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Friday, 1 December 2017

Guest Blogger: Crystal Mary Lindsey, Spiritual Warfare and her new novel, Spirit Warrior

Today, I welcome author Crystal Mary Lindsey, author of Christian fiction and non-fiction. I first came across Crystal when I saw her latest novel, Spirit Warrior: Fighting the Realms of Darkness, (to be released on 5th December) advertised on Facebook. I was impressed with the description and the genre of spiritual warfare which I love to read.

I then listened to her being interviewed by Helen Brown on Cooloola Christian Radio and was impressed with her passion for Christian fiction, love of writing and dedication to following the bible as a way of life and practising spiritual warfare as being one of its disciplines. She also talks about this new novel. I wanted to hear more from her about this novel and her attitude towards spiritual warfare, so I offered her this guest post. 

So sit back and let Crystal talk about spiritual warfare and her new novel, Spirit Warrior. 

Thank you for requesting this interview Peter, it is much appreciated.

I was born in New South Wales, Australia, the second youngest of five children. 

With a surname of White and arriving three days before Christmas, my mother felt Crystal Mary was an appropriate name. It is surprising how many people call me Mary, supposing I tacked the Crystal on the front myself, LOL! 

I was a dreamy child who isolated out in the paddocks of our farm, laying in the grass looking at the clouds and crying to myself. I desired to be in the sky, not on earth. There was no understanding of why I felt like this, except at night I often dreamt about flying with ease through space. I do believe that we are spirits in heaven prior to our birth and perhaps I desired to be back there. (Jeremiah 1:5) “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.”

I have written about many of my spiritual experiences in the story “Abuse Beaten: From Victim to Victor” Yes I came through about thirty years of domestic violence. During those years when home alone at night and with my children in bed asleep, I studied the Bible. Reading was escapism, and my first inspirational Christian romance by Janette Oke led me to a world of kindness and happiness which I lacked in my own. 

There was never any thought of my becoming a writer. However, my life has always been an active one so when I was forced to retire from nursing at sixty-three as the result of accident boredom struck. Having ever lived in my many dreams my son introduced me to blogging, and from there I wrote my first book.

Spirit Warrior is my tenth book, and eighth inspirational, Christian romance. It comes from my own experiences. I have seen and smelt demons. I have also seen an occasional flash of angels, heard them talking and smelt the beautiful perfume that surrounds them.

Since becoming a Christian author, I have come under spiritual attack, and it’s been so constant that many of my friends find it unbelievable. Jesus himself knew that the only way to defeat the devil was by the Word of God. “It is written, man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the Father.” Matthew 4:4

I use many scriptures all day and before I retire at night, to defeat the evil one. 

2 Corinthians 10:4 “For the weapons of our (my) warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds." 

Ephesians 6:12 “For we (I) do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” 

Lastly, I finish with, 1John 4:4 “Greater is he who is in me (Jesus) than he who is in the world.” I often say the Lord’s Prayer and the 23rd Psalm as well as John 3:16.

So due to my own experiences, I am hoping that through my new book people will come to have a better understanding that satan in behind havoc and chaos. It is not my intention to frighten anyone, and that’s why I also wanted to share the beauty and safety of knowing Jesus. God loves us by sending his angels to fight the powers of darkness in the spiritual realm. We just don’t know how often be are protected from harm.

Lastly, God has not given us a SPIRIT of FEAR! He only gives us GOOD SPIRITS with the HOLY SPIRIT being the greatest of all: 

2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

AND.. “If God is for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:31.

I don’t believe that I am the finest writer, but I do know that my stories are God inspired. 

Example of Books on this subject:

Read about a Pastors experience with angels and demons: Angels on Assignment by Roland Buck  

And a woman who angels often helped: The Shaping of an Apostle by June Newman Davis

We are all given gifts from God, and they are not to be wasted but used for his glory. Read 1 Corinthians 12.

To further pique your interest in this novel, here is the description of Spirit Warrior: 

Very few can see into the spiritual realm of good and evil. 

