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Monday, 19 February 2018

Author/Novel Spotlight: Timothy Tron and Children of the Light, Books 1 and 2.

Today, I am spotlighting one of my favourite authors, Timothy Tron. I read his debut novel, Bruecke to Heaven a few years ago. It is up there in the top favourite novels I have read. It is very unique, beautiful, inspiring, uplifting novelisation based on the heritage of Timothy's family. I have anticipated the sequel and am now pleased to say it has  been released. I plan to re-read Bruecke to Heaven before being treated to this sequel. To celebrate this release and promote this series, I offered to spotlight both these novels and the background to the author and his heritage. One of the aspects of this novel and Timothy's heritage that I found inspiring and fascinating was the unique and rare appreciation of the Word of God, all preserved by memory and by direct mandate of God to do so.

So if you are curious and intrigued by this account so far, sit back and let Timothy Tron take you on a journey of his ancestry and where his spiritual heritage comes from. 

But first a little about Timothy: 

Timothy W. Tron currently lives in the Blueridge Mountains of North Carolina with his wife and two children. He was born in Evansville, Indiana, and spent the next sixteen years in southern Indiana, living in mostly rural areas around the historic small towns of New Harmony and Newburgh. Timothy served in the USAF from 1986-1990. After leaving the Air Force, he attended the University of Florida and earned a BS degree in Electrical Engineering. He and his wife moved to North Carolina and for the next 26 years, built a farm while working at Nortel/Genband. More recently, after answering his calling to serve God, Timothy served as the Director of the Trail of Faith in Valdese, NC. Since that time, God has opened many new doors. In addition to being a High School Math Teacher, he is also a contributor to the Blueridge Christian News, an artist, musician, lay speaker, and Church historian. It is his continued life's goal to glorify God in all that he does.

Now let's explore where this series began: 

Bruecke To Heaven (Children of the Light, Book 1)

When two of Jesus' seventy disciples are sent into the wilderness, they find themselves in a remote Alpine valley delivering the Word of God to an ancient people.

A miraculous event occurs and they realize they are not only to give them the Word but the abilities and gifts that go with it; one of which becomes memorization. Centuries later, when the people of the valley are asked to leave their homelands because of their known gift, their memorization of the entire Bible, a journey and adventure like none other begins. They quickly learn they had been imbued with more than just one ability; and soon, their bridge to Heaven becomes a race for their lives.

You can read my review here.

Bruecke To Heaven has rated well on Amazon:

Some of the reviews on Amazon:

Santa AL Capehart
Bruecke to Heaven – Children of the Light by Tim Tron.
Reviewed by AL Capehart December 3rd, 2014

One reviewer calls Tim’s Bruecke to Heaven “A historical biblical supernatural thriller.” Thrilling, yes. And, I found it an exploration of the presence of the power of the Spirit experienced by the Word and Song.

Set in Lyon France and the Franco-German Alps in the 1100s AD. A blessed community of faith, the Apostle Speakers, lives in the high valleys of the Alps. They have received and memorized the Bible as brought to them by two of the 70 Jesus send out. Their blessing of memorization is sought out for transcription so all souls may have access to the power of the Word and Song.

Salvation open to everyone who knows the Word, believes the Word, lives by the Word in the presence of the Holy Spirit. The state’s religion says such a belief is in error. It is a heresy. The Roman Catholic Church, said it has Salvation. Further more you must believe it, for if you don’t you’ll be tortured and killed. In 1184, Pope Lucius III decreed Ad abolendam that all "counts, barons, rectors, [and] consuls of cities and other places" who did not join in the struggle against heresy when called upon to do so would be excommunicated and their territories placed under interdict – and declared that these provisions joined the apostolic authority of the church with the sanction of imperial power. The Thirty Years War was one result.

The characters are well developed, the action vivid, too much sometimes, the pace engaging and the language flowing resulting in a sense of a presence. The Spiritual power in the recitation of the Word spoke, the Word sung brought mystical interventions of natural and heavenly elements in preserving, protecting and continuing the community of faith and its believers.

Tim with creative fantasy and fiction has blended his own family roots, church history, and spiritual evolution into a realm of reality for this reader. I like the notion of access to the Word is access to the power of the Holy Spirit.

