Why Christian Fiction?

I have been an avid reader from as early as I can remember. Since becoming a Christian in my early 20s, my passion for reading led to specifically Christian fiction and this has developed into reviewing them on this blog. I love reading new author's novels or author's who have not had many reviews or exposure and giving them much needed encouragement where appropriate. 

The e-book platform and independent publishing has enhanced my reading experience and introduced me to many new authors and genres.

Christian authors contribute in their own unique way through their imagination, writing style, creativity, genre and guidance from God, different aspects of the Christian experience. Across the genres, the reader learns about 
  • relying on God through difficult and trying circumstances, 
  • the nature of God, developing faith and trust in God, 
  • encouraging others, 
  • spiritual warfare, 
  • demonology, 
  • angelology 
  • being true to yourself, 
  • standing up for what is right, 
  • Godly romance, 
  • sex and sexuality. 
to name a few.

My own faith and relationship in God has been strengthened through experiencing the above in the many genres, authors and stories. Many of the above I have been able to apply in my life.

Never let it be said that God does not and cannot teach, encourage, instruct, discipline both Christian and non Christian alike through Christian fiction! He can and He does, very successfully!

What I like to see in Christian fiction?

Generally, I hope at the end of the novel: 
  • it has entertained me immensely, 
  • it has encouraged my walk with God, 
  • it has not deviated from known biblical doctrine, and it will not, I believe, lead a non believer astray or promote false doctrine, 
  • it honours God, 
  • it does not encourage worship of the created (eg angels) instead of the Creator (God). 
If it includes a topic that the bible is silent on, I don't get too concerned as long as it: 
  • does not conflict with or undermine the bible or doctrine, 
  • does not dishonour God 
  • does not have the potential to give the reader a misleading impression of what God and Christianity is. 
  • generally meets the expectations mentioned previously
However, I do respect the author's right for poetic license in the above areas. This usually encourages me to contact the author to find out what their motive was in going down this path. This helps me understand their mind set.

To investigate further Why Christian Fiction? Read the following articles:

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  1. I agree Peter and that's is why I only write when the Lord brings me the stories otherwise it seems as if they don't come or flow. Sometimes the Lord brings a dreams or an image with just a start and I have to pray and trust him to bring the rest when I sit in front of the computer and sure enough, it comes.

  2. All I can add to this is that I agree completely.

  3. I'm a debut Christian fiction author and I'd love it if you could give my book an honest review. It's currently on promotion as free, but after that it's only 99 cents. :)


  4. Thank you for defending Christian fiction or what I write, Biblical fiction. Just the label Biblical fiction seems such an oxymoron. How can Biblical and fiction go together? Yet they do. I use the Bible as a plot outline and expand it with all the real life details that were not included but add life to the story and have a high probability of actually happening.


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