Thursday 18 June 2015

Interview with Jane E. Woodlee Hedrick, Author of The Omega Watchers.

I came across Jane E. Woodlee Hedrick's book, The Omega Watchers, while browsing Goodreads for new books. I was instantly drawn to the title, more specifically the word Watchers as I this is a term used in the Bible for the Angels assigned by God to watch over the human race. When I read the synopsis I knew my hunch was correct. This was indeed a novel about the Watchers. But there was more than just this, and I was very impressed with the remaining topics. As Jane will outline in this interview, my tagging her book to be read, showed up on her side of Goodreads and she contacted me thanking me that I had added this to my reading list. I then stated I would review this book and seeing she was a new author, I would love to interview her as well.

I was more than entertained in this novel, I was edified in my spirit as well. This book honours God and strengthened my faith and relationship with Him. It also educated further in eschatology, the book of Enoch, and the Nephilim mentioned in Genesis 6: 4. After reading this book, I knew interviewing Jane would reveal more behind this novel and I would further be edified and educated as well. I was not wrong. This is one interview not to skim over and I encourage all who read this to savour what she has to say and let God reveal more truths from His Word and Spirit. If you feel led then please investigate further what Jane has to say. It is very much worth it.

Without further ado, let me hand you over to Jane and let her illuminate more of God's word and the depths of eschatology, the nephilim and satanic deception from her research and The Omega Watchers. 

Jane, thanks for stopping by today. Having been thoroughly encouraged
by your novel, I am more than looking forward to you discussing your journey to published author and the background to The Omega Watchers. So to start let me ask you to tell us a little about yourself.

Bible prophecy has always been a very important part of my life, even as a child. My grandfather and mother were avid followers of prophecy especially concerning the nation of Israel, as prophecy was beginning to be fulfilled in my grandfather's day, starting with the Balfour Declaration in 1917 (the return of the Jews to their homeland). I was born shortly after the Nation of Israel was reborn. It was because of this fulfillment of prophecy and my mother's love for Israel, I was named Jane Evonne Woodlee, for the purpose of my intitals being "JEW". Very unusual for a pentecostal coal miner's daughter, born in a catholic hospital, in the mountains of Kentucky.

My working career was 35 years in the field of sales management and marketing. Working, raising a family and life in general allowed little time for my passion of writing, studying and teaching current events as they related to Biblical prophecy. I retired in December 2012 to focus fully on my love of family and ministry.

What inspired you to become an author?

As a pre-teen I discovered my love for reading. I would spend hours in my school and public library perusing the shelves to find novels that included information that allowed me to entertainingly learn about far away places, interesting people and especially history.

I considered the novels education time. If I could step into the story and feel the emotions of the characters as they journeyed through their fictitious plots and broadening my knowledge at the same time, I considered the authors to be contributors to my life.

Through the years I constantly had the desire to affect others in the same way with bible prophecy. As a teacher of prophecy, I constantly saw the "lack of knowledge" in the Christian world of end time events and felt an urgency to help bring prophetic truth to the body of Yeshua.

The vast majority of Christians do not have "ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches". It is with that conviction I wrote 'The Omega Watchers' in novel form with the prayerful desire of creating a captivating plot that would carry the reader; and at the same time educate and intersperse the truth of the end time deceptions that are upon us.

How did you develop The Omega Watchers, by extensively plotting it out (plotter), or as it came to you (pantser, that you write by the seat of your pants) or was it a bit of both?

Without a doubt it was a panster. I knew what prophetic truths I wanted to intertwine into the story, but when I began with the very first paragraph I had no idea what the storyline would be. As I got deeper into the chapters and the story unfolded, I would often have to go back and revise parts of the beginning to line up with what would occur in the plot.

One example: When I wrote the part of Gabriella receiving the mysterious box, I had no idea what would even be in the box. Then it became the central point of the entire book.

Each time I would begin a new chapter I literally had no idea where the story would go. It was as exciting to me as (I hope) it was to the reader to find out what would happen next.

How has writing and being an author impacted your relationship with Jesus Christ?

First and foremost, I could not have written this book in my own abilities. I have had no formal training as a writer, taken no classes, and read no articles on being a writer. I felt the compelling of the Holy Spirit to use a novel as my avenue of reaching people that would never sit in a prophecy class. Any glory or praise for anything this novel achieves all goes to my Heavenly Father.

