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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Book Promotion: The Crossover Alliance Anthology Volume 1

The Crossover Alliance Anthology - Volume 1

I have been on the submission panel of this project and the
day is finally here!

The Crossover Alliance is proud to announce the release of The Crossover Alliance Anthology - Volume 1. This is a seven author, nine story project that began shortly before the start of the new year. Each short story in this awesome collection falls within the edgy Christian speculative fiction genre. You'll find science fiction, fantasy, and horror. You'll find Christian themes. And you'll also find real-world content. All of it comes together to bring to life unique fiction that the Alliance guarantees you have never read 
the likes of before. 

This Collection of Stories Includes:

Snow and Ash by Nathan James Norman
Doors of Babel by David N. Alderman
Broken by Travis Morrill
If it Causes You to Sin by Jess Hanna
Blood Ace by Allan and Aaron Reini
Sanguinem Inimicum by Mark Carver
Spellbound by Jess Hanna
Proverbs - A Fairy Tale by Nathan James Norman
The Spigot by David N. Alderman

The Anthology is available in paperback and digital formats from the following booksellers:

Amazon (Paperback)
Createspace (Paperback)
Smashwords (free)

By traversing beyond the boundaries of Christian and secular fiction, this phenomenal collection of edgy Christian speculative pieces will transport you to the furthest reaches of space, the chilling snow-drenched plains of fantasy, and the deepest, darkest corridors of the human heart. While journeying through these fantastical worlds, let this prolific gathering of authors shine a glimmer of light your way and reveal Christ in a very dark, very real world.

The Crossover Alliance is a community built around readers and writers of edgy Christian speculative fiction - in general terms, science fiction/fantasy/horror/supernatural fiction with Christian themes and edgy content, such as sexual themes, language, drug use, and violence. The term 'edgy' doesn't only encompass this type of content though - it can also be applied to certain situations/themes/character deficiencies that are not typically found or allowed in Christian fiction. Edgy Christian speculative fiction crosses the lines of both secular fiction and Christian fiction, and creates a new breed - not just to appeal to a wider audience, but also to shed light on realistic, entertaining writing that has the power to appeal to both Christians and non-Christians alike.

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