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Groups, Blogs, Book Networking Sites

                                           Groups I belong to: 

The Crossover Alliance

I am on the Judging Panel for the Anthology described below: 
The Crossover Alliance Anthology Volume 1. By traversing beyond the boundaries of genre, this phenomenal collection of edgy Christian speculative pieces span the furthest reaches of space, the mesmerizing foundations of fantasy, and the deepest, darkest horrors of the human heart. Stories by David Alderman, Nathan Norma, Mark Carver, Jess Hanna, Travis Morrel, Allan and Aaron Reini, and Ken Harmeyer.


  Book Networking sites:  

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I belong to: 

John 3: 16 Network Marketing

Steve Goodwin: Author, Programmer

Australiasian Christian Writers: 

Mike Dellosso: Wide Eyed Fiction

David N Alderman: Author of Edgy Christian Speculative Fiction

Mark Carver:

Reality Calling

The freedom to proclaim the truth about Jesus

Gelati's Scoop

Author Sean T. Smith Writing, Reading, Religion, and the Apocalypse!

Tony Breeden Books

Books by Christian author, illustrator and speaker, Tony Breeden


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