We live in a world that is captured by the paranormal. Media, entertainment, even science has created a platform for people to believe these are true experiences. Even Christians do not understand the demonic deception.

I believe everyone is searching for supernatural truth beyond what this human life has to offer and Satan is definitely ready to give them an experience that is a deceiving lie! The inclusion of aliens, time and astral travel, ascended masters, prophecy, etc. has appealed to a diverse audience and has not locked my novel into a particular age or gender group. The paranormal experiences of my character has opened up many opportunities to witness and share the Good News with others, both Christian and non-Christian.

Do you have a favourite genre that you read?

Definitely endtime eschatology is my reading preference. Although I am writing novels, I actually read very few of them now. My reading time is spent more studying the learned writers that have spent vast amounts of time researching and compiling on how historical and biblical truths merge. My desire is to then weave some of that information into a storyline that pulls the reader into a plot that carries them from chapter to chapter, saturating their minds with knowledge of the end times.

What have you learnt about becoming an author?

# 1 - I must first commit my writing time to Yahweh, asking for direction and inspiration before I even begin.

# 2 - It takes time and patience! Naturally I wanted writing and publishing to happen quickly, but there is no microwave for an author. I have come to accept that it requires hours and hours of research, creative writing and complete seclusion from the world to allow the words to flow into a form that creates a cohesive captivating story that also includes prophecy teaching in a form that will continue to draw the mind all the way to the end; and hopefully, leave the information firmly planted in the spiritual heart.

# 3 - The most satisfying words an author can hear is, "I couldn't put it down." You know then every hour invested has been worthwhile.

You write well. Have you always found this to be an easy feat? Some authors such as Tom Pawlik engaged in a writing course with popular and prolific Christian author Jerry B Jenkins before they wrote their first novel. Have you found it necessary to have completed something similar? Would you encourage other budding authors to do so?

I have had no formal training as a writer - of any kind. Although I believe that could be a tremendous asset and would encourage new authors to do so.

I have written poetry, music & lyrics, teaching outlines, etc. through the years. I started a child's book a few years ago, but never finished it due to personal issues and time restraints. Other than that one effort, I had not previously attempted authoring a story or book.

As I penned the first pages of The Omega Watchers, I wasn't sure if it was something I would complete or attempt to publish. However, after the first chapter, I was hooked as to where the story could go. After a few chapters, I had some friends read it and give their critical critique and that helped in journeying forward.

I felt the emotions of each character and scene and simply tried to convey that in a description that would create the same for my readers. My career in sales management and marketing had taught me the necessity of using the right words to impact the mind of the listener. I made my best effort in using that training in written words instead of spoken ones.

What do you do when you are not writing?

After my relationship with God, my family is my top priority. My husband, Russell, and I deeply value the time we personally have together with day dates and travel opportunities. We also treasure the time we are able to spend with our children and grandchildren.

The bulk of my time is spent reading and researching for both my writing and teaching. Since I have retired, opportunities to teach in numerous churches and venues have been presented. As part of my teaching technique, I design PowerPoint presentations in real-time, connecting current events to Bible prophecy.

Is anything in TOW that is based on real life experiences or purely all imagination?

A very large part of the storyline is based on people I know (or have known) and their personal experiences with the paranormal. Also interwoven into the story are memories or personal experiences. An example is when Gabriella was a little girl and every morning she would pull the Strawberry Shortcake comforter from her bed and drag it down the hallway into her father's study and finally into his lap. My daughter actually did that every morning with me. I can still see her long, curly blonde hair and big blue eyes (does that sound like a character in the book?) with her comforter in tow behind her. She would climb up in my lap and pull the soft cotton around us both until she was fully awake. It's one of my fondest memories of her childhood and I had to find a place for it in my book.

There are numerous situations through the story that connect with personal experiences and special people in my life. .

What is the best piece of advice you ever received from another author?

I didn't have any author to confer with. I had to go on my inner compass. However, I am thankful for the many friends who gave me feedback and constructive criticism.

Do you have any advice for other writers?

I realized quickly you must put on a hard shell and take the criticism. No matter how wonderful your creation is, everyone is not going to like it. When you reach an audience that does appreciate your work, it makes it so worthwhile.

Don't get in a hurry. It takes secluded time and lots of it. I thank my husband for allowing me the time without making me feel I was neglecting him.