Serenity Charles is a young woman given that special gift of spiritual vision. With it, she commits to fight off the powers of wickedness.

Her spiritual eyes are open to see evil deceit, and she observes demons that live within humans causing destructive behavior.

Wearing a sacred armor, Serenity (Rena), goes into battle to protect those who the demons would coldly harm or annihilate. With her shield she is protected from their flaming darts while using her sword of the Word, she cuts them asunder sending them screaming away in panic. 

Three of Gods Waring Angels, Avigdor, Ariel, and Akim, are her guardians and collaborators, supporting her to accomplish a victory. 

Aiden Baker, a mining boss, meets and is apparently taken by Rena’s beauty. He fights his attraction for her by either ignoring or voicing his reluctance to pursue a promising relationship. Will this angry man remain stubborn or will he chase Rena when she leaves town to return to her birthplace? 

This supernatural story takes place in an Australian Outback town during the wild roaring twenties. A time marked by happiness, that often lacked respect and morals. Iniquity prospered primarily in the goldfields where the hunger to get rich quickly – thrived over honesty

Crystal has included some sample chapters of Spirit Warrior to whet your appetite: 

Chapter 1

On a dreary September night, dark and stormy, illuminating flashes of lightning through gaps in her heavy bedroom curtains, Rena lay huddled in her bed. Would it be safe to escape from this house tonight? She’d planned it carefully for days, all but the ferocious weather.

Her packed bag sat in the trunk of her grandmother’s automobile, hidden away in the shed out back of the house. Tears came to Rena’s eyes remembering the love they’d shared on every occasion, and now there was to be no more of those happy times. Her grandmother in an illustration of words would have said she had gone to glory to reunite with the love of her life, her Evan.

Even though only sixteen at the time of her granddad death, Grandma Annie insisted Rena learn to drive their motorcar.

“You just never know Rena. In an emergency it’s wise to know as much as you can,” Grandma’s blue eyes twinkled as she spoke those words and of course she always knew best.

Rena smiled remembering how fast she’d driven over the furrowed ruts on Grandma’s land when first taking control of the wheel. They both laughed each time they bounced up and down on those springy seats. She learned to operate that car and to navigate it well, under Grandma’s, sometimes hilarious instructions.

Since Grandma Annie’s death last week and the funeral today, Rena kept the fact that she was able to drive a secret from her mother and stepfather. Not many people owned a motorcar, and even less understood how to operate one. Not even her stepfather Colin knew how, so they arrived back home by Pioneer touring bus.

“Be as wise as a serpent and as harmless as a dove in everything you do and say,” Grandma always advised her. “And I mean that especially when dealing with your mother,” she emphasized.

Rena wasn’t quite sure why she hadn’t told her mother about the automobile or that she could drive. Now she understood the wisdom of her grandmother’s words. They were spoken to protect her against being taken advantage of by the self-seeking Shirley.

The last time Rena’s mother Shirley visited, Rena was very young, likely around seven years old. Shirley hadn’t remained long, only coming to whine for money. After receiving five pounds, she gave her mother a nasty look and flounced from the house. There were no words of goodbye or a kiss of endearment. No thank you for the money, nothing except her retreating figure.

Rena remembered staring at her in bewildered hurt. She recalled her grandmother looking at her with sad eyes, then opening her arms wide as she welcomed the little girl to her embraced.

“It’s a good thing granddad wasn’t at home today; he’d have taken his belt to her. He always tells me I spoilt her; I can now see how right he is.”

Three years later when grandfather fell off the roof and died, Shirley hadn’t come to the funeral. A telegram arrived, with the wording brief and to the point. ‘We never got along in life so why should I waste my time and money on his death!’

Grandma stared at that piece of paper for ages before tearing it up and throwing it into the fire. “Come on little lady,” she reached for Rena’s hand, “we have a funeral to go to, and we want Granddad to have a wonderful send off don’t we.”

