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I have been an avid reader from as early as I can remember. Since becoming a Christian in my early 20s, my passion for reading led to specifically Christian fiction and this has developed into reviewing them on this blog. I love reading debut author's novels or those author's who have not had many reviews thus providing them much needed encouragement 

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Christian Fiction's Bad Rap by David N. Alderman


What is Christian Fiction? by Bryan M Powell 13/01/18

A Creed for Fiction Authors by Paula Vince


Dark Christian Fiction Please  by Zachary Totah via Speculative Faith and Christian Geek Central 13/09/17

How Dark Is Too Dark? by Mark Carver



Where’s the Lord & His Holy Spirit in fiction today? by David Bergsland



Poppy-faced Christian Prudes by David N. Alderman 


The Importance of Reviewing Books by Melinda Inman June 1, 2018

Redemption in Christian Fiction by David N. Alderman 


It Takes All Kinds: On The Spectrum of Authors Who Write Christian Speculative Fiction 
by Tony Breeden

What is Christian Speculative Fiction?

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