Allow friends and possible critics to read your book and give you honest feedback. Don't take it personally when they offer constructive criticism, but use it as a guidepost as to what you want to accomplish. Make sure you have your "creation" complete before you publish so there will be no regrets.

Who are you reading right now?
I am currently reading "The Islamic Antichrist" by Joel Richardson. My next in line is "On the Paths of the Immortals" by Cris Putnam and Tom Horn.

Information ascertained from both of these books will play into my next novel.

What tools have you found most successful in advertising/marketing yourself and your book?

The publisher has my book available to order on all major book sites (i.e., Amazon, BN, Goodreads, etc.). It is available in both electronic and printed form. So it is as simple as a click away for a buyer to purchase. The challenge is to let readers know what you have to offer.

To find my target markets I searched FB groups that were centered on end time events. Promoting in this venue has been the most effective to date. The greatest results have come from End Time Headlines FB page and website. The Omega Watchers is posted several times a week on their FB page that features current prophetic news headlines and has over a quarter million followers. It is also featured on their website. ETH has a worldwide audience deeply interested in eschatology and my book compliments the interest of the followers. This has proven to be a perfect medium for exposure as a new author. I have connected with wonderful people from many different nations that have read my book and then contacted me with questions or comments. This has been a great joy!

When my book is purchased on Amazon a popup displays similar books that other customers have bought and links my book to their selections. Each purchase propagates the link and my book is included with a multitude of other prophetic authors.

We are having this interview, Peter, as a result of you initially noticing and marking it to be read on Goodreads. I contacted you to thank you and am blessed that our author/critic relationship began. I have realized the importance of personal networking which begins with electronic connections.

Did any specific author(s) motivate you to begin writing?

My initial love for reading began as a young teenager reading Christian romance novels by Grace Livingston Hill. She would interweave history, far away countries, and biblical lessons all into a captivating romantic scenario. She branded in my mind the importance of Christian relationships and following God in all decisions of life. Those lessons became constant reminders as I developed relationships. All through the years I had the desire to impact lives (as she did mine) through creative writing.

Now as a retiree, I have actually begun writing. I have kept a bit of romance in my books, but the message I want branded in the minds of my readers is... we are living in the end of days, what to expect and to get ready.

Being an author can be, and usually is a lonely, hermit type existence when you are writing a book. You still need fellowship with like minded people. What support/fellowship do you have with other authors to combat this?

Although I do not have author friends to fellowship with, I do have a wonderful group of close Christian friends that gather almost every Friday evening to have dinner together and discuss the "edgy" prophecy topics not generally talked about in the traditional church. It was actually from these discussions that I was challenged to begin to study the deeper truths of "the days of Noah" and the nephilim, resulting in the writing of The Omega Watchers.

The Omega Watchers is one very complex novel due to the topics explored and some of those being controversial. You obviously had a passion and a mandate from God to write this novel to discern the truth from lies and deceit of satan in relation to the end times. Did you feel this was a taunting feat before you started writing and this being your first novel?

When I first sat down at my computer to attempt to write, I had no idea if I had the capability with no prior training or experience. I know it had to be divinely inspired.
I did not know how I would include the basically unknown concept of the days of Noah/nephilim and still have a story that would interest all three of my target markets...Christian, non-Christian and eschatology, not to mention all age groups. I was concerned Christians would be offended that I quoted from a non-canonized book, even though Jesus Himself (along with other biblical writers) quoted from Enoch.

One of the greatest review compliments I have received was from my Pastor, stating my book had to be inspired of the Holy Spirit. That is what I want people to know above all.

This leads me to the next question, What obstacles did you encounter in writing TOW? How did you overcome these?

Amazingly, there were no obstacles in the actual creative writing. There was the obstacle of writing too many words that would have made the book very expensive. I had to completely rewrite the manuscript, editing out a lot of the prophesy content. Thus, the sequel. Probably a triology. Maybe even a tetralogy...if time allows.

The real challenge came with publishing. Having no knowledge whatsoever of publishing and no one with which to confer, that became my mountain.

How long did it take you to write this novel?

The first chapter began mid-January 2013. I would write, research, and rewrite for days. I would then get feedback from my two editors that worked with me through the entire process, my daughter-in-law Dreama Hedrick and my dear friend Richard Everts.

