Friday 18 December 2015

My Year In Books 2015

My Year In Books 2015

(courtesy of Goodreads My Year in Books 2015)

This post is to say a huge THANK YOU to the authors of the books I have read this year, for enriching my spiritual life, my knowledge of the Bible and how to live more in a closer relationship with God and His Word. I have not only been entertained but have been spiritually uplifted, challenged and even confronted with issues that God needed to highlight to me.

Never let it be said that God cannot use Christian fiction in all its genres and its authors to minister to reader's needs outside of being entertained, while reinforcing in the author that they are writing for Him and not just because they have the talent to do so.

It has been my honour and pleasure to read, review, interview, highlight, promote and have you as a guest on my blog. 

So authors, click on the image below, find your book(s) in MY Goodreads Year in Books 2015 display and give yourself a moment to be proud of your achievement and give God the glory for all He has achieved with the talent, creativity, inspiration that He has given you. I appreciate all of you and look forward to supporting you all again next year. 


  1. Thanks Peter for all your support and encouragement. I'm glad you enjoyed The Eden Conflict. Have a great Christmas and New Years celebrations!

  2. You too, Peter! I loved every minute of reading your book, reviewing it and interviewing you.


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