April 22, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition

A testimonial to the courage, strength, and sacrifice of a proud and gifted people, this book brings to life a noble and selfless cause to undermine the dictatorial authority of the Roman Catholic Church during the crusades. The author does a great job of intertwining his imaginative and wonderfully descriptive story with historical events that few  probably know anything about. I really enjoyed the level of detail and imagery that envelopes the characters in their settings and interactions with each other. Furthermore, there is always a sense of urgency and righteousness in the journey that keeps the reader focused on the characters' actions and the plot as it unfolds. Plainly put, this is a great read that gives clarity to what it means to protect and preserve the word of God.

 More reviews can be found here:

Amazon Reviews of Bruecke To Heaven

And now let's explore this new novel in more detail. First, its description: 

The Light in the Darkness (Children of the Light, Book 2)

The keepers of the Word continue their battle against the darkness in this sequel to Bruecke to Heaven. Jakob, Arktos, and the rest of the Huguenot forces find their victory against General Lucier and his Papal army short lived. Lost in a blizzard, they seek shelter only to find their battle had just begun. Meanwhile, the survivors of the Vaudois massacre, both good and evil, seek to recover and rebuild, but not as you may expect. Each find their road to recovery wrought with life-changing choices.

Those who have left their homeland to seek out others to enlist in their cause find a lost civilisation and become embroiled in trying to survive in a world much like their ancestors before them; yet, unlike those forefathers, they have God to see them through. Lastly, we find spirits colliding in a struggle of the light and darkness when a hermit and his wolf make a startling discovery, one that will change the fate of all who call themselves the people of the Vaudois, or the Children of the Light.

No reviews yet! 

I asked Timothy why he wrote the novels: 

Initially, the first book, Bruecke to Heaven, was meant to be written as a fictional tale about the Waldenses, a people often described as, “A people of the Bible.” Since I was unsure at the time of how the truth of the story would be received, I felt it necessary to share the reality wrapped in a fictional account. The story of the Waldenses, the people of the valleys of what today is the northwest corner of Italy, dates back to the time of the Apostles. 

Various historians agree to the fact that they received the Word from the Apostles, and/or their early disciples. From that point, until Europe would awaken with the Reformation, they would protect the gospels and keep them pure, not allowing any misinterpretation to be copied or preached. They would eventually evangelize nearly a half-a-millennium before the Reformers would arise. Bruecke to Heaven shared how this could have happened, and then goes on to create a world in which our protagonists attempt to survive while continuing to protect the Word of God. The readers are put into the story as it unfolds and can literally feel themselves becoming one with those ancient forerunners to the Reformation.

The second book in the growing series of The Children of the Light is The Light in the Darkness. In this sequel, our friends and characters from the first book continue on in their struggles to survive the seemingly endless persecution. In fact, the Waldenses were the longest persecuted Christians known, even though most people have never heard of them. Their slaughter was never made front page news, yet their history should have become the inspiration for any modern-day evangelist. The Light in the Darkness carries on the theme of protecting the Word of God while challenging our faith in various forms. Questions arise that we have to ask ourselves, “How far would I go, how much torture would I endure for my faith?” “Would you go forth to share the gospels if it could mean your death?”

These and many more questions and threads are presented in both novels that will challenge the reader to revisit their own foundations of faith.

I asked Timothy what are the Christian/biblical/themes/eschatology/apologetics in his novels and he provided this Character Biblical Analysis- A Liturgical Study of The Light in the Darkness: 

Character Biblical Analysis

– A Liturgical Study of The Light in the Darkness

By Timothy W. Tron

Excerpt from Chapter 26 –

“The voice of Gabriel returned one last time, "You must not lose sight of this even though your own body is now being forced to do without. Like your father before you, you too must take nourishment from within, and the power of the Lord will keep you whole."

Jakob awoke in the darkness, on the cold floor of the prison, still within the dungeon of the castle Fenis. In the distance, he could hear the screams of the next victim being taken away to the chambers of death. Around him, the depths of darkness could not be discerned, only that they seemed to go on forever. He closed his eyes and focused on the last words of his teacher, his protector. He turned over and felt the warmth within his little body, kept by the hand of God, become fed from the Word within, and he slept a peaceful slumber once more.”