A circuit preacher spoke at the graveside, and the many who travelled miles to show respect sang hymns before walking over to the little community hall and the food prepared by the town ladies. Everyone loved Grandma Annie for her caring nature and helpful spirit. She was the town healer with her herbs and ointments that treated everything, from a headache to food poisoning. Her granddaughter felt extremely proud to be her student learning those talents.

Grandma never talked about having a faith - that was something you kept to yourself she felt. A wonderful picture of Jesus on the sitting room wall said it all with the words beneath. ‘Come unto me all who are laden and heavy burdened and I will give you rest.’

Another beautiful picture of Jesus with little children gathered around him hung on Rena’s bedroom wall as a reminder that she was never alone. The inscription on that one read. ‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.’ These were strange words to Rena. However she felt it disrespectful to ask their meaning, so never did.

• • • •

With the storm raging overhead it was hard to hear if the two, her mother Shirley and stepdad Colin were now in bed? Their time since the burial and reading of the Will that day was spent drinking themselves into a stupor. Music played on the radiogram with drunken laughter aplenty as if it was party time. There was no displaying of remorse for the deceased family member.

There were plenty of mean remarks directed at Rena from her mother upon learning her daughter inherited all of her grandmother’s possessions. What did Shirley expect? She’d deserted Rena and left her for her parents to rear soon after the birth. Her grandmother named the little one, Serenity Grace Charles. Serenity is an unusual name but one her grandmother read in a nice story.

Granddad thought it was too fancy to get his tongue around and shortened it to Rena, which stuck. There was no one else at the country school with her name, so to her, it was special.

No! Her mother Shirley was a person who only cared about herself. She didn’t even show up when her parents learned of her brother, David, killed in the war at Gallipoli in Turkey. Her parents were left to mourn his death alone. Rena’s memory floated back to that time. Her grandfather almost suffered a heart attack from the shock, and her grandmother cried so much and then barely spoke for months.

What a lot of memories lived stored in Rena’s head, some beautiful and others horrible, yet she supposed now at nineteen years of age that it was just life. It was always best to leave the bad where they belonged, in the past.

Rena was brought back to the present time and out of her reminiscing when the light shining under her bedroom door went out. She held her breath hoping there’d be no repeat of last night when HE, wandered into her room. Thankfully, Rex, her large German shepherd began sleeping on the floor nearby. He was likely fearful she’d disappear as grandma did. Being a good guard dog, he growled making Colin retreat, swearing under his breath.

Animals sensed evil people and Rex didn’t like either of the two new noisy visitors who invaded his boundary.

Now with the light turned off Rena watched her door pretending to be asleep as the knob silently turned and the door slowly opened. She knew Colin couldn’t see her eyes peeping through slightly open lids, yet she saw his shadowy body sneaking on tiptoes into her room.

Where was Rex? At the thought of his name the dog growled and pounced throwing Colin off balance and onto his back on the floor.

Rena sat up in bed. “What are you doing in here Colin?” she spoke aloud, pretending to have jumped awake with the noise.

“Nothing,” he mumbled, “got mixed up with the rooms.” He was rubbing his arm where Rex grabbed him. “Lucky that mutt didn’t do bad damage or I’d bury him tomorrow.”Slurred words of warning spoken as he turned and retreated out of her room.

Rena got his message loud and clear. It wasn’t safe for either Rex of her in this house any longer. Since she wasn’t twenty-one, she couldn’t evict them. But she could disappear, and so could her pet. How long to wait? She guessed two hours should do it and by then both of these unwanted visitors would be snoring loudly.

All of her life Rena had seen into the spirit world. It wasn’t something that happened at will; it just happened at unknown moments. It never frightened her as Grandma once explained that it was a gift that some received from God. She named it the discernment of spirits, saying that Rena was special to receive it.

“Never waste such a gift Rena, and don’t try to turn it into something for your advantage. When you are older, we will talk more on this,” yet their talk never eventuated because Grandma left before it could.

