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Friday, 12 February 2016

Author/Novel Spotlight: Brad Duncan

I first met Brad Duncan when he requested I review his book, First Fruits. I checked out the novel on Amazon and was hooked by the sample that Amazon provides. I wanted to read it there and then but with many author requested reviews I am committed to, I was unable to do so at this time. So I offered Brad an Author/Novel spotlight post to further promote this book that has done so well with reviews.

So sit back and let Brad talk about this intriguing novel, its background and Christian themes, and himself as an author.

However, to whet your appetite and pique your interest, here is the book cover and description:

What happens when the popular Pastor of a growing church is faced with a crisis of belief? When life spirals out of control where will he place his faith? How will his well-to-do congregation respond to the challenge of sacrificing for God? First Fruits is the inspiring story of what happens when everyday people are challenged to give their very best to God.

Now a few words about Brad: 

Hi I am Brad Duncan. I am happily married to my awesome wife Michelle and have three wonderful daughters. I have worked with youth for over twenty years and attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Radiography and currently work doing MRI at Baptist Health Hospital in Little Rock, Ar.

Brad states the following about the Spiritual themes in his novel:

First Fruits deals with the issues of Pastors and their relationships with God, the church & their families. It also looks at practical discipleship and what the church should look like in the real world. 

When I asked Brad about the background behind his novel, this is what he had to say:

I didn't originally intend to write a novel, but God kept placing this story on my heart and I felt like I was supposed to write it down. I finished it and ran it past my wife and told her to please give me honest feedback. She really encouraged me to pursue publishing it. The greatest reward I've had is people who have begun following God more closely because of the impact of my story. I recently received a Facebook message from a young mom who had basically given up on God. She shared with me that after reading First Fruits she had restored her relationship with Jesus, was going back to church and now helping with her 4 year-old Awana's class. Stories like that are the best part of having written First Fruits. 

In case this has further piqued your interest, click on the Open Preview button below for an excerpt:

Below are some of the reviews from Amazon. These are the Top Customer Reviews:

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Top Customer Reviews

Format: Paperback
This book was a book that I couldn't put down from start to finish. It really challenged my faith, and made me think 
about doing more in my community. I walked away from reading this book ready to take the 3tChallenge and just 
be a better christian. I would recommend this book to all walks of life. There is truly something for all ages, and 
demographics. I would recommend this as a read for any Pastor, and their congregation. I
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Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
Although this book is fiction it has a real life dynamic. It paints a picture of where so many churches are today. It will
cause you to question your priorities and hopefully challenge your lifestyle. This is an easy read and difficult to put 
down once you started. The 3T Challenge this book promotes is Biblical and is part of “The Great Commandment” 
and “The Great Commission.” I recommend this book to Clergy and Layperson.
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Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Knowing Brad as a co-worker validates the challenges and truths presented within this book. He is an excellent 
steward and follower of our Lord. He's also a great author!!
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Format: Kindle Edition
I recently read this book for the second time. The first time I read it I couldn’t put it down. The second time was the 
same. Even though First Fruits is a work of fiction it has a character of reality that could be seen not only by
 “church people” but everyone. This book will evoke tears of sorrow and joy alike. Everyone will identify with one
 of the characters.

The main story is about a minister and his family and the church they serve. The family is typically dysfunctional with
 the husband paying more attention to his church board and congregation than to his wife and children. The church 
is typical of many churches in that the main thrust is on growth in numbers. All of this changes drastically overnight, 
due to one horrendous event, with a life changing effect on the pastor, his family and the congregation.

All the characters are masterfully developed and you can see yourself being part of the story taking place. The 
family creates a new awareness of unity and the church changes into what most would say it was meant to be. The
 book held my attention from beginning to the end. I would consider this story a story of a life adventure for all the 
stories characters. It is a most compelling and enjoyable read.
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Format: Paperback
This book is a really good read! Its easy to follow but it is definitely a page turner! Really makes you think about 
your life and how you fit into your church.
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Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Could not put it down. Makes you stop and think about your spirituality. Good read. Would highly recommend and 
easy reading.
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Format: Paperback
My husband and I enjoyed this novel and would give a rating of 5. First Fruits is a moving inspirational novel 
promoting Christian principles. Even though this is a novel, the writer has written in a way to inspire Christians in 
their faith. We would recommend this book for teens through adult ages.
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By Eric on February 25, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
This book has great truths wrapped up in a fictional story. The offer clearly illustrates what a reward it is to follow 
God by using your time, talents, and treasure. This book has inspired me and I encourage anyone who wants a 
closer relationship with Jesus to check it out.

I asked Brad what he is working on currently and he stated: 

I have written a sequel called Second Chances, and I'm currently working on the 3rd book in this 3tChallenge series. I'm thinking this one will be something based on foreign missions. It's exciting to immerse myself in the story, but have it reflect real life.

Second Chances Description:

In the dark and dangerous city of Westside there is a growing light. New Hope Church is meeting crime and poverty with love and hope. When God moves in ways His people don't understand, will they continue to trust and follow Him? Will they learn to accept His Second Chances?

You can preview Second Chances here

If you want to investigate more about Brad, he can be found here:


Twitter: @Bradleyjeep

After all this, if you want to buy First Fruits or Second Chances, they are available from Amazon:


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