Eschatology –

Much like today’s society, consumed by the worldly influences, so will some of our characters become in the story. They become addicted to something that they know is bad but feel helpless to refuse its offerings. Once they partake of its sustenance, they can no longer escape the provocative evil which begins to devour their soul. Their only escape is either through death, or rebirth through the Holy Spirit. Either way, they must die in some sense to achieve freedom from sin or be enveloped in it for eternity.

Apologetics –

First, if one is considered born again, having accepted Christ into their lives, then they can consider what I am about to say.

Again, and again, we must ask ourselves, “How much greater would my walk in faith become if I could only memorize an entire chapter of the Bible?” Once we obtain that goal, then we should ask the next question, “How much greater would my walk in faith become if I could only memorize an entire book of the Bible?” After one book, why not two, or three, and so on? Once we consider the implications of such an achievement, then and only then, can we begin to comprehend the changes that would begin to talk hold of our lives. As the Spirit dwelleth in us, so greater is He that is in us, and eventually, we literally begin to be consumed by the Word.

It is this simple question’s results that radically changes the lives of our protagonist, and by seeing their faith in action, we can then start to consider how much greater we might be able to serve should we take our belief to that next level. It is not for the faint of heart. Even though we may not be persecuted in our own community, there are many places in the world today that do persecute Christians to this degree.

As Jesus told His disciples to walk as himself, so would we find ourselves when we bring the Word within us. In our daily toil, we would consider those scriptures secured within our hearts, relying on their meaning. As we find them turning in our minds, we find opportunities to bring new life and understanding that never before could be achieved. It is this deep comprehension that allows one to commune with God, and to hear his voice. Those of the natural world cannot fathom this, and as such, they ridicule and make fun of those that can. If they only knew how much greater their lives could be enriched if they could find His truth and grace within.

This is just the point of memorizing the Word. It doesn’t even begin to address how one might call upon the Word and find it actually coming to fruition in reality. This is another wrinkle in the belief that touches upon supernatural to those of this world. To those of the faith, it is God answering prayer. Breaking through what is considered normal, evoking a disruption in the course of nature, miracles begin to transpire. Some often dismiss them as occurrences of consequence. The truth is that no matter how easily we brush them off as a matter of consequential relevance, miracles do happen. When we have prayed for them or invoked them from recalling the scripture that proposes a direct correlation to the need, one can only accept the result as God-given; such is the case throughout the Children of the Light series.


He is the innocent faith of a child empowered by the Holy Spirit. He represents what, as Jesus put it, “Faith of a child,” being more important than anything. The essence of pureness, totally faithful without sin. Jakob is the pure vessel, nothing of his own being can stain that through which flows from heaven. He is as was Christ, pure and without sin. Because of this sterile faith, his gifts are amplified beyond what any man is capable of performing.


Te aged Waldensian has seen his share of hardships and battles. There is a side to him that we do not know, but it keeps him grounded. From his past, he knows what man is capable of doing in his darkest hour. He struggles with keeping his anger in check. He holds himself responsible for his son’s (Kristoff) death. He is the unofficial guardian of his grandson Jakob, and with that, also the teacher of Jakob’s faith; at least from the terrestrial perspective. Arktos’ is a true to heart Waldensian, one willing to die for his faith, but chooses to live in order to protect his grandson. His strength comes not only from his physical stature of having lived his life in the highest elevations of the mountains but even more from his deep-rooted faith and memorization of the scriptures.

Jean Paul –

He is the image of one that is converted but not solid in his conviction. He has yet to reach a level of sanctification of his younger brother. His problem is not only the battle of the sin of the flesh but also that of the weakness of his faith, where he questions things instead of accepting them for what they are. Like learning a new language, he tries to interpret the meaning instead of immersing himself in the Word and becoming one with the Holy Spirit. His time spent in this virtual translation slows him down and causes him to often stumble, allowing the darkness to creep in. He is one of the spiritually weaker members of the Tron family

Timothy also grounded this novel based on the following bible verses:
  1. The Great Commission Mt.28 
  2. “In God have I put my trust: I will not be afraid what man can do unto me.”-Psalm 56:11 
  3. “For therefore we both labour and suffer reproach, because we trust in the living God, who is the Saviour of all men, especially of those that believe.”-1 Timothy 4:10 
  4. Answer only to God, not man. Acts 5:29
    Timothy has a well-documented bibliography to support the background to his novels and family history:
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    11. History of the Waldenses, by J. A. Wylie:

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