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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Fierce Betrayal (Fierce Series Book 5) by Clay Dolan

Xavier, Thomas, Bart, and Walter continue their pursuit for answers about the cannibalistic man-beasts, this time on far-off Mt. Saint Helens and not all of them will survive.

The Guru's Review: 

I had high hopes that this book would reveal more books in the series, but this is the final short. I have loved this series very much and it will be sad to see the end of Xavier, Thomas, Bart and Walter all whom I have become very fond of.

I must confess that I was not expecting the twist that occurred in this short. The previous four books had an escalating tension that this group would be successful in eradicating the Atahsaia but in this short, this is not so. However, I did enjoy this twist but not concerning Xavier and Bart's demise. But, when this is depicted in a story and it fits in well with the overall plot, it does add quite a right amount of tension and makes you appreciate this character all the more.

In this twist, Dolan has tied up the events surrounding these main characters very well, especially that of Thomas, our narrator, and I loved the plot thread concerning him. It was a very nice move to include some of Xavier's past history in this ending. Very satisfying.

Despite, this twist and its events that close this series, I can see how this could be resurrected at a later time in the years following this ending. After all, this series ended with the Atahsaia still dominating their areas and the public still not convinced they exist or who they are in reality, despite the many encounters they have with these beings or as we saw in this short, evidence that could point to the fact that they are not entirely human.

I have appreciated Dolan's writing and structure of this series. There is no fluff to his writing and it is concise but not overly descriptive. I loved his characterisation and depiction of the era the series is set in. I felt like I was in the American west in the 1870s.

I encourage the reader to not skip over the Appendix or those in the Fierce Revelation short. Here is gained very interesting information regarding the background to this series and that many of the series' side characters being real and many of the scenes in this series drawn from real events or long-enduring legends.

Dolan has dealt with the spiritual/biblical origins of Bigfoot really well, not weighing at all on it being his opinion but displayed the evidence from biblical and non-biblical sources to present a very plausible explanation and evidence that the former is correct. I don't doubt any of his research or depiction in this series as it aligns itself very well with that of my own and others who study this topic.

If anyone wants to listen to the author discuss this series, Bigfoot, the supernatural that undergirds this series, I recommend this interview with Clay on radio,

I am very thankful to Clay Dolan for creating this series and providing a balanced expose of this topic.

Highly recommended.

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