Monday 16 January 2017

Supraphysica by Drew Boudreaux


For Philip, a sociology student at N.Y.U., January 25th was supposed to be a normal start to the spring semester. That definitely didn't happen. As the day unfolded, he came to faith, unknowingly befriended an angel, and was recruited into a covert project to literally build a new world. The next two weeks were equally paranormal—yet a lot more trying as Philip's newfound faith is stretched nearly to the point of nonexistence.

Join Philip, Encar, and their respective families in this modern story of faith, hope, and love—and a healthy dose of geoscience.

The Guru's Review: 

This is one very promising offering from Boudreaux with this debut novel. I really liked it. I found it entertaining, it kept me wondering what is going to happen next, how are these adolescents/young adults are going to create this new world with all its astronomical logistical issues. On this subject, the author employs his knowledge and experience of geology (his occupation) to address this issue including knowledge of geology's associated fields as well. From this platform, he successfully marries this field of science with faith and how they validate each other. I applaud the author for doing this as it takes courage and conviction to address this issue in a world that is anti-Christian and hostile to what the Bible says on any topic. We need more Christians in the science and medical fields to take a stand like Boudreaux has in whatever way they can to get the message out there, that the evidence of Creation and its Creator is found in this physical world we live in.

I pray that Boudreaux can continue to create novels along these lines. He has a knack for being persuasive and making a compelling case while making the read entertaining and educational.

I am not sure if the author intended to add humour to this tome, but I found it quite funny having the angel Gabriel manipulating physics in various ways to appear as human as possible in walking, eating, drinking. Other authors have not considered this type of manifestation from the supernatural to the physical, they just have their angels take human form and that is it. Even the Biblical account of angels does not, as far as I remember from these accounts therein, address this question of how angels appeared in human form. I was not too fussed on this aspect of the how I just accept that they do appear as fully human for the purpose they do as outlined in this novel. However, I did enjoy the author's take on this, it was very clever. 

I again applaud Boudreaux for the spiritual/biblical aspects of this novel. The Gospel is presented as it is in a testimony type format which is fine as this is one effective way of evangelisation without it being preachy or long-winded. I enjoyed the newly found zeal and enthusiasm that Ryan had from his recent conversion and the change in his emotional, mental and heart attitude. That brought back very fond memories of my own conversion and illustrates how that should not change or diminish as the Christian gets older, not just in a physical sense, but as they experience life in this fallen world. I enjoyed seeing the faith of Philip be challenged as events affecting his mother and father deteriorated and him being thrust into spiritual warfare that resulted in him growing spiritually and learning to trust God as Sovereign. 

I would have liked more of the spiritual warfare to be further developed as I feel this would have not only added more suspense to the plot but showed how spiritual warfare is not just sporadic occurrences in our lives but a continual one as we are encouraged in the Word to always be on guard and ready to fight, to daily put on our spiritual armour etc. It was refreshing seeing Philip's peers encourage him and build into his spiritual life and enable him to grow spiritually. These are good examples of Christian/biblical fellowship and relationship and allowing God to be the author and finisher of their faith, focussing on Philip in this example. 

I have stated in many reviews that I am not one for romance as the general genre but if it is included as a subplot, then I am a happy reader. Boudreaux shows the beginnings of expertise in this area. I also love Christian romance from a male's perspective and Boudreaux can be added to my list of successful male authors who portray romance from a biblical point of view. I found it refreshing that he touched on the sexual temptation/lust that exists in developing adolescents lives and how Philip's male peer was able to assist him in dealing with this from a biblical perspective. Sexuality is one very hot potato in Christian circles as the Church does not handle this well and thus Christians are more affected by the humanistic effects of sexuality than what should be and can be moulded into our lives from the model that God has provided in the Bible and His intention.

There is only one major issue I have with this novel. The ending. Everything leading up to the creation of this new world was exciting and had a great build up, but when the real reason the group built this world was explained, I found it a letdown. Not saying that this reason or the author's message is not valid as to how we have and are treating this planet that God has given us, but it just did not seem to fit into this part of the plot or its build up to the end. However, the description of what the members of the group and notably Encar and Philip planned to do once they have returned to their real world/lives seems to have rescued this let down somewhat.

I can see why Drew has been awarded a Redemptive Speculative Fiction Award by Reality Calling. It is appropriate and I pray that Drew continues to be courageous, daring and faithful in including biblical themes, doctrines, attitudes and discipleship in future novels and using his scientific expertise to show God as God and Creator of this home He has given us to steward and to thwart the false scientific theories that exist to deny the existence of God.

All in all a very impressive debut novel. I look forward to more from this author. I can definitely see that God has not finished with him as a novelist yet!

Strongly Recommended.  4/5 Stars

World Building 5/5

Characters 5/5

Spiritual Level 4/5

Story 4/5

Enemy Spiritual Level 2/5

Overall Rating: 4/5 

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