Often I would take a break for weeks or even a couple of months, then the passion would return and I would dig in again. A year later, I felt I had finished the book. I waited a couple of months, and reread it and the three of us edited again. After completing the novel, I had a few more friends read it for additional feedback before attempting to publish.

Then the pursuit of a publisher began. In September of 2014 after securing a publisher, I found my "baby" would have to be downsized for cost purposes. Finally in mid-November 2014, I received my first copies and The Omega Watchers was available for purchase worldwide.

What attracted me to The Omega Watchers is the topic of the Nephilim, a favourite topic of mine. I find this fascinating including the controversy that surrounds them in Christian circles and non Christian circles (who they really are, did they exist, where is the evidence that they survived the Flood, how can they come back in the end days, the list goes on and on!). From what you have described about them from the bible and non biblical texts (or extra biblical texts), is the same as what I have read elsewhere from Christian fiction and non fiction. We are on the same page as far as this is concerned. Have you had any negative feedback from Christian readers/other Christians on this topic? It would not surprise me if you had been called a heretic or threatened to be excommunicated from your denomination! I have read some accounts of this from other readers and authors who have researched like yourself and been treated like this. Just the topic of the Nephilim can be enough to make you tread carefully with other Christians!

You are absolutely correct on the sensitivity of the subject and I held my spiritual breath waiting for the feedback as my inner group of pastors, church members and friends read my novel. From this circle of people, I have only found encouragement and great reviews. Many have commented that it has opened up a whole new avenue of study for them and challenged their thinking; and I am sure there are some that probably take that subject matter more as fictional. However, I have had no immediate negative attacks.

However, on the FB page I mentioned previously, I have had a few very negative responses as you have described. To quote one person, "if it's not in the King James Bible, it's not the Word of God. Don't believe a lie." This is one of the places I put on my hard shell and do not get offended or upset. It is just so sad that "Christians" do not study for themselves and realize Jesus nor writers of the New Testament quoted from King James. Nor did they even have the New Testament at that time. We have lost so much richness (and power!)of the Word through modern, traditional thinking being taught from Western society, secular pulpits. (I will now exit my soap

Why do you think that some Christians and Christian pastors/scholars do not believe that the Nephilim existed or that fallen angels, the Watchers that you describe in TOW, had sinned sexually with human women? The bible and extra biblical texts are very much aligned on this issue! Neither contradict each other.

I believe it is from a lack of teaching and study. How many Christians "read through the bible" every year and read right over these truths and don't try to even understand what they mean? I have had Christians tell me if they read something they don't understand they just skip over it. The bible instructs us to "study to show yourself approved, a workman that needs not to be ashamed".

I have always questioned "as it was in the days of Noah" and felt there was something much deeper than the pulpit sermons. It has only been in recent years that the true understanding came and when that truth was birthed in me, the entire Bible (both Old and New Testaments) took on a whole new meaning and personal understanding. Naturally the enemy wants to keep that revelation clouded in other interpretations.

Sexual sins of fallen angels is not a subject that is comfortable and so it is largely ignored. It's easier to stay with the feel good, tickle your ears messages that are sweeping the megachurches. There was a reason John wrote over and over in the Book of Revelation, "let those that have ears, hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches". God knew many would fall into the coming deception, and the truth would become diluted and unaccepted.

I am pleased to say there is a group of believers that are opening their ears to hear, and realize there are deeper truths.

You have included astral travel and New Age theology to show Gabriella her so- called chosen path and to deceive her from the truth of the gospel. From your account of this, it seems you have described it as others in reality have experienced it. At first I thought that by including this and is such detail, you are condoning this practice and belief, despite the fact that the bible forbids any type of sorcery, witchcraft, interacting with spirits, but as I read on, I saw that you were showing how this practice is dangerous, and can lead to some one who does not any better accepting this as truth. I feel that for the Christian who does not know about this practice and New Age theology, and for those who are not Christian and seeking purpose in their life, that how you have depicted this will educate and help them become discerning in the lies and deception of satan and this false doctrine. Was this your motive?

All paranormal experiences are strictly forbidden by the Word of God and it was exactly my motive to reveal that truth. I have seen people be deceived by the New Age movement, and if my character Gabriella not had friends praying for and guiding her, she would have been totally captured by it. The deceiving spirits appear as an 'angel of light', but I believe my novel shows exactly where that would have ended for Gabriella and has for so many.

