Sunday 30 July 2017

Cover Reveal: Full Circle: Book Six of the Adventure Chronicles By Jeffrey Allen Davis

I have reviewed the five novels in the Adventure Chronicles and found them to be a great read. They have appealed to the young adult that still exists within me. However, I would never have thought that I would love martial arts, specifically the art of the ninja. But, I must confess that this would be due to the passion for martial arts that Jeffrey Davis has grown up with that he succeeds in portraying in this series.

I love this series and feel that I know the characters intimately as if I was one of the Adventure group. So when Jeffrey, announced that the sixth book was about to be released, I offered to help promote this with this cover reveal. So without further ado, here is the cover reveal for

But what is a cover reveal without a description of this new release? Read on: 

Maria “Star” Gonzales is dead. The autopsy rules it a heart attack but Jamie, Dave, and the others cannot bring themselves to believe that the vibrant, young woman could have died from such natural causes. They decide to attend the funeral and do a little snooping while in Jameston.

In the town of their founding, the team of martial artists find themselves in the middle of a war between their old enemies, the Renegades, and the Japanese organized crime family known as the Yakuza. To add to the chaos, a former assassin for the Waruiyatsu ninja clan now works as a bodyguard for Hiroshi, the head of the Japanese syndicate. Could they be behind the death of Adventure’s friend? Or could Ben Shalley, whose hand is in all of the crime in the state, have faked the autopsy report to manipulate Jamie and the others? More importantly, could this all lead to the explanation of another mysterious death that has already plagued our heroes?

Finally, Yoshi has been talking with the elders of the Funakoshi family about a big decision that could lead her to the fulfilment of the prophecy that was given to her by Elvara Winterbreeze the day that she came to know Jesus. But how will this decision affect her friends . . . and Jamie, in particular?

As the members of Adventure face the past that turned them into a fighting team, they find a surprising ally. Will they now come Full Circle?

Full Circle will be released on August 26th. 

You can pre-order it now from Amazon. Go here to do so: Full Circle: Book Six of the Adventure Chronicles

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I am looking forward to reading Full Circle and reviewing this. My anticipation for this new novel does not stop here though; I understand that Jeffrey has planned 9 books in the series! 

Here is the link again to pre-order Full Circle, release date, 26th August, 201:Full Circle: Book Six of the Adventure Chronicles

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