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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

The Christian and the Vampire by Vikki Kestell

I have read this short story (34 pages, I think) three times now. The second time was because I did not write a review from the first reading. This third time is because I felt it needed to be honoured for the faith and redemptive fiction that it contains and how Kestell has applied the Word of God in the most appropriate way that is more than effective in witnessing and leading to a relationship with God to what some might say is a fictional being. But she also shows how this same Word of God can be applied to any human being who feels they are unredeemable. No wonder the Bible states that it is the power of God unto salvation (Romans 1:16) and that the power of God is sharper than a two-edged sword, penetrating as far as the separation of soul and spirit, joints and marrow. It is able to judge the ideas and thoughts of the heart. (Hebrews 4:12).

Based on the above, I have awarded Vikki Kestell with a Redemptive Fiction Award as this novel now meets The Reality Calling Christian Fiction Awards criteria. Please see the end of this review. 

What happens one sultry summer night when a Christian and a vampire meet on a fire escape and agree to engage in a cordial conversation? A touch of hilarity, plus eye-popping—and Undead heart-starting—revelation, as vampire myth and legend give way to greater Truth!

The Guru's Review:

This is the second time I have read The Christian and the Vampire and I did this for 2 reasons. One, I did not write a review of this when I read it in December 2014, and two, it is worth reading again purely for the way the story is structured to allow the many bible references and their explanation to move the story along and show the power of the Word and how it defeats all claims that being a follower of Satan (in this case, as a vampire) is more attractive and beneficial than being a follower of Christ. 

This is the third Christian story involving the question, "Can a vampire be saved/redeemed?" The first one I read was Blood for Blood by Ben Wolfe and the second was Devil's Pathway (DAWN: Warriors of Valor Book 1) by Vicki V Lucas. I do have another waiting to be read. All these three authors share the same premise that indeed they can be redeemed, and I would also say the same for werewolves. The latter has been dealt with in this same vein by William Woodall, in his The Last Werewolf Hunter: The Complete Series

Kestell has constructed this short very well with the placement of the bible verses that portray what the bible says about redemption, salvation, Christ's victory over sin and death, Satan's judgement, the penalty of sin, consequences of refusing Christ's gift of salvation in relation to Lambros being a vampire. Very cleverly done structuring the plot around the verses or is it that she constructed the verses around the plot? Hard to tell when it is done this well. It struck me that this short could be used to minister to a satanist or someone who is so very bound in their sin/sinful lifestyle and feels there is no hope for them including anything that God has to offer.

I guess another reason I wanted to read this again is that it reinforces where all Christians have come from, including myself; a past of sin, rebellion against God, and this short story shows what the bible says about our past and our future. It is always good to return to one's roots to appreciate where one has come from and where one is now. I have a greater appreciation of the Word, what Christ achieved for me on the Cross and everything relating to all the doctrines outlined in the previous paragraph.

Kestell uses humour to add spice to this short. It also adds to both the character building of Taz and Lambros. Kestell has also portrayed Taz as the discerning, well versed in Scripture, spiritual warrior that Christians all need to be as the whole essence of becoming a Christian means that we have taken one side against the other in this spiritual warfare that we are involved in.

Apart from the bible references that make this short rich in spiritual warfare, I loved how Taz was so in tune with the Spirit when ministering to Lambros. Again, this is another part of our spiritual armour. The final spiritual warfare scene at the end of the short involving a warrior angel and demon is very dramatic and I loved the way Taz states that he was not afraid of this tangible evil presence that descended on both Lambros and himself as he knew who he is in Christ and the protection that is his as a consequence of this, 
I felt no fear for myself - I am, after all, one of the redeemed of The Lord. Satan has no legal footing in my life.
I applaud Kestell for this short. I feel it is quite a masterpiece of construction, however simple. This story would be very effective for small group bible study on spiritual warfare and witnessing to those who are heavily involved in satanism or other satanic groups or as I mentioned previously, those who are so caught up in their sin and feel there is not hope for them or a way out. I would love to see a discussion guide added to a future edition of this short. 

One highlight that I found very useful is in the kindle version where each reference to a bible verse or piece of conversation that was based on a bible verse or doctrine, had a link to it that you could press and the verse would appear in a separate, mini window on the screen. This would benefit bible study groups or the individual that are seeking God. All the individual would have to do is put themselves in the position of Lambros, not as a vampire, but as one who is enslaved to sin and Satan as Lambros was.

This is one very entertaining, edifying but sobering read of spiritual warfare, who Christians are in Christ, what Christ has achieved for everyone on the Cross and the hope that exists in Him that is rife in His Word. 

Highly Recommended. 5/5 Stars


Spiritually, based on my review and on the following reference booklet,

A Spiritual System for Rating Books by David Bergsland, and that The Christian and the Vampire contains elements of the criteria of what constitutes Christian Redemptive Fiction outlined in this booklet, (click on the title below to see what this is based on), I award Vikki Kestell with 

Christian Redemptive Fiction Award by Reality Calling

Congratulations, Vikki!

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  1. Interesting. Not something I would normally pick up, but your review has me thinking about it. Thanks!

    1. Hope you enjoy it and find encouragement in the bible verses and how the author has applied them to reveal spiritual truths to Lambros. Just as the Word says, His Word is a two edged sword.


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