Chapter 2
Angelic Guides

Rena pondered now on her unworldly sight of Colin’s presence entering her room. His thick body shone with a furious red light in the dark; his face betrayed a repugnant and vindictive self. She had sensed him to be an evil man, and since shown his true spirit, it proved her right. He was not someone she wished to be in association.

Much later with the drumming down of heavy rain, Rena crept out of bed. She was fully dressed beneath the covers, and now her pillows got stuffed under them, resembling a figure in steadfast asleep.

Those two special pictures of Jesus were going with her, and so was her bodyguard Rex. Wearing boots, a raincoat, and her umbrella she was ready to leave, and let herself silently out of the back door.

Thankful now for the undercover sound of the rain, she opened the old shed door to expose the automobile. Settling herself and Rex and all else inside she drove out, going back to close and bolt the door after her. By the time daylight came, she would be long gone, and the rain would have washed away any evidence of how.

Grandma left her well provided for, as a healer with herbs and saving carefully over the years; she showed Rena the hiding place of her money - should it be needed.

“I just feel I need to do this for you my sweet girl,” Grandma said and led the way to the rear of the automobile shed. An old tub Granddad once used to grow his tobacco was the hiding place. Reaching between it and the shed she pulled out a tin, rusted and very old.

“Your grandfather and I have kept this here for years; it’s our emergency money. We have never taken much from it, and with my herb business doing so well, there is a nice nest egg if ever it’s needed for a rainy day.”

As though it was yesterday, Rena could see in her mind Grandma’s firm tanned hand opening the tin and lifting out a pile of notes. Rena couldn’t believe her eyes; surely there were hundreds of pounds all in five, ten, and twenty-pound notes.

“Why are you showing me this Grandma? Why do I need to know?”

Grandma smiled knowingly and considered before answering. “Life can be strange Rena, and I want you to know that if need be, this is yours.” Closing the tin and returning it to its hiding place, her grandmother had hugged her close standing silently and contemplating without a word, before taking hold of Rena’s hand and walking back to the house.

“Now… let’s go and have a nice cup of tea and some of that rhubarb pie.

Rena almost felt her grandma’s presence as she collected that box before heading off in the rain that night. Knowing it unsafe to keep money in one place she’d carefully separated the bundle into three before leaving. Some placed under clothes in her case, some in a secret pocket inside her corset and the other inside a broken part of the seat where Rex sat. Unlike her grandparents, Rena believed in the safety of banks and knew most of this was for a deposit when she arrived at her destination.

Her mind lingered on all that she had heard and read about the bustling outback gold town of Kalgoorlie, it was a long way off, but where she felt led to be.

“What do you think Rex?” she spoke out loud now, “will we make it?”

The rain never let up for a moment. Trying to see and keep on the road soon became hazardous. The wheels slid all over as solid dirt disappeared into muddy sludge.

Miles from the tarred highway Rena finally gave in to her tears. Would the motorcar get bogged and stranded on this lonely road? No one with sense ever wandered off in weather like this, and here she was in the dark with no way of driving safely.

“Help me, please help me,” she cried out. To whom she had no real idea. Perhaps Jesus from those pictures, and the same one who loved her in Sunday school. Would he hear? With tears running down her face she drove at a crawl feeling alone and fearful.

A flash of what she thought was lightning lit up her vehicle and the road in front. With quick reflexes, her foot automatically pressed the brake.

Illuminated by that light and staring at her through the windscreen stood an enormous angel. Rena felt no fear of him only stunned surprise.

To no longer be alone on this deserted road and with this huge angel in front of her vehicle, she felt safer. She noticed two other angels standing on either side of her motor. “Thank you, Jesus,” she whispered.

Rena’s heart calmed down its torment as the feeling of protection penetrated. She calmly understood to continue driving. The miles passed with the front angel light up the road well ahead with his guidance. Either side of the vehicle the two angels could be seen holding her motor in position on the mud-covered surface.