You asked previously if real life had influenced any part of the book. I am going to be honest. When I was a young adult I had a friend that was practicing astral travel and almost convinced me to experience it. At the time I was away from my Lord and questioning all that I had been taught. Was it real? Satan was taking advantage of my questioning truth to tempt me to see what was being presented as "the real supernatural...not the fables I had been taught growing up". I was almost persuaded! But deep down I knew it was dangerous territory and I thank God for the prayers of my parents and grandparents. It was with this in mind that I wrote about the spiritual battle that finally broke the stronghold the seducing demonic power holding Gabriella.

I had a reader of my book contact me asking if I had traveled myself since the description was so accurate. I assured her I had not, but wrote from the experiences of others. She said she has had several travel experiences and I was spot on in what she actually experienced. This is a very real contemporary deception and few people even know it exists. The majority of my readers have never even heard of it.

A more recent example of what motivated the alien concept in my book was our oldest grandson. He was fascinated with extraterrestrials and UFOlogy. When he told me that if you ask them to, they will appear to you, I realized the body of Yeshua needs to stand up in this day and teach our youth the truth. But first, the elders have to know what that truth is. I had the opportunity to explain to our grandson these are demonic beings appearing as ET's, but who is telling the masses? Are the youth leaders and pastors addressing this exploding deception? If the Church doesn't proclaim it, who will?

I found this novel to be a very good introduction to this topic of the Nephilim and eschatological (end times) study and how you have tied both to the biblical verse, “As it was in the day of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.” (Matt 24:37). You have obviously researched this extensively and have linked all this research into one very concise and specific narrative without losing the reader with too much “preaching” on this issue or overloaded them with too much information. That is an asset to this novel and one of its strengths. I applaud you for this. Is this what you set out to do?

You have hit the proverbial nail on the head. It was personal experiences of knowing people that have been deceived combined with my new understanding of the days of Noah that The Omega Watchers was written. My prayer has been the entire book will be a tool of ministry on varying levels, teaching the demonic activities that are invading our world; and these deceptions will become even greater as the great tribulation begins.

Also, why do you feel that everything that forms the background to the lies and deceit that surrounds this verse that you expose in TOW, is not taught/preached about from the pulpit, bible studies, home groups and generally from Pastors or the church?

I addressed some of this in a previous answer but to expound further, I feel part of the demonic deception is to convince these arenas of study that there are more important subjects to be addressed. Satan is thrilled when the messages are all about making you feel good and success in life. This does not upset his apple cart.

It's also much easier for those that lead studies or preach from the pulpits to stay away from controversial subjects. I am just going to say it and let the dust fall where it may: Too many churches are afraid of running people off. It will affect there important bottom line numbers: attendance, tithes and offerings.

I do want to clarify this by saying I am certainly not referring to my church of membership but to the general masses. I am blessed to have a wonderful church and pastors that allow me to teach, endorse my book, and have helped to open doors of further ministry.

You referenced The Book of Enoch in the novel, and have outlined the case for not dismissing this book as irrelevant or misleading as some bible scholars or even Pastors would. Your thoughts?
The plot of my novel began with the Dead Sea Scrolls. From what I have studied, over one-third of these scrolls were from the Book of Enoch. I do not believe it coincidence that these were discovered approximately the time the nation of Israel was reborn. The two events tie together helping to fulfill the end of days prophecies, especially the days of Noah.

My hope was to give enough facts in my book to encourage the reader to research for themselves the history, facts and fiction, regarding not only the Book of Enoch, but other writings that are not included in the canonized King James Bible. It takes some study, but I would think a true student of the Word would want to know where our Bible came from, the twists and turns throughout the centuries and the writings quoted in both the Old and New Testament that came from sources such as the Book of Enoch. Why were they quoted if they were not considered inspired?

I in no way claim to be a scholar of these matters, but I have studied and believe we are missing great truths that allow us greater understanding. As we approach the final days of time as we know it, we need every spiritual weapon available ready for use. Understanding how our enemy attacks is the greatest part of winning the battle.

This novel is also very good at showing the degree and depth of deception and how it is executed through astral travel, New Age theology and practice and how easy its entrapment into demonic bondage. Again, this novel will be instrumental in helping people discern the truth from the lies. Your thoughts?

I John 4:1 instructs us to not believe every spirit but to test them and see if they be of God. How many people (even Christians) know how to test a spirit? That was my ultimate goal in my writing. Everything that glitters 'ain't' gold!

