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Author Spotlight: Marshalee Patterson

Today, I am spotlighting author, Marshalee Patterson. I discovered her second book, The Path of the Chosen Warriors as a free book from Amazon. It was then advertised by the author on a few Facebook groups that I belong to. After reading what she had to say about this book, I decided to offer her an Author/Novel Spotlight post to promote this new book and herself as she is a relatively new author.

So let me introduce you to this new, Christian author, Marshalee Patterson. First let's have a look at her Bio.

Marshalee Patterson was born in Kingston, Jamaica. She has always had a love for reading. It was while attending the Merl Grove High School that she discovered that she loved writing stories.

Some of her favourite novels were written by Charles Dickens and Victor Hugo, as she found she liked the true to life stories that we all can relate to.

However, after leaving high school, she went on to pursue a career in banking as a Bank Teller and didn’t follow up on her writing. It wasn’t until after she visited Italy in 2003, she started to relive the experiences and wanted to write about it. She gives credit to being a Christian as it is the Holy Spirit that she says guides her in writing her books.

She writes Christian romance/adventure and family books, where all her characters are created from her own experiences, with the experiences of a few and this she said helps her to write with a lot of heart and love.

She hopes that through her novels she can inspire people of all ages with the message of hope in Christ and showing them that through him comes deliverance. Her goal is that through this medium, she can give readers a better knowledge of how to be victorious against satan’s tactics and exposes some of the devices he uses by creating stories where readers can better understand situations and root causes of demonic doors opening in our lives and through spiritual warfare prayers that she herself have been using and saw results, they too can learn to stand strong against the devil themselves too.

She is a lover of nature and the tranquillity of it. She finds nature refreshing and peaceful. She loves different cultures especially the Spanish which she feels makes us learn to appreciate ours a little more in areas where we have been ungrateful or unappreciative. She loves salsa music very much and dances it well too. She is a proud Jamaican.

Now let's have a look at The Path of the Chosen Warriors which has just been released today, August 18, 2015, in e-book and printed editions:

Book Description:
This action packed Christian Romance book is one filled with Spiritual Warfare, where a young couple that was just rediscovering their love, was thrown into a strange town by a terrible storm. Soon they must discovered how to break the chains of the town's people who were held captive to a demon god called Abaddon, by allowing Christ to minister through them while risking their lives and in doing so, they themselves discovered their true calling. 

I asked Marshalee why she wrote this novel and she replied:
Well I wrote that book after the Lord gave me dream, of people offering their own to a demon God and it is also to be a tool to help make people more aware and alert to what they dream. Since I started learning about warfare prayers and saw how the Lord reveal the source of things that I was struggling with because of family curses or witchcraft covenant through certain movies I use to watch that most think of as innocent, I started to understand, and the more I prayed them, the more I saw myself having victory in the spirit realm and things making more sense, so that is one reason for the book.

I don't know if there will be a sequel as I write by the Lord's command, but I feel that I may have one that tackle the issue of witchcraft but that's when the Lord thinks I'm ready and knowledgeable enough about that.

I don't just write for entertainment, Yes, I use that format but only to make the spiritual lessons more understandable. The theme is spiritual warfare as that's what we are facing every day as Christians whether we like it or not. You can either choose to fight or be crushed. The book is fairly new, so I haven't gotten much feedback as yet, but just did a promo and I know I will be hearing some good feedback soon. I have a great review on amazon so far which gives readers a good insight of the content. check out here for that.

I think after reading this it might be beneficial to read an excerpt, just to get a hint of what to expect, so here is one and the explanation why she chose this:

I chose this section as an excerpt because this is the one of the most important message in the book. It’s about the newly converted Christians that have come to confront the demonic high Priest that was now possessed by the evil host Abaddon, in order to free the young couple and their friends who were shipwrecked in the strange town in order to let God use them to deliver them. I wanted the message in this chapter to be on teaching Christians to know that when they work together without letting things distract them, how strong they are in conquering evil, as the devil like to use that to weaken the link and end up bringing confusion.


