Saturday 7 December 2013

The Diaries of Pontius Pilate by Joseph Max Lewis


The Diaries of Pontius Pilate opens when a member of an archeological team is murdered along the shores of the Dead Sea. We learn that the murderer and victim are both spies, observing the expedition and grappling with the fact that the team has just discovered some controversial artifacts. 

In fact, Archeologist Kevin Elliot and his Deputy, Jill Gates have unearthed twenty copper scrolls etched with the results of Pontius Pilate’s year long criminal investigation into the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. They manage to open one scroll far enough to take a series of digital photographs of the writings and email them to a Professor of Ancient Latin for translation. Unaware of the scrolls content, Kevin and Jill are unprepared when they’re caught between an ancient conspiracy of global power that’s determined to destroy the scrolls along with everyone connected to them, and a small, fledgling volunteer group, the only force on earth that stands between Kevin, Jill and certain death.



A Secret Society, a touch of Indiana Jones, a Sacred Artifact, Special Ops team. The search for the Truth

Briliant debut novel by Joseph Max Lewis.

A mixture of a secret society, special Christian ops team, Christian artefacts proving the divinity of Jesus, two humble archeologists, a cat and mouse game to save/destroy the artifacts and the Gospel message interspersed throughout.Lewis has obviously done his research into the background of how a special ops works and this is well done here. The idea of having a special ops team who are Christian is a new concept for Christian fiction. A few other authors have done this, but mainly that the main character is a Christian in a conventional ops team. In Lewis's novel, the ops team are all Christian and their motive for existing is to take a stand for Christ and defending who He is and what Christianity stands for, hence they are in their element in rescuing the two main characters, who despite not being Christian, have the artifacts that prove the Divinity of Christ.

Lewis has included a conversion account of one of the main characters. This is great as a witness to those reading this novel who don't have a relationship with Jesus, but I found it happened just a little too fast and easy after the events immediately preceding the character accepting Jesus. I would have preferred the author to have outlined the need for accepting Jesus in a bit more detail showing how the events this character has been through has highlighted their need for Christ. However this was not a distraction or weakness in the plot or pace of the novel.

I loved the account of Pontius Pilate's journey to find the truth behind Jesus' death and resurrection. This was a brilliant piece of writing and very touching. It definitely added credibility to the whole plot and the reason why the enemy special ops are so determined to find and destroy at all costs the copper scrolls containing the diaries of Pontius Pilate and his journey to the Truth.There definitely has to be a sequel and I understand from the author this is in the works!! Cannot wait for this.

You cannot put this down. There is action, adventure, suspense, and the plot flows at a pace that keeps it hard to put down and when you do, you come back for more.Lewis has the qualities of a talented writer and a love for God to continue with Christian fiction and being a vessel for God to use this media to show who He is and that He truly does desire to draw all men unto Himself through what He has achieved on the Cross for all mankind.This is a very worthy read and highly recommended. An author to follow and support.

Highly Recommend

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