There is coming a day soon that the world will see mighty supernatural events. Matt. 24:24 instructs us that even the very elect would be deceived IF it were possible. Why will the elect be the only ones not deceived by the signs and wonders that the Antichrist will perform? These are my personal beliefs: The truth of the Word will be in them. They will have studied and know the deceptions of the enemy. They will have an understanding of prophecy and recognize the things that are happening as deceptions of Satan's powers. They will know the delivering power of the blood of Yeshua and how to use His name to overcome the enemy.

It is from that truth the spiritual battle in my book was fought and won.

I have found in some complex subject matter in novels that there is a need for humour or someone other detraction to lighten the seriousness of the novel without losing or lessening the impact of the subject matter. I found the romance between Gabi and Caleb to be such a vehicle for this. Are you a romantic at heart to include this or was if for what I have stated? It was very effective by the way and this is from one who does not like romance novels! I enjoy romance when it is a sub plot like it is in TOW but not the main plot line.

I am a romantic at heart and that inclusion was for those that are of like mind. I felt that would especially help keep the interest of my female readers and allow me the opportunity, in the meantime, to saturate biblical truth around Caleb and Gabriella finally admitting their undying love (I have never been able to get away from the influence of Grace Livingston Hill's romantic novels).

I think there is a Christian romance novel inside me, waiting to be born. There's just too much prophecy ahead of it.

Reading a few of the reviews, there is a bit of negative feedback relating to how you have depicted Gabi. I found her to be a bit emotional and high demand. I can see why you did this as far as the plot line is concerned and her vulnerability is used to expose the deceit of false doctrine and demonic bondage. Is she based on anyone that you know? Were you expecting Gabi to be viewed like this?

I was hoping you would ask this question since there have been a few comments to that end.

My intent was to reveal another one of the affects of paranormal activity. This affect is seen and impacted by the people around you. From my studies and personal experiences with a few people that have been deeply involved in demonic deceptions, the deeper they go the more emotional they become. The demons play on the already laid foundations of an individual's past. Any previous experiences of emotional pain, rejection, abuse, etc., a familiar spirit knows each circumstance and plays it to the hilt. The person involved in paranormal deception becomes defensive of their actions, withdrawn from non-believers, and go deeper into the paranormal as a way of escape. Any exposure to the truth of the blood of Jesus results in extreme emotional retribution. I attempted to initially portray Gabriella as a reasonable, intelligent, quite charming woman, and then show how her character completely changed when she entered the world of the paranormal.

Each astral travel took her on a higher level of deception until she was at the point of no return, breaking both spiritually and emotionally. This character was not based on an individual, but a mixture of many characteristics and affects of the paranormal.

Are the languages of Tabadawi and Ge'ez real? Is so, is the former considered the mother of all languages? I have never heard of these two, hence my question. I know a little of Hebrew and Aramaic but not of any language before this that is connected to Noah's time.

These are actual languages. According to my studies, Ge'ez is still used by a small minority today in northern Africa. Tabadawi is considered to be the mother of all languages in a form of the original Hebrew language. An internet search allows additional information on this subject.

Other than the plot of the book, the fictional characters, and a few speculative theories that could connect to prophecies soon to be fulfilled, the information in my novel is based on biblical and historical truths. The bottom line to all of the work and time to create The Omega Watchers, is my desire the reader is well informed of the truth of the end of days, paranormal dangers, and biblical prophecies, while being drawn into an entertaining story that will hold their interest to the final chapter. And hopefully keep them anxiously waiting for the sequel.

How has TOW been received so far?

I am so pleased to say, over all, it has received great reviews. When it first released I was almost holding my breath, waiting for feedback from my friends and family who can be your worst critics (especially knowing I had included so much controversial content).

My litmus test was my pastors. I was truly amazed and so thankful when both gave it great reviews and one of my pastors announced in church the book was not only amazing but should be made into a movie. (I was able to breath normally again.)

My greatest challenge is to get The Omega Watchers into the hands of more readers, and I thank you, Peter, for giving me an avenue to help make this happen.

What take home message do you want readers of The Omega Watchers to embrace?

I have one main request I make each time I teach prophecy and it also applies to my readers. Do not take my word for it. Study for yourself. Question and research what I tell you and what you don't understand, asking the Holy Spirit to reveal to you "what the Spirit is saying to the churches" in these end days.