At the sight of the last man’s death, he fell to his knees and shouted, to the surprise of the crowd, who didn’t even notice him standing in the entrance of the shrine while the angels wiped out the angry mob.
“Forgive me, God of these people. I see now that there is a greater power than Abaddon and I am sorry for all I have done against you,” and he fell on his knees and began weeping.
The people started rejoicing as they saw their enemies all dead and the High Priest on his knees. Some ran past him inside to free their friends. As those outside saw their friends emerge, they began cheering and embracing.
Ruth turned back towards to shrine and watched as the High Priest sobbed quietly to himself while everyone was celebrating. She walked towards him and knelt in front of him as he had done to her earlier and placing her hand upon his chin, she lifted it up to face her.
She smiled at him as she saw that there was still human love left in him. She told him to renounce Abaddon to be free of his hold. He started to renounce Abaddon and started to repeat what Ruth was saying to him to accept Jesus into his life, when suddenly his appearance changed and Ruth saw herself staring into the eyes of Abaddon himself.
Her eyes widened as she felt his hand on her throat. She grabbed his hand to free herself as she started to feel her breath diminishing. He forced her to stand as he got to his feet. Suddenly Joshua noticed she wasn’t near him and turned to see her being choked by the High Priest.
As he rushed towards him to free her, he was grabbed by the free hand of the High Priest and thrown back into the crowd, getting their attention now. They all gasped as they realized that it was no longer the High Priest but Abaddon himself. He was damn strong,” Joshua said to himself as he was helped up to his feet by someone.
As Abaddon walked more towards them, they stepped back as the sight of him was nothing they had ever seen before. Even though they saw the blackness in his eyes and felt the evil within him, they remembered the God that just saved them and they held their faith.
“Abaddon we aren’t afraid of you; our God told us that we have power over all rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in the high places. Therefore we command you to release her and be consumed by fire,” a few shouted at him and then was joined by the rest.
They kept on calling on the fire of God to consume him and as they did the High Priest started screaming at them in the creepiest voice that made Ruth shiver. But even as she could feel breath leaving her slowly, she saw only the High Priest and tried to reach him.
“Fight him, resist him, command him to leave you in the Name of Jesus,” and at that name, she saw the switch from demon and man and back to demon and the look she got from the demon this time was deadly.
He began to squeeze her neck harder giving her little air to breathe but just enough for her to say, “The Blood of Jesus is against you Abaddon,” and with hearing that he violently threw her into the air and she landed in the river.
The people grew fiercer towards him and began to shout at him to be consumed by fire which started to burn at him causing him to scream violently, throwing the High Priest’s body to the ground. They then commanded him to loose him and die until the body of the High Priest was left motionless on the ground.
While that was happening, Brad and Joshua rushed into the river to get Ruth. She had fallen hard and was lying beneath the water. They were happy that it was a still river which prevented her body from being washed downstream.
As they lifted her from the water and laid her on the river bank, she seemed to be bleeding on the forehead. It seemed she had hit her head on a rock when she landed in the water. Ripping his shirt off Brad wrapped it around her head to stop the bleeding and then Joshua started CPR.
She hadn’t taken in a lot of water as she wasn’t under that long, so she was revived quickly, but the head injury was causing her to slip into unconsciousness. Joshua sat and pulled her into his arms and began to weep and tried to keep her conscious.
“Baby stay with me,” he said nervously, “remember we are going to have a son named David… who will love music like you do and sing like you.”
As he held her in his arms, he continued, even though his voice started to crack as the words came out, “Remember…. how you promised never to leave me….. and that we will grow old together,” he said to her and kissed her cheek.
“God, you told me she’s the one for me, you can’t take her away so soon. Let her be healed by the stripes of Jesus which He bore for her in Jesus Name,” he prayed as the tears slowly ran down his cheeks.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ End of Excerpt ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This novel has one Amazon 5 Star review:

Top Customer Reviews

 Does good always triumph over evil?
By Claudette Beckford-Brady on February 7, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase  

A story of spiritual warfare: the perpetual fight of good over evil in a paranormal setting with demonic forces attempting to overcome the Christians in the community. Marshalee Patterson has crafted an inspirational novel with a great plot and storyline which I can envisage as a movie. The story draws you in and holds your attention as you want to know what the final outcome will be. Who will triumph? Will the evil forces of Abaddon defeat the Christians? Will Ruth and Joshua escape from Sodom Shadows and return to their home in Shiloh City? Suspense, action, intrigue and more, in this story which takes the reader to the realm where the struggle for supremacy takes place. Although in a fictional setting the author makes it quite clear that evil forces exist in this literal world we live in and that a battle must be constantly fought in order to overcome and stay ahead of the forces of the devil. A good read.

If this content has piqued your interest in Marshalee and her novel, you can check her out at the following social media platforms:
Marshalee Patterson at Createspace

Amazon Author Page    


The Path of the Chosen Warriors can be purchased at Amazon from the link below and you can also read a further excerpt as well:

Readers and reviews are an author's best asset, so I encourage any reader of Christian fantasy, romance, the supernatural or spiritual warfare, to consider reading The Path of the Chosen Warriors and help promote Marshalee's novel by adding a review on Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest (or any other social media you subscribe to).

I am really looking forward to reading The Path of the Chosen Warriors, and Marshalee's future novels.


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