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Guest Post: D. I. Telbat and The Steadfast Series

I cannot believe it is nearly two years since I started reading David Telbat's The COIL Series. What a blessing they have been to me since!

Here is part of that blessing: In my latest review, Distant Contact, I wrote this about his ministry of exposing the persecution of the Christian church and in some cases individual Christians: 

If there is one thing that a Telbat novel has encouraged me to do is this: pray before starting reading. This way, I can be sensitive to what God wants to teach me in the novel. Collectively, from his novels, there are many snippets contained therein of how we are to live for Christ and learn more about;
  • who God is, his many attributes and their names, 
  • discipleship, 
  • dying to yourself, 
  • obedience to His Word,
  • laying down your life so others can live
  • listening to the Spirit, 
  • putting yourself before others
  • developing a character of integrity, 
  • unconditional love towards humanity including our family and spouse, 
  • standing up for Christ
  • living out your faith 
  • loving the sinner but not the sin
  • praying for your oppressor or those persecuting you, 
  • who you are in Christ, 
I have said in many of my reviews that I don't believe Christian fiction should entertain solely. I want it to: 
  • encourage my walk with God, 
  • not deviate from known biblical doctrine, and not lead a non-believer astray or promote false doctrine, 
  • honour God, 
  • not encourage worship of the created (eg Angels) instead of the Creator (God). 
After reading every Telbat novel, I finish with all the above criteria all ticked. Telbat's novels reveal not just the mind and heart of the author, but more importantly, more of the heart and mind of Christ. And it is this that God wants so desperately to do with every Christian author as they allow the Spirit to guide them as they write His message through fiction. I also am encouraged when I see through an author's fiction that they have a heart after God, just like David from the Bible. I see this in David Telbat! While he continues to this and writes novels that reflect God's heart, I will read his work. 
Well, David is still continuing his series on the persecuted church and I am very pleased about this. 

However, I am very encouraged to see that he has branched out into another set of novels, The Steadfast Series, which he describes as "futuristic fiction, encouraging God's people to stand steadfastly through conflict and compromise." 

When I read about this, I could not resist but to offer him another Guest post to promote his new venture. 

So sit back and let David's passion for his new series inspire and encourage you. Over to you, David!

Thanks, Peter, Well, let me dive straight in with a little snippet about the plot of The Steadfast Series: 

Fear forces Eric Radner into the Wyoming Sharrock Mountains as a virus sweeps across America. Millions are dead. Common people turn to stealing, killing, and destroying. Bandits roam the highways. Rogue armies hoard resources. But Eric Radner avoids it all. He lives alone in a mountain cabin, watching, hunting, hiding . . .

The Steadfast Series is my plunge into a new series, storyline, and mission, and I am honored for the opportunity to share this adventure with Reviews by Peter readers. It is my prayer that the reader's faith is challenged and increased through this futuristic fiction, encouraging God's people to stand steadfastly through conflict and compromise. Only the steadfast will prevail!

A New Genre

A few years ago I broke into the writing world through The COIL Series, which features Christian persecution scenarios and Special Forces operatives who rescue the suffering. What a joy it has been to travel the world with so many wonderful characters and share them with readers through plot twists and sleepless nights! The faith of the COIL characters has, I hope, opened eyes to the compassion of God and the needs of His people worldwide. (COIL fans, don't despair; I still have other COIL ventures in mind for future days!)

Now, with The Steadfast Series, I delve deeper into a new sub-genre—what many are calling post-apocalyptic literature. The first three novellas, recently released, continue as clean, inspirational Christian fiction, but the focus is on the futuristic collapse of America's economy and infrastructure.

Previously, I published two futuristic Christian novels, one taking place in Mongolia—Called To Gobi—and the other taking place in the Eastern United States—God's Colonel. But Steadfast isn't just a leisurely project for me as I work on lengthier novels. No, Steadfast, in this new genre, is a major calling for me, I believe, and the start of a new mission in writing for my readers.

A New Mission

Writing about the international persecution of Christians has been enlightening to us all—in our prayer lives, and in our zeal to step out in faith, even in the face of danger. Now, my new mission shifts the focus from foreign nations to our nation of America!