Have a knowledge of the deceptions of the paranormal. Know how to share with others, especially if you have children/grandchildren, the dangers of ghost hunting, seances, ouija boards, and everything else that comes under the umbrella of contemporary paranormal "entertainment". Take time to know what movies, games, and media are pushing this agenda on our society and become an advocate for exposing this truth in your churches and communities.

Be aware the great deception has already stepped onto the world scene and will soon be revealed, as the great tribulation is about to begin. Above all, be ready to meet the Lord!

I understand that a sequel in being written. Tell me about this without too many spoilers. What can we expect? Estimated release date? While we are on this topic, any other works in progress?

I am getting close to the halfway point of the sequel. My goal is to have it ready for release mid-November, which will put one year between the two novels.

In the sequel, the omega watchers (the fallen angels held in captivity until the end of days) will be released. There will be prodigious amounts of final days prophecy interwoven into the plot as the two prophets and 144,000 witnesses in the Book of Revelation are being called onto the world scene. The Vatican will play a huge part in setting the stage for the supernatural 'appearance' of the false prophet and the Antichrist, who has already been named in the Book of Daniel.

Cutting edge research projects will be intertwined into the plot as the final seven years of time, the worst days the earth has even seen, begins; i.e. CERN, the Outernet (replacement of the internet), transhumanism, to name a few.

Again, I will be introducing some very "edgy" concepts that some will not agree with but we can say, without a doubt, time will tell...and probably sooner than later.

I have numerous ideas that spin in my head for other novels but my focus is on The Omega Watchers series. If we are truly in the end of days, which all prophetic signs point to, my desire is to write in a form that shares this reality.

Are any other books in the making? I did start a children's book a few years ago and then life circumstances interfered and I never finished. If time allows, I will complete "Solomon's Story", the journey of a puppy that is used to bring understanding to the heartbreaking challenges of two young girls living the life of a dysfunctional family. My purpose in that book is to help pre-teens understand the horrible affects of bullying and rejecting innocent little ones that have no control over their home circumstances.

Anything else you would to say about TOW, the end times deception or eschatology?

What Daniel concealed, the Book of Revelation revealed. These are the only two books of the Bible that are dedicated solely to prophecy. Daniel gives the introduction of the end of days and the satanic leader that will rule the earth; the Book of Revelation gives the details. Sadly, these are the most ignored books of the Bible and yet they have prophesied the days in which we, that are alive on the earth now, are living. This should be the most exciting time in all of human history, and yet the ‘church’ does not want to hear. This in itself is a fulfillment of prophecy.

Daniel 12:4, “But you, Daniel, roll up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end. Many will go here and there and knowledge will be increased."

I believe this explosion of knowledge will be two fold: spiritual (“Afor those that have ears to hear”) and intellectual. We are definitely seeing both escalating in warp speed. After many decades of studying and teaching bible prophecy, I have only recently felt the discernment that this is it, my friends. The literal beginning of the end is at the door.

Where can readers find you?

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Jane E. Woodlee Hedrick

Any closing comments?

Thank you, Peter, for your encouraging review of my first novel and for this in depth interview. This has been my first opportunity of dissecting the various elements of The Omega Watchers in a fashion to explain how my book was conceived and all steps in between to the birthing process.

I would like to also thank each person that has taken their valuable time to read this interview and my novel. I look forward to personal contacts from my readers with feedback and comments, especially concerning what specific areas spoke to them personally.

My prayer is each reader is challenged to view the final days ahead with an understanding a great deception is at earth's door and develops an urgency of spiritual preparation for themselves and their circle of influence.

John 9:10 (NLT) - We must quickly carry out the tasks assigned us by the one who sent us. The night is coming, and then no one can work.

Jane, it has been my pleasure reviewing your book and interviewing you. I have been very much blessed by your ministry. Thank you for the insights into eschatology and encouraging Christians and non Christians alike to investigate further the truths from the bible and your research both in your novel and in this interview. Let this be an eye opener and revelation to all who read both. I look forward to subsequent novels in this trilogy/tetralogy and following you in your ministry.

The Omega Watchers, Book of Enoch, The Islamic Antichrist by Joel Richardson and On the Paths of the Immortals by Cris Putnam and Tom Horn can be purchased from Amazon by clicking on the book covers in this interview or from Barnes and Noble,  and other online book stores. 


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