learns how another aspect of love that is not based on the physical only or for selfish desires, but learns to love others unconditionally, especially Talaric and also herself as a worthy person based on the agape love that can only come from God as He reveals Himself to her, and this forms a great part of her total transformation into a new creation as the Bible states and new believers experience. 

As usual, Stanton has introduced spiritual elements that are very edifying to God and one's faith. This is very consistent with his previous instalments and adds an all round richness, and depth to the plot, characterisation and fully supports and reinforces the God of the Bible and His many attributes. I applaud Stanton for not compromising who God is, for any aspect of this novel or series or who the reader is. It is truly a blessing to have God glorified in Christian fiction, and this series is a great example of this. 

The rest of this novel involves finding the technology and ship to return home, and while this is happening, there is one great family reunion with unexpected family members that just adds to the action, suspense, and adventure leading to one great climax and well rounded ending that is still filled with suspense. 

Was really sad to finish this book, but I have one last escapism left (Book 5) and then will get into Stanton's other series.  

Highly Recommended.

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