With a heartfelt sigh of relief - the solid bitumen road came into view. Rena smiled knowing she could safely continue on her way. With this knowledge, it was no surprise to see her angels disappear gradually from view. She felt they still accompanied her, but as invisible spirits, she need no longer physically see.

• • • •

With relief after four days on the road and sleeps in strange hotels, Rena drove into the town of Kalgoorlie.

What a surprise to see flocks of people in this developed town. It was more fantastic than what she’d understood.

Where she came from everyone wore work clothes yet here, many of the women dressed in the latest fashion, with beautiful hats and gowns. The men accompanying them wore suits. It was a strange mixture of working-class men carrying heavy loads and others jostling horse-drawn wagons while the rich paraded in their finery.

Some of the latest fancy automobiles lined the street along with the occasional horse or buggy. Some people turned to look at her drive by, but mostly they kept busy with their concerns. Mothers pushed prams along the path in front of shops; women strolled with umbrellas held up against the hot sun.

Rena felt tired hungry and dirty. She wanted to eat and get a hot bath and Rex also needed to eat. Parking outside the Grand Hotel and leaving the motors windows down for Rex, she walked along the footpath and into the hotel reception. Many people crowded the entry vainly trying to get service. A man with a bushy moustache loudly announced there were no more vacancies for the night. Voices rose in annoyance. Many had waited for ages before hearing the bad news. Rena was unprepared to learn that she too, would be bed-less.

“What will I do now?”

One little lady standing to the side watching everyone approached Rena and spoke in a low voice. “I have a room to rent at my home if you are looking for accommodation. I only like to take in single decent ladies. You are by yourself aren’t you Miss?”

“Yes I am, oh but I do have a dog, would he be welcome also.”

This lady thought for a moment. “I don’t have my little dog any longer, but if you take care of him, I suppose it will be fine. The names Baker, Mrs Eunice Baker, I’m a widow, and that’s why I only want a single lady sharing with me.”

Rena looked into kind eyes taking in Mrs Baker’s appearance. She wore a white blouse to the neck with a cameo broach nestled in a little white frilly lace. Her navy skirt was clean but well worn; a little hat perched on her head of white hair was also navy with a small navy bird sitting on top. Rena almost laughed as it looked quite comical.

The lady stood patiently waiting for an answer, So Rena quickly made up her mind; she felt she could look for something else tomorrow if it weren't suitable.

“Thank you Mrs Baker; I will accept your offer then, will there be just the two of us plus Rex?”

“Rex?” the lady stiffened.

“Rex is my dog,” Rena explained, “and I am Rena Grace Charles, very hungry and tired after a long journey. She confessed, “I’m simply dying for a hot cup of tea. Is there somewhere to get that around here?” She added.

“Of course my dear, there’s a little tea shop just a few doors up, lets both go I could do with some refreshments myself.”

Seated waiting for their tea and cake Mrs Baker filled Rena in on the cost of her lodgings with meals. “I may not always prepare a meal, but when I’m not at home you can cook for yourself, there will be plenty of food to choose from as my cupboards are never bare.”

There was plenty to talk about, Mrs Baker filling her in on the town news. Finished the refreshments, Rena gathered a piece of cake to give Rex then followed her new landlady outside.

“This is my buggy Rena, and where is your motor?” She looked around wondering.

“It’s that green one a few down,” Rena nodded her head in the direction. “I can follow slowly behind you if that’s okay?”

Without an answer, only a nod Mrs Baker walked quickly off, so Rena assumed it was. 

If you would like to pre-order Spirit Warrior, you may do so at this link from Amazon. It is to be released on December 5th, 2017:

You can view more of Crystal's books at her Amazon author page

See can be found on FacebookTwitter

Thank you, Crystal, for describing more of your new novel and knowledge of spiritual warfare. I am looking forward to reading Spirit Warrior. May God use your novel to reinforce that we are living in a spiritual war and that we have the victory over this through Christ's victory on the Cross and can use the spiritual armour He has given us.  

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