I believe our country is being staged for the Last Days, along with God's sovereign plan for the whole world. Morality standards are plummeting, and truth (reality) is being replaced by self-identification and opinion. As much as America's citizens pride themselves in being "good and honest, deep down," daily lives show otherwise.

As personal desires in our society are consumed by entertainment, self-help, fashion statements, and indifference to destitute neighbors, we are in need of lessons in self-sacrifice.

Sacrifice is the principle theme within Steadfast. When it would be easier to avoid people, Eric Radner sets his safety aside to help others. When many choose violence, prejudice, and discontentment, Eric is motivated by God to show himself vulnerable for the safety of others. He is content with very little. And he is determined to remain steadfast morally and spiritually.

We in America desperately need examples of selflessness, even in fiction, and especially in the context of the faithful Christian lifestyle. Steadfast is an adventure series with action and suspense and even a touch of romance. But at the end of each book, I hope my mission takes root and resounds in hearts: for others, we will remain steadfast and obedient to Jesus Christ, bringing Him glory!

A New Story

Today's media presents heroes that are more violent and murderous than ever. So, in this new story, I had to make a choice regarding my main character, Eric Radner. In my fictional future, the inside view of a collapsed America is quite violent, but would God's people turn the other cheek, or would they fight back? And if they fight back, how would they fight? Can I even show heroic characters in a future within a society that craves killing the bad guys, exacting revenge, and staying on top to survive?

Since my ultimate mission is to bring glory to God, the answers to these questions were easy for me to answer: real Christians—faithful men and women—don't need to kill, steal, and destroy their enemies to be adventurous, courageous, and triumphant. They need only to be steadfast for their Lord.

Once my imperfect characters took shape, the story flowed quite naturally as I threw them into the tumult of a pandemic in America. Eric Radner is the hero, but unintentionally. Really, he just wants to be left alone. But as a Christian, with the Spirit of Christ indwelling him, he is inspired to respond to the needs of the helpless, physically and spiritually.

Gretchen Worcester, in Steadfast Book Two, becomes a rising influence in Eric's life, but she arrives with her own brand of baggage from society's lures. Andy Adkins, a boy adopted by Eric, adds an interesting father-son dynamic in the midst of a climatic wilderness where war and wildlife collide with a few desperate survivors.

The Release

I'm excited about the recent release of The Steadfast Series—Books One, Two, & Three! I have plans for more books in this post-apocalyptic genre and will be writing additional novellas for The Steadfast Series. I look forward to reading your comments and reviews!

Regardless of this nation's future, God is looking for steadfast servants. Christ is coming soon! Whether facing danger, starvation, or even bullets, by God's strength, we will remain steadfast in America's Last Days.

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My wholehearted thanks to Peter Younghusband for the privilege of being a guest on his Reviews by Peter blog.

God's blessings as we each strive to serve the Lord,

David Telbat


BIO: Christian Author D.I. Telbat is best known for his Suspenseful Fiction with a Faith Focus, such as his award-winning COIL Series, which brings attention to the Persecuted Church worldwide. His End Times Novel, Called To Gobi, was Gold Medal Winner of the 2016 eLit Awards in Religious Fiction. David Telbat delves into the post-apocalyptic genre in his newest novellas, The Steadfast Series. He offers free Christian short stories, or related posts, weekly on his website. Come join the adventure at

To investigate more about The Steadfast Series or to buy them, go here

It has been a pleasure to have you stop by my blog, David. I look forward to reading The Steadfast Series and having you as a guest sometime n the future! 


  1. I love this quote from David: "real Christians—faithful men and women—don't need to kill, steal, and destroy their enemies to be adventurous, courageous, and triumphant. They need only to be steadfast for their Lord."

    I enjoyed reading this post, both from Peter's point of view on how the Steadfast Series has impacted him and from the author himself

    1. Shoba, David is spot on with his assessment and being a disciple of and for Christ. Totally agree with you!

  2. Thank you so much, Peter, for inviting David to do this guest post for you! We appreciate very much your kind service to us and to many other authors. God's blessings on you and your endeavors as you continue to serve Him.

    We appreciate Shoba's comment as well